Post here in the comments if you have an idea but can't implement it yourself (due to lack of skills or time, or perhaps other reasons), or you wish to make a change and start a discussion here first to avoid confusion and prevent edit wars from ensuing (especially when you are removing content from pages or other acts that might potentially upset other contributors). You can also post any comments about this wiki, or report any issues you find, including but not limited to vandalism, broken pages, or any changes that need admin rights.

To report misbehavior you can also use this thread.

Be sure to check our Discord as well, #wikia-support channel can be used for Wikia related questions.

Feedback Guide

To give highlight to your feedback and the general idea of your motion, you can use these template to take a side regarding the suggestion you are commenting to.

  • Please use this template only once per topic. If you are replying a second time, just comment directly without the template.


Support — I like it, also we could make blah blah...



Oppose — I don't think we should blah blah...



Just make a traditional comment without the templates.

Posting a Feedback Reminder

Please click on the reply button on the threads you're giving feedback to. Do not post it on this textbox since it will create a new thread and we do not know what topic it is for. Thank you.

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