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This template uses equipment data modules to display the graphic for the requested equipment.


{{EquipmentGraphicKai|Prototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount}}
{{EquipmentGraphicKai|Prototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo Kai|fairy=only}}
{{EquipmentGraphicKai|Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)|fairy=true}}


Prototype 51cm Twin Gun Mount 128 Equipment Prototype FaT Type 95 Oxygen Torpedo Kai 127 Character Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) 094 Full


The following are the parameters that can be passed.


The name of the equipment.


Boolean or String. Set to true to show the fairy as well as the equipment. Set to only to show the fairy by itself. Defaults to false, showing the equipment by itself.


String. If set, the image becomes a link to the parameter's value. Set to nil to have images to link to themselves (like plain wikitext images). Set to false to force images to be unlinked. Defaults to a link to the equipment.


String. If set, hovering over the image will show the parameter's value as a tooltip. Will default to the link like normal wikitext image behaviour.


String. If set, the card is resized to the specified size. The format of the string is the same as for normal wikitext images.


String. Changes the mode of the template. The default mode returns a fully formatted image.

Set to source to return the image's filename. All image formatting parameters are ignored in this mode. This mode is intended for use in conjunction with the gallery tag called via the #tag parser function.
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