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Sortie! 5th Fleet to the Northeast
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[Edit]Player Live Streams
Twitch - Click here to access the KC Stream Directory
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
Depths Twitch Planning to start a few days after May 2nd, maybe around May 5th. (Full Hard) DesuOP (1).jpg
Daxyn Twitch Day 1 JP Frontline Restream with E-Sports commentary. After that going full hard when the required intel is out. #AllHardOrDieTrying DesuOP.jpg
SerialConvort Twitch The usual frontline thats worse than JP frontliners but I still do it anyway Desu.png
MystiaLore Twitch Casual french stream. Will Restream some JP streams before diving in the Event after data show up. Easy/Medium/Hard depending on the rewards. #SSHimeNeedsAHug SSHime.png
YouTube Stream
User Live Stream Notes Extra information
Shinhwalee (Death Usagi) Youtube Scheduled to start on May 2nd after maintenance ends. There may be delays depending on schedule Gudako death usagi 3 panic mode.png
WashBoard17 Youtube Starts in the evening of May 3rd perhaps...? POI.jpg
Japanese streams / RTA

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