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[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch / YouTube
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
WashBoard17 Youtube All hard perhaps...? POI
FuryTomic Youtube Most likely Easy-Normal Mode, but depending on reward, Hard. Stream will be casual type. May contain Salt during the stream. FuryTomic
Depths Twitch Planning to start a few days after some info is found. (Full Hard) DesuOP (1)
MystiaLore Twitch Casual french stream. Will host some others guys/JP streams before diving in the Event after data show up. Easy/Medium/Hard depending on the rewards. Will play national anthem for new french ship if it show up. #NoMoreSSHimeInE1Please #BetterHaveKatsuragiThisTime SSHime
SerialConvort Twitch Its your pal Serial here with the common, not rare at all, possibly 10th or so episode of classic NA frontline, AKA, mistakes, stupid decisions, and losing to JPN, all in your classic Serial package on Hard Mode. (By the by I really wish there were more NA Frontliners, but there never is...) Desu
Japanese streams / RTA
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