Bn 130801

Event named "Southern Waters Assault Reconnaissance" (南方海域強襲偵察!) Event began on August 1st, 2013 and lasted until August 26th, 2013.

Formerly known as August 2013 event.

Map Details

E-1 - 警戒線を突破せよ!Break through the cordon!

Summer 2013 Event E-1 Banner


E-1 Map

E-1 Map

  • Boss health does not regenerate.
  • Boss is a submarine.
  • Reward I-168 upon clearing.

E-2 - 敵洋上戦力を排除せよ!Eliminate the enemy naval threat!

Summer 2013 Event E-2 Banner


E-2 Map

E-2 Map

  • Boss health regenerate one gauge every three hours.
  • Reward Type 3 SONAR, Type 33 Surface RADAR, Repair Team, and Repair Goddess upon clearing.

E-3 - 敵集結地を強襲せよ!Assault the enemy staging area!

Summer 2013 Event E-3 Banner


E-3 Map

E-3 Map

  • Boss health regenerate one gauge every two hours.
  • Reward Suzuya upon clearing.

E-4 - 敵大型超弩級戦艦を叩け!Strike the enemy super dreadnought battleship!

Summer 2013 Event E-4 Banner


E-4 Map

E-4 Map

  • Boss health regenerate one gauge every hour.
  • Reward Yamato upon clearing.
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