Layout template for equipment pages.

The general layout that can be generated is:

  • Infobox
  • Automatic categories
  • Introduction section: Japanese and English descriptions
  • Notes section: Buildable/Unbuildable note, category trees, notes text, section clear
  • Improvement section if equipment is improvable
  • Bonuses section, if /Bonuses subpage exists.
  • Trivia section
  • See also section: Wikipedia and other links
  • Navbox.


  • [1]: equipment name, PAGENAME is used by default.
  • ja: Japanese description of the equipment, defaults to _info (api_info) from equipment data module or to ? when there is no _info.
  • en: English description of the equipment, defaults to ?.
  • notes: text in notes section.
  • trivia : text in optional trivia section.
    • collapsed: set to have collapsed trivia section (e.g., for long write-ups).
  • see also: text in optional see also section.
  • header: set to ignore and not generate anything after category tree (notes text and clear, improvement, trivia, see also sections, navbox).

Lua parameters

The following equipment data module fields are used:

  • _info for ja
  • _wikipedia for Wikipedia link in optional see also section.
  • _buildable for Buildable/Unbuildable note
  • _improvements for optional improvement section.


Full page:


|en = 

|notes = 

|trivia = 

|see also = 


Or only for the header (from infobox to category tree):


|header = true

|en = 

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