Funny. Sounds more like you think there are actually more important and less important people here, with you of course being the top of the hierarchy (lol). And you actually made it clear that you don't have any capacity to judge anything either. Well, by now I see that you're more interested in shit-posting than anything else (it's not like this is the first time you're doing this in this wiki), so yeah, no point in telling you anything until you come down from your high horse.

@TTK lol

Maya's API is highest, while AkiTeru's is lowest. Also, Maya's AACI is stronger. AkiTeru's AACI trigger rate (on it's own) is slightly higher than Maya's (67% vs 62% approx). So yeah, I consider Maya definitely more useful than AkiTeru. For 1-6, I use lvl 1 ships. For 3-5 south route I guess Teruzuki makes life a bit easier, though I doubt the change is very noticeable. Of course, in a DD/CL-only map, AkiTeru is a good choice if AACI is needed, as well as as a backup AACI for Maya, or in maps with installation types where DDs can do nothing, so they might as well do AACI. Still, I think it gets obvious how Maya is always the no.1 choice for AACI, and AkiTeru only comes 2nd in line. Sure, it's just my opinion.

About judging an item: Why not? Based on what we know so far, sure we can make an educated guess if the item seems useful or not. Opinions might change afterward, but it's not wrong to try figuring things out. And as of now, this plane doesn't really seem all that good. And the additional 3 LoS (with the formula) doesn't seem game-changing at all when you consider that you'll need a CVB in your team to use this. Of course, the devs might present us with a new LoS formula in future and suddenly, the situation could be completely different. But even if it were like that, it's not like the plane is easily obtainable right now, so it doesn't matter what people think of the plane right now. And those who got the plane surely won't scrap their ranking awards.

tl;dr: Every judgement on an item/ship can be said to be wrong since we don't know what the devs are planning. Does that mean we should stop judging? No, that would be boring.

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