Empty equipment card slot

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A template to generate stack counter for item icons.
Interestingly, the two main arguments of this template will work with most (if not all) existing viewer templates and can be used as a generic way to overlay text.
Standard usage with 50px item images
|item = [[File:Improvement material.png{{!}}50px{{!}}link=]]
|text = x7

Improvement materialx7

Main arguments
The background image. Default value is Empty equipment card slot
The overlay text (images and audio also work). Defaults to default-text or empty string.
Embedded link using clickbox overlay.
Used for nested ItemStack calls, the generated element will be block-level.
Styling arguments
Set the size of the overlay text. Default value is 12px
Set the position of the overlay text. Default value is right:4px;bottom:-18px
Set the position of the overlay generated by nested ItemStack call.
Set the color of the text. Default value is f61
Set the glow size of the text. Default value is 5px
Set the color of the glow. Default value is fff
Set the opacity of clickbox from 0 to 1 (used for aligning clickbox). Default value is 0.
Set the size of the clickbox
Set the position of the clickbox
Custom usage with Template:EquipmentCardKai
|item = {{EquipmentCardKai|Prototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount|size=100px}}
|text-position = bottom:-40px;right:6px;
|font-size = 18px
|text = x9000
|glow-size = 15px
|text-color = fff
|glow-color = f00

Prototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount 128 Cardx9000

Nesting template usage
|item = {{ShipCardKai|Ikazuchi/Kai}}
|position = left:130px;
|item = {{ShipCardKai|Hibiki/Kai}}
|position = left:130px;
|item = {{ShipCardKai|Akatsuki/Kai}}
|position = left:130px;
|item = {{ShipCardKai|Inazuma/Kai}}
|text = DesDiv6
|text-position = bottom:-130px;right:5px
|font-size = 20px

Ikazuchi Kai CardHibiki Kai CardAkatsuki Kai CardInazuma Kai CardDesDiv6

Image overlay
|item = {{ShipCardKai|Ikazuchi/Kai}}
|text-position = bottom:-135px;right:5px
|text = [[File:Marriage Ring Icon.png]]
Ikazuchi Kai CardMarriage Ring Icon
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