Takao Class Heavy Cruiser

Fog Takao
Icon HP HP 77 Icon Gun Firepower 120(139)
Icon Armor Armor 90(109) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 60(79)
Icon Evasion Evasion 40 Icon AA AA 50(69)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 0 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 70
Icon Range Range Long Icon Luck Luck 20
Build Time Slot
not buildable 3
Stock Equipment Icon AircraftSpace
-Unequipped- 0
-Unequipped- 0
-Unequipped- 0
-Locked- -
  • Reward from quest in Christmas 2013 Event.
  • Only available to use during Christmas 2013 Event period (removed when the event over).
  • She can use tsundere beam supergravity cannon.
  • Tsundere Heavy Cruiser.
Event Japanese English Note
重巡タカオ、出撃!私のことをツンデレ重巡って呼んだやつ、前に出なさい! Heavy Cruiser Takao, Launching! All those who would call me the 'Tsundere Heavy Crusier' get out here now!
Library Intro
御機嫌よう、提督。私に何か頼みごとかしら? How do you do, Admiral. Do you have anything for me, I wonder?
勘違いしないでよね!別に提督の為に戦うんじゃないんだから! Don't misunderstand me! It's not like I'm fighting for you or anything! Classic tsundere line
ひゃあっ!…いきなり後ろからなんて反則よ?!256発の侵食弾頭兵器、発射しちゃうぞ?! Hyaa!... That's cheating, coming at me suddenly from behind! I'll fire all 256 corrosive warheads at you!
 ⇧ for Kai form, plays Base form's Secretary Married line when sparkled
Show player's score
提督に入電よ!自分で読む?それとも私に読んでほしい? Telegram for the Admiral! Will you read it yourself? Or perhaps you want me to read it to you?
Joining a fleet
重力子エンジンオンライン!重巡洋艦タカオ、最大戦速! Graviton Engine Online! Heavy Cruiser Takao, maximum combat speed!
乙女プラグイン実装!え…?それは強化じゃないですって? Maiden plug-in installed! Eh..? That's not modernisation, you say? In reference to Episode 7 of the show
強化してくれたのね。ありがとう。提督には私のこと、全部見られちゃった…責任取ってね You're modernizing me, huh? Thank you. You've seen every part of me, Admiral. Take responsibility, okay?
機関最大! Engine to maximum!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
ありがとう!これで一息つけるわね。 Thank you! I can draw breath again.
≤ minor damage
玉のお肌を磨いてくるわ!401には絶対に負けないんだから! I'll go take care of my silky-smooth skin! I'll never lose to that 401!
≥ moderate damage
私をこんな目に合わせてタダで済むと思わないでよ!この次は、ぎゃふんと言わせてやるんだから! Don't you dare think you can get away with doing that to me so easily! I'll have you beg for mercy next time!
Ship construction
妹が生まれたみたい!よかったわね!私ほど魅力的じゃないと思うけど Looks like a sister is born! How wonderful! It won't be as charming as me, though.
Return from sortie
よかった…やっと帰ってきたのね!心配なんか…ちょっとしかしてないわよ。 Whew... the fleet has finally returned! I was worried... just a smidgen.
Start a sortie
重巡タカオ先陣を切るわ!一発でクラインフィールドを臨界にしてあげる! Heavy Cruiser Takao will cut down the vanguard! I'll make their Klein field critical in one shot!
Battle start
超重力砲、エンゲージ!さぁ…覚悟するのよ! Super Gravity Cannon, Engage! Prepare youselves!
Air battle
対空レーザーオンライン!私の弾幕、突破できるかしら! Anti-air Laser online! Can you break through my barrage?
Night battle
夜戦よ!ふふっ。重巡洋艦の強さ、トラウマになるまで叩き込んであげる! Night Battle! Hehehh. The power of the a heavy cruiser, it'll beat you into a trauma!
Night attack
重巡だからって侮ると後悔するわよ You'll regret underestimating me even if I'm only a Heavy Cruiser!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
見た?提督。これがタカオの実力よ!私のこと、もっと頼りにしていいんだからね! Did you see, Admiral? This is Takao's true power! You can depend on me more and more!
Minor damaged(1)
まだよ...まだ大丈夫!...クラインフィールドが無くたって、タカオはまだ戦えるわ! Not yet... I'm still fine! Even with the Klein field down, Takao can still fight!
Minor damaged(2)
ひゃあっ!?っ…へっ平気よ!痛くなんかないんだから! Hyaa!?.. I'm fine! It doesn't hurt!
≥Moderately damaged
愛は...沈まない! Love... will never sink! Episode 9.
嘘…!?ここまでなの…?ううん…悲しくはないわ。だって私は兵器だもの…でも…やっぱり…ちょっと悔しいな… No...!? Is this it..? Well... I'm not sad. After all, I'm a weapon... But... I'm just a bit... regretful... Silver Sky, Falls upon you and I...
Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 マルマルマルマル。夜はこれから。夢を見るには早すぎるわ。 0000. The night starts from now. It's too early for dreams.
Play 01:00 マルヒトマルマル。もうこんな時間?メンタルモデルになるまで時間の概念が無かった私達にとっては、新鮮な感覚だわ。 0100. It's already this late? We had no concept of time until we got mental models, so this is a fresh experience.
Play 02:00 人間達が丑三つ時という時間の始まり。マルフタマルマル。ほら…提督の後ろに…ひゃああーっ!! The time that humans call 'the dead of night' has begun. 0200. Hey... Admiral, theres something behind... hyaaa!
Play 03:00 マルサンマルマル。まだ寝ないのぉ?それとも一人じゃ眠れない?ふふっ、ど~しよっかな~。 0300. Not going to sleep~? Or maybe, you can't sleep alone? Fufuu, what e~ver should I do~?
Play 04:00 マルヨンマルマル。はぁ、夜が流れていくわ。…え?そんな似合わないって?それどういう意味!? 0400. Haa... The night slips by.. .Eh? That dosen't suit me? What do you mean by that!?
Play 05:00 ん~……マルゴーマルマル……ンフフ……ダメだってばぁ……そこはエンジンルームなの。 nn.... 0500... nfufu.. you ca~n't... that is the engine room...
Play 06:00 おはよう、提督。艦橋から見る朝日はとても綺麗よ。現在時刻はマルロクマルマル。あなたはよく眠れた? Good morning, Admiral. Watching the dawn from the bridge is so lovely. It is now 0600. Did you sleep well?
Play 07:00 マルナナマルマル。今日が提督にとって、素敵な一日になりますように。…あ、だめだってば!ちゃんと朝ごはん食べなきゃ! 0700. Another wonderful day has begun for the Admiral. Ah, no! you have to eat breakfast properly!
Play 08:00 マルハチマルマル。蒼き艦隊、全艦出撃!敵を蹴散らすわ! 0800. Blue Steel, all ships launch! Let's bust up the enemy!
Play 09:00 見渡す限り一面の蒼。提督の目にも同じ海が映っているのかしら。今はマルキューマルマルよ。 Everywhere you look, it's Blue. I wonder if you are seeing the same waters as I am Admiral? It's 0900 now.
Play 10:00 ヒトマルマルマル。静かね。こうしていると、広い世界に提督と私の二人きりみたい。 1000. It's quiet. When it's like this, it seems like it's just the two of us in the whole world.
Play 11:00 あれ、今聞こえたのは提督のお腹の音?もうお腹が空いちゃったの?まだヒトヒトマルマルよ。 Oh, was that noise just now the Admiral's stomach? Are you already hungry? It's only 1100, you know.
Play 12:00 ヒトフタマルマル。はい、お待ちかねのランチタイムよ。今日はいったい何を食べる? 1200. It's the long-awaited lunch time! What are you having today?
Play 13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。あ…あの…提督?もしお昼寝するなら…私が…その…膝枕…っダメ、やっぱり恥ずかしくて言えない! 1300. Erm.. Admiral? If you're going to take a siesta you can use my... my... la... It's too embarassing to say! (Lap pillow)
Play 14:00 けだるい午後、ヒトヨンマルマル。……へ?タカオにはアンニュイが似合うですって?それ、褒め言葉よね? The languid afternnon, 1400... Eh? Ennui suits Takao? Is.. that even words of praise?
Play 15:00 ヒトゴーマルマル。おやつの時間よ。ふふっ、スイーツ女子って呼んでも怒ったりしないわ。 1600. Afternoon tea time. Hehehh, if you call me a 'Sweet Girl' I won't get mad.
Play 16:00 ヒトロクマルマル。すっかり日も西に傾いたわね。 1600. Even the sun has retired to the west now.
Play 17:00 見て!提督。夕焼けがあんなに綺麗…。ヒトナナマルマル。素敵な時間ね。 Look Admiral! The sunset is so beautiful... 1700. Such a wonderful time, no?
Play 18:00 ヒトハチマルマル。メンタルモデルはいつでも元気よ! 1800. Mental bodies are always energetic!
Play 19:00 ヒトキュウマルマル。そろそろディナーね。今夜は、提督と二人っきりで…ううん、なんでもないの! 1900. It's coming on to dinner, yes? Tonight, it's just the two of us... no, no, it's nothing!
Play 20:00 現在時刻はフタマルマルマル。夜はまだまだ、これからが本番よ。 The time is now 2000. The night is only beginning, bring on the true battle!
Play 21:00 フタヒトマルマル。子供の時間は終わりにしない? 2100. It's time for the children to go to bed, no?
Play 22:00 フタフタマルマル。提督の着替え用意しておいたから、早くお風呂に入ってね。 2200. As I have already prepared a change of clothes, please hurry and take a bath.
Play 23:00 フタサンマルマル。もうすぐ今日が終わってしまうわ。提督と私の距離、少しは縮められたかな? 2300. The day is almost over, no? Has the distance between us closed a little, I wonder?

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