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Note: this template is/can be generated from its JSX subpage.
Template for ship gallery pages, e.g., U-511/Gallery. Generates:


  • ship: base ship name to use, defaults to {{BASEPAGENAME}}, e.g., U-511 on U-511/Gallery. Thus, optional.




1. Update ship data modules to use seasonals array:

  seasonals = {
      _name = "<optional, if it's different from base name>",
      _suffix = "<required>",
      _season = "<required, for season links>",
      _season_suffix = "optional, for ===<season> (<season_suffix>)==="
    ["Alias"] = "/Suffix",

in base modules. See, e.g., Module:Shiratsuyu. The usual fields are also supported, e.g., _cg_damaged = false if there is no damaged CG. seasonals array is also required for Template:ShipPageFooter (tabber galleries), as it provides ordering. Multiple seasons can be specified:

_season = { "Season", "Another one", { "Some season", "Custom name" }, ... },

2. Convert old pages to use this template.


Using Module:Collection/ShipsBase ship list.

// number of ships (in Module:Collection/ShipsBase)

// number of broken links

// number of ships with broken links

// scroll to nth ship with broken links
$('.new').closest('.ship-page-gallery').get(n - 1).scrollIntoView()

// copy a list of all <name>/<suffix> forms with broken links
  new Set(
    $('.new').map((_, e) =>

// copy a list of all files (cards, battle cards, full CG, regular and seasonal)
    $('a.image img').map((_, e) => `File:${$(e).data('image-name')}`).toArray(),
    null, 2

How To Add New CG

  1. Update ship data module, that is, seasonals array: set _suffix and _season, e.g., Yukata and Fall 2017, only set _name if it's different from base name, e.g., Ro-500 in Module:U-511. Set _season_suffix, _cg_damaged, etc., if needed.
  2. Upload new CG: <name> <suffix> Full.png, <name> <suffix> Full Damaged.png, <name> <suffix> Card.jpg, <name> <suffix> Card Damaged.jpg (should be renamed on name/suffix changes).
  3. If needed, purge ship page and gallery page to update galleries (also on name/suffix changes).
  4. As usual, Template:ShipGraphicKai/Template:SeasonalGallery/etc. can be used, e.g., {{ShipGraphicKai|<name>/<suffix>}} (fix on name/suffix changes).
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