Souryuu 蒼龍
Seiyuu Uesaka Sumire (上坂すみれ) Availability Construction (Normal, LSC)
Artist Shibafu (しばふ) Implementation 2013/04/23 (Base)
2014/07/18 (Kai Ni)



No.8 蒼龍

Souryuu Class Standard Aircraft Carrier

Souryuu Card
Icon HP HP 50 (52) Icon Gun Firepower 0 (29)
Icon Armor Armor 27 (49) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 33 (59) Icon AA AA 26 (69)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 64 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 42 (69)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 10 (49)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 50 AmmoKai Ammo 50
Build Time Slots
04:10:00 (Normal, LSC) 4
Stock Equipment Space
GreenPlane Type 0 Fighter Model 21Type 0 Fighter Model 21 020 Card 12
RedPlane Type 99 Dive BomberType 99 Dive Bomber 023 Card 27
BluePlane Type 97 Torpedo BomberType 97 Torpedo Bomber 016 Card 18
Xx c - Unequipped - 7
Extra Statistics
Modernization Bonus
Icon AA+4 Icon Armor+3
Scrap Value
FuelKai 7 AmmoKai 10 SteelKai 26 BauxiteKai 6


Souryuu Kai

No.8 蒼龍改

Souryuu Class Standard Aircraft Carrier

Souryuu Kai Card
Icon HP HP 65 (67) Icon Gun Firepower 0 (39)
Icon Armor Armor 35 (69) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 33 (69) Icon AA AA 30 (79)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 73 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 46 (89)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 12 (59)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 65 AmmoKai Ammo 65
Remodel Level Slots
Level 30 4
Stock Equipment Space
GreenPlane Type 0 Fighter Model 52Type 0 Fighter Model 52 021 Card 18
RedPlane SuiseiSuisei 024 Card 27
BluePlane Type 97 Torpedo BomberType 97 Torpedo Bomber 016 Card 18
Xx c - Unequipped - 10
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 300 SteelKai 650
Modernization Bonus
Icon AA+4 Icon Armor+4
Scrap Value
FuelKai 9 AmmoKai 13 SteelKai 30 BauxiteKai 10

Second Upgrade

Souryuu Kai Ni

No.197 蒼龍改二

Souryuu Class Standard Aircraft Carrier

Souryuu Kai Ni Card
Icon HP HP 67 (69) Icon Gun Firepower 0 (62)
Icon Armor Armor 36 (75) Icon Torpedo Torpedo 0
Icon Evasion Evasion 36 (74) Icon AA AA 34 (84)
Icon Aircraft Aircraft 79 Icon ASW ASW 0
Icon Speed Speed Fast Icon LOS LOS 55 (90)
Icon Range Range Short Icon Luck Luck 15 (60)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai Fuel 70 AmmoKai Ammo 75
Remodel Level Slots
Level 78 4
Stock Equipment Space
GreenPlane Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled)Type 0 Fighter Model 21 (Skilled) 096 Card 18
RedPlane Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron)Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) 099 Card 35
BluePlane Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled)Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Skilled) 098 Card 20
YellowPlane Type 2 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft 061 Card 6
Extra Statistics
Remodel Cost
AmmoKai 1700 SteelKai 1200
Modernization Bonus
Icon AA+4 Icon Armor+5
Scrap Value
FuelKai 10 AmmoKai 14 SteelKai 32 BauxiteKai 11
[Edit]Souryuu Kai Ni Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Icon Gun Icon Torpedo Icon AA Icon ASW Icon LOS Icon Armor Icon Evasion Note
RedPlaneType 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron)Type 99 Dive Bomber (Egusa Squadron) 099 Card +4
RedPlaneSuisei (Egusa Squadron)Suisei (Egusa Squadron) 100 Card +6
RedPlaneSuisei Model 12 (w/ Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs)Suisei Model 12 (w Type 31 Photoelectric Fuze Bombs) 320 Card +3
BluePlaneType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron)Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron) 093 Card +1
BluePlaneTenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron)Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) 094 Card +3
Equipment Extra Requirement Icon Gun Icon Torpedo Icon AA Icon ASW Icon LOS Icon Armor Icon Evasion Note
YellowPlaneType 2 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft 061 Card (★1-7) +3 +3 Also +1 Icon RangeRange
Not self-stackable
(★8+) +4 +4
(★2-3) +1 This bonus stacks with Souryuu's unique stat bonuses above.
(★4-5) +1 +1
(★6-9) +1 +2
(★MAX) +2 +3
[Edit]Souryuu Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Icon Gun Icon Torpedo Icon AA Icon ASW Icon LOS Icon Armor Icon Evasion Note
BluePlaneType 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron)Type 97 Torpedo Bomber (Tomonaga Squadron) 093 Card +1
YellowPlaneType 2 Reconnaissance AircraftType 2 Reconnaissance Aircraft 061 Card (★2-3) +1
(★4-5) +1 +1
(★6-9) +1 +2
(★MAX) +2 +3



Event Japanese English Note
Play Introduction 航空母艦、蒼龍です。空母機動艦隊を編成するなら、私もぜひ入れてね! I'm aircraft carrier Souryuu. If you're making a carrier task force, count me in!
Play Library 航空母艦、蒼龍です。
Aircraft carrier Souryuu.
Starting from the Pearl Harbor attack, an important battle of the war, I became the flagship.
Huh? Midway? What's that? Is it tasty?
Looks like she didn't remember the battle.
Play Secretary 1 え、何ですか? Umm, what is it?
Play Kai Ni 二航戦、蒼龍、参ります! Second Carrier Division, Souryuu, coming forward!
Play Secretary 2 えーっと、あの、九九艦爆がはみ出ちゃうから… Uh, um, the Type 99 dive bombers'll fall out... She says kyuukyuu kanbaku, an abbreviated form of kanjou bakugeki-ki or "carrier bomber".
Play Kai Ni えっとー、あのう、江草隊の整備に支障が出ちゃうから、あ・と・でっ Uh, um, it'll hinder the servicing of the Egusa squadron, so leave-it-until-later.
Play Secretary 3 すみません、あまり艦を揺らされますと発着艦訓練に支障が出るから… Excuse me, it'll interrupt the landing drill if you shake the ship too much...
Play Kai Ni 提督…?大丈夫なの、そんなことして?あの子が睨んでるよ、ほら。あはっ、引っかかった。可愛い! Admiral...? Would it be fine to do that? That girl is glaring over here, see. *laughs* You fell for it, how cute!
Play Idle うーん。なーんか暇。まー、良いことなんだけど。ちょっと手持ち無沙汰だよね。飛龍とどっか遊びに-…あっ提督!はい、異常無しです! U-m, I'm kinda bored. Well, it's a good thing anyway, being a little free. Let's go play somewhere with Hiryuu- Ah admiral! Yes, no abnormalities!
Play Secretary Married 提督っ、たまには私と街に繰り出しちゃいます?欲しい物とかあるんですよ。あはっ、違う違う。自分で買いますって、本当に。 Admiral, don't have you some time to go to town with me? There're things that I want. Ah, no no. I'll buy them by myself, really.
Play Wedding 私、頑張ってるよね? 役に立ってる? ねぇ、提督は私のこと、どう思っているの? I'm… working hard, right? I'm being helpful, yeah? Hey, Admiral… what do you think of me?
Play Looking At Scores 提督、電文が届いています。 There's a telegram for you, Admiral.
Play Kai Ni うん?情報を確認するのね。大事大事、良いことです。 Hm? You're checking the information? It's important, a nice thing to do.
Play Joining A Fleet 我が機動艦隊、出撃します! The Carrier Task Force, launching!
Play Kai Ni 第二航空戦隊、旗艦蒼龍、抜錨します! Second Carrier Division, flagship Souryuu, sortieing!
Play Equipment 1 ありがとう。これで飛龍には負けません。 Thanks. With this, I won't lose to Hiryuu! Souryuu and Hiryuu were the original members of the 2nd Carrier Division.
Play Kai Ni よーし、良い装備!どうかな、飛龍? Yes, nice equipments! What do you think, Hiryuu?
Play Equipment 2 嬉しいなぁ、これならバッチリ戦えます。 Nice. Now I'm totally battle-ready.
Play Kai Ni 嬉しいなぁ。どう?私に似合う? How nice. How is it? Does it fit me?
Play Equipment 3 嬉しいなぁ。 I'm glad.
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Play Supply 補給は大事、ありがとうね。ふあぁー。これでまた、戦えます! Supply is important, thank you. Hah... With this, I can fight again!
Play Docking Minor ごめんなさい。ちょっとお化粧直します。 Excuse me, I'm going to fix my make-up real quick.
Play Docking Major ん~、自慢の飛行甲板があ…ちょっと入院してきますね。 Oh, my flight deck... I'll be in for a while...
Play Docking Complete 入渠中の艦の修理が完了しました。 The repairs on the docked ship are completed.
Play Construction 艦隊に新しい戦力が加わったみたい。 There's a new force in the fleet.
Play Returning From Sortie 艦隊が母港に帰投しました。 The fleet has returned to the base.
Play Kai Ni 艦隊が無事母港に帰投しました。やったね♪ The fleet has safely returned to base. Good♪
Play Starting A Sortie 艦載機の練度もバッチリです。戦果を期待してください。 The aircraft are well-trained. Expect great things!
Play Kai Ni 艦載機は充実しています。よーし、第二航空戦隊、出撃!戦果を期待してね! The aircrafts are well-prepared. Yes, Second Carrier Division, sortie! Expect the outcome!
Play Battle Start 攻撃隊、発艦始め! Attack force, launch!
Play Kai Ni 行くよ!二航戦、攻撃隊、発艦はじめ! This is it! 2ndCarDiv, attack squadron, launch!
Play Air Battle そうね、大物を狙って行きましょう! Right, let's go for the big ones!
Play Attack 対空見張りも厳として、よろしくねっ! Take care of the anti-air guard, too!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Play Night Battle そろそろ反撃よ。全艦載機、発進! It's payback time now. All aircraft, launch!
Play MVP 第一機動艦隊の栄光、揺るぎません! The glory of the First Carrier Task Force does not waver!
Play Kai Ni 第一機動艦隊、第二航空戦隊の栄光、揺るぎません! The glory of the First Carrier Task Force, Second Carrier Division does not waver!
Play Minor Damage 1 やだやだやだぁ。 No no no!
Play Minor Damage 2 飛行甲板に被弾?! やだ、誘爆しちゃう! Hit on flight deck!? No way, it's going to blow!
Play Major Damage なんでまた甲板に被弾なのよっ! 痛いじゃない! Why is it the flight deck again?! It hurts!
Play Sunk 飛行甲板の火、消えないね…。ごめん… The fire on the flight deck, it won't go out... Sorry... Aviation fuel caught fire and went out of control. In the evening, her destroyer escorts were ordered to scuttle her.

Hourly Notifications (Kai)Edit

Time Japanese English Note
Play 00:00 午前0時!今日は私、秘書艦を担当するね?いいでしょう? It is 12AM. Today I shall be the timekeeper. You're okay with it, right?
Play 01:00 提督、マルヒトマルマルよ。ま・よ・な・か♪ Admiral, It's 0100. It's-dead-of-night~
Play 02:00 提督ー、マルフタマルマルよ。 Admiral, It's 0200.
Play 03:00 ふぅわああぁぁぁ、マルサンマルマルよ。ちょっとさすがに眠いねぇ。 *yawn* It's 0300. Getting a bit sleepier now...
Play 04:00 マルヨンマルマルよ、提督。そろそろ朝かなぁ。夜更かしはお肌荒れちゃうね。 It's 0400, admiral. It's almost morning. Staying up overnight is bad for the skin.
Play 05:00 提督、マルゴーマルマルよ。朝ねぇ、朝! Admiral, it's 0500. It's morning, morning!
Play 06:00 マルロクマルマルよ、提督。総員起こし、かけるね。総員!起こしぃ! It's 0600, admiral. I'll do the revile call, okay. All hands, rise and shine!
Play 07:00 提督ー、マルナナマルマルよ。ねぇ朝ごはん、どうする? Admiral, it's 0700. Hey, what's for breakfast?
Play 08:00 マルハチマルマルよ~提督ぅ……うんっ、朝から間宮しちゃったねぇ。まぁいっかぁ! Iths 0800, admihral...*gulp* We're having Mamiya for breakfast. Sounds good to me~
Play 09:00 マルキュウマルマルになったわ。さっ、そろそろ艦隊運用、始めましょっかぁ! It is now 0900. Let's start our fleet training for today.
Play 10:00 ヒトマルマルマルよ、提督。うん!我が二航戦は準備OKよ。いつでもどうぞ! It's 1000, admiral. Hmm? We, CarDiv2 is ready for deployment. Awaiting your orders~
Play 11:00 提督ー、ヒトヒトマルマルよ。そろそろお昼ねぇ。もうお腹減ってきたぁ。 Admiral, it's 1100. It's almost lunchtime. Man, I'm hungry~
Play 12:00 ヒトフタマルマル、お昼の時間♪ねぇ、お昼はどうする?どうしよっか♪ 1200. It's lunchtime. Hey, what's for lunch? What should i eat~?
Play 13:00 ヒトサンマルマル。そうねぇ、カレー、しちゃいますかぁ!間宮さーん!カレー、二つ! 1300. That's right, let's have some curry. Mamiya-san, Curry for two, please!
Play 14:00 ヒトヨンマルマルよ、提督。お昼がちょっと遅かったから、運動しよ、運動。ねっ? It's 1400, admiral. We're a bit late on our lunch, so let's do a workout. Yep, workout.
Play 15:00 ヒトゴーマルマ…あぁ飛龍、お疲れー!うん、ばっちり!なーんも問題なしよ。 150-oh, Hiryuu, Good job there! Yep, I'm good. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
Play 16:00 ヒトロクマルマルよ、提督。あっ、今、私のことを見てたでしょ♪いいよぅ、見てても♪ It's 1600, admiral. Ah, did you stare at me just now? It's okay, stare at me. Hehe~
Play 17:00 提督ー、ヒトナナマルマルよ。もう夕焼けの時間ね。お夕飯、どうしよっかあ! Admiral, it's 1700. It's already sunset. So what's for dinner?
Play 18:00 ヒトハチマルマル。えっ、提督が御馳走してくれるの?やったあ!待ってまーす♪ 1800. Eh, you're treating me dinner? Horray~! I'll be waiting~!
Play 19:00 ヒトキュウマルマル。わぁっ、おいしそう!提督って料理上手いのね。意外。いっただっきまーす。 1900. Oh, looks delicious~! You sure can cook, admiral. I didn't know that. Time to eat~!
Play 20:00 提督ー、フタマルマルマルよぉ。ふうっ、食べ過ぎちゃったぁ。提督、ごちそうさま! Admiral, it's 2000. Phew... I ate too much. Thanks for the food, admiral.
Play 21:00 提督、フタヒトマルマルよ。そうね、艦爆隊も、明日に備えてしっかり整備しておかなきゃ! Admiral it's 2100. That's right. Gonna maintain the dive bombers for tomorrow's job.
Play 22:00 フタフタマルマ…ああ浜風、磯風!おつかれさまー。え?これから夜戦演習?大変だねぇ。 220-ah. Hamakaze, Isokaze, Good job out there. Eh, you're going for night battle practice? That must be hard...
Play 23:00 フタサンマルマルよ、提督。今日も一日、ほんっとーにお疲れ様!明日もがんばろー! It's 2300, admiral. Thank you so much for today. Let's do our best tomorrow!

Seasonal QuotesEdit

Christmas 2013
Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014
End of Year 2014
New Year 2015
提督ぅ!あけおめことよろでーす!新年も第二航空戦隊をどうぞよろしくでーす! Admiral, Happy New Year! This year, the 2nd Carrier Division will be in your care again! Same as New Year 2016
Setsubun 2015
Valentines Day 2015
はい、提督。私からもチョコあげる♪ あんまりいっぱいもらって食べ過ぎないでね? Here you go, Admiral. Some chocolates from me, too. Don't eat too much just because you got a lot, okay?
Valentines Day 2015
White Day 2015
Second Anniversary 2015
おめでとう提督!そして私たち!今日はお祝いですね!酒保開けちゃいましょ! Congratulation to you, Admiral! And to everybody else too! We're going to celebrate today right? Time to open the canteen!
Second Anniversary 2015
Rainy Season 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Early Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Mid-Summer 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Fall 2015
Halloween 2015
Fall Event 2015
Fall Event 2015
Christmas 2015
わーい、クリスマス!いいよね。ツリィやチキン、この雰囲気が好き! Yay, it's Christmas! Isn't it great? Christmas trees, chicken...I love this atmosphere! From Christmas 2014
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015
End of Year 2015
New Year 2016
New Year 2016
Setsubun 2016
Valentines Day 2016
Valentines Day 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
Hinamatsuri 2016
White Day 2016
Spring 2016
Third Anniversary 2016
おめでとう提督!そして私たち!今日はお祝いですね!酒保開けちゃいましょ! Congratulation to you, Admiral! And to everybody else too! We're going to celebrate today right? Time to open the canteen! From Seasonal/Second_Anniversary
Third Anniversary 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Rainy Season 2016
Early Summer 2016
Mid-Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Fall 2016
Sanma 2016
Christmas 2016
New Year 2017
New Year 2017
Setsubun 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Valentines Day 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
Hinamatsuri 2017
White Day 2017
Spring 2017
Fourth Anniversary 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Rainy Season 2017
Early Summer 2017
Mid-Summer 2017
Fall 2017
Sanma 2017
Late Fall 2017
Eve Of Battle
Fall 2017 Event
Christmas 2017
End Of Year 2017
New Year 2018
Setsubun 2018
Valentines Day 2018
Eve Of Battle 2018
Winter 2018 Event
White Day 2018 Event
Spring 2018 Event
Fifth Anniversary 2018
Rainy Season 2018
Summer 2018
Sanma 2018
Christmas 2018
End Of Year 2018
New Year 2019
Setsubun 2019
For new seasonal lines that may be missing here, check Seasonal



  • Souryuu and Hiryuu, being originally designed as sister ships, share many similarities. Namely, they wear color-differentiated versions of the same clothes.
    • Souryuu wears a green dougi ("道着") top, with the bottom of the sleeves fading to gray (the main color, green and blue, are said to be coming from her name "蒼龍" which means "Blue Dragon" literally; in classic Japanese the phrase " 蒼 " signified both blue and green). Her bottom is a green pleated skirt. She also wears a flight deck apron like Akagi and Kaga. Her full flight deck is attached to her right arm. Unlike most other archer carriers, she doesn't wear muneate (chest armor).
  • She has medium-length blue hair in twintails.
  • Her considerable curves are often exaggerated (even compare to other -Ryu class carriers and Kaga-class ones) in fanart due to the line about Type 99s having such an interpretation.

Personality Edit

  • She is generally shown to be a nice, concerned soft-spoken girl.
  • She, along with Hiryuu and Unryuu, have been nicknamed the "fluffy dragons" because of their generally soft and womanly appearance.


  • She was Japan's first purpose built Fleet Carrier.
  • At speed of 34.5 knots, she was the fastest carrier in the world, along with Hiryuu.
  • Sunk by dive bombers from USS Yorktown at the  Battle of Midway June 4 1942.
  • Her moderate/heavily damaged CG is based on her historical damage condition after being attacked in the Battle of Midway, just like everyone else in the 1st and 2nd Carrier Division. As in the proximity of three elevators were hit by one bomb each.
  • Successors to her name exist in the form of the Sōryū-class submarines (naming convention by the JMSDF).
  • Received her Kai Ni on 18/07/2014.

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