Time-limited game content for White Day 2015


Class Ship girls (24)
Destroyers (8) Hatsukaze, Kisaragi, Maikaze, Murasame, Mutsuki, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi
Light Cruisers (2) Ooyodo, Yuubari
Heavy Cruisers (8) Ashigara, Choukai, Haguro, Kumano, Maya, Myoukou, Nachi, Suzuya
Battleships (4) Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima, Kongou
Light Carriers (1) Shouhou
Auxiliaries (1) Akashi
Seiyuu (6)
Bridcut Sarah Emi Hatsukaze, Kumano, Maikaze, Suzuya, Yuubari
Hidaka Rina Kisaragi, Mutsuki
Kawasumi Ayako Ooyodo
Taneda Risa Akashi, Ashigara, Haguro, Myoukou, Nachi, Shouhou
Tanibe Yumi Murasame, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi
Touyama Nao Choukai, Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima, Kongou, Maya


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mutsuki Play ええっと、如月ちゃんと提督にクッキー焼いたけど... 食べるくれるかにゃ~ Umm, I made some cookies for Kisaragi & the Admiral.... Would you like to try some?~
Kisaragi Play うう、睦月ちゃんこのクッキーを如月に... ありがとう... 大切に食べるわね... ふふふふ Huh, Mutsuki, you're giving these cookies to me?... Thank you.... I'll eat them with appreciation. Fufufufu.
Shiratsuyu Play 提督!はい!一番いいバレンタインのお返し頂戴!えっ!?ないのぉ~!? Admiral! Here! Give me the best return gift for Valentine's! Eh!? There isn't any~!?
Shigure Play 提督、これは..僕に? ありがとう Admiral, is....this....for me? Thank you!
Murasame Play うーん...バレンタインのお返し?いい感じ、いい感じ、村雨 ちよっと期待ちゃうなぁ Hmm.... A return gift for Valentine's? It's going great. Murasame has been expecting this.
Yuudachi Play 提督さん、この包みは?いい匂い、クッキーっぽい!もしかして、手作りっぽい? What is this package, Admiral? Smells nice~ It's cookies-poi! Perhaps these are handmade-poi?
Hatsukaze Play なあに?これを私に?。。。でも提督はこれを何人あげているのかしら?ん、いいけど。 What? Is this for me?... But aren't you going to give this to someone else?... Um, I'll accept it anyways.
Maikaze Play あ、これ、舞風にくれるの?提督、ありがと!嬉しいな~、踊ろう、踊ろうよ! Ah, you are giving this to Maikaze? Thank you Admiral! I'm very happy~ Come on, let's dance!

Light CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yuubari Play っえ、提督、これを私に? ありがとう! 早速、開けて食べてしまってもいいかしら? Ah, Admiral, is this for me? Thanks! Should I eat this all once when I unwrap it?

Heavy CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Myoukou Play ええっ、提督.このクッキーを私に? ありがとうございます! いただきます! うふふ、嬉しい! Eh, Admiral. These cookies are for me? Thank you very much! Let me dig in! Uhuhu, I'm happy!
Nachi Play 貴様、何だこれは? お返し、なの? っまあ,いい... これを肴にいっぱいあるか. ぱくぱくもぐもぐ.. 甘いな.. You, what's this? A return gift, right? Well.... This is already enough for the garnishes. *Munch* *Munch* *Chew* *Chew* Sweet.... Mogumogu is an onomatopoeia for chewing.
Ashigara Play ええっ?この手は何かって?チョコのお返しは未だかなって... ああ、え? そうなの? Ehh? What are these hands for? The return gift for the chocolate has yet.... Aahh.... Eh? Is that so?
Haguro Play ん? この可愛らしいクッキーを、私に!? 司令官さん…本当に、ありがとうございます! ぐすっ、うぅ… What? These lovely cookies - for me!? Commander.... Really, thank you! *Cries*
Maya Play おう。チョコのお返しかい?サンキュ、提督。甘い物にがてだけど、くってみかな? Oh. The return gift for the chocolate? Thank you, Admiral. Although I can't stand sweets, maybe I'll try to eat this?
Choukai Play これは…チョコレートのお返しに…あ、ありがとございます…嬉しいです。 This.... A return gift for the chocolate.... T-thank you very much, I'm so happy.
Suzuya Play わぁ!なにこの包み?鈴谷にくれるの?ハー、提督 サンキュー!なんだろう、なんだろう…ひーひーひーひ… Woah! What's this package? You gonna give it to me? Ah hah, thank you, Admiral! What did I get, what did I get? Heehee....
Kumano Play 何ですの?提督。この包みは。いい匂いが致しますは!ええっ?これをわたくしに? What's this package, Admiral? What a pleasant smell! Eh? Is this for me?


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Kongou Play ヘーエイ、提督.わたしへのホワイトデーのビッグなお返しは、なんですか? Hey, Admiral. What's your big White Day return gift for me?
Hiei Play 司令、お姉さま見ませんでした?…せっかくクッキー焼いたのに…あの、味見します? Commander, have you seen Onee-sama? ....I even went through the trouble of baking these cookies.... Um, would you like to try some?
Haruna Play え?チョコレートのお返しなんて...そんな...榛名には..勿体無いです.........嬉しいです Eh? A return gift for the chocolate.... That's.... Haruna should not deserve this.... ....I'm really happy.
Kirishima Play そうですね..チョコレートのお返しは、特に気にしないで下さい.ええ、特には.. You know.... You don't have to worry about getting chocolate just for me.... Yes, don't worry....

Light CarriersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shouhou Play 提督?この包はなんでしょうか?いい匂い・・・え?これを私に?ありがとうございます! What's with the package, Admiral? There's a pleasant smell~ Eh, is this for me? Thank you so much!


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akashi Play 提督?チョコのお返しはー?そろそろ?大淀と楽しみに待ってるね!ねー! Admiral, are there any return gifts? It's almost done? Ooyodo & I were looking forward to this y'know! Right?! Right is directed to Ooyodo, who is probably disinterested in White Day.



Audio Furniture
Jukebox cost
Song English
Play Jukebox: 1000 「士魂の護り」 Grace of the Bushi's Soul
Play Jukebox: 1000 「特型駆逐艦」 Special-type destroyer
Play 「チョコケーキと紅茶セット」
Jukebox: 1000
「艦娘のお菓子作り」 Candy-making by the Shipgirls
Play 「「武蔵」模型と桐箪笥」
Jukebox: 1000
「武蔵の帰投」 Musashi's return
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