Time-limited game content for Setsubun 2015


Class Ship girls (16)
Destroyers (14) Hamakaze, Hatsuharu, Hatsushimo, Kisaragi, Murasame, Mutsuki, Nenohi, Nowaki, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Tanikaze, Urakaze, Wakaba, Yuudachi
Heavy Cruisers (1) Prinz Eugen
Light Carriers (1) Zuihou
Seiyuu (5)
Hidaka Rina Kisaragi, Mutsuki
Kobayashi Motoko Hatsuharu, Hatsushimo, Nenohi, Wakaba
Komatsu Mana Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Urakaze, Zuihou
Ozawa Ari Nowaki, Prinz Eugen
Tanibe Yumi Murasame, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mutsuki Play おりょ?節分ですか~、節分なんですか。睦月投げます!えーい! Oyo? It's Setsubun? It's Setsubun! Mutsuki is going to throw! Hyah!
Kisaragi Play この豆を投げるのねー、えーい。いやだ、変なとこ当たっちゃった? We throw this bean, right? Hyaah... Oh my, did I hit somewhere strange?
Hatsuharu Play うむ、節分は大切な儀式じゃ、いろいろな意味があるのじゃぞ?あ、知っておったかや? Hm! Setsubun is an important ceremony! It holds many meanings! Oh, you knew?
Nenohi Play 二月といえば子日…じゃなくって節分だよー節分。豆投げるよー、とおー! If it's February, it's got to be Nenohi.... I mean, Setsubun-- Setsubun. I'll throw the beans--, too! The sound effect is pronounced taw
Wakaba Play 節分だと?この豆を提督に投げればいいのか?違うな、ではどうすれば? It's Setsubun? Should I throw this bean at the admiral? No, that's not right. Then what should I do?
Hatsushimo Play 鬼は外ー、福は内ー、えい!あっ提督に!?ごめんなさい、片付けますね。 Demons out! Luck in! Ei! Ah, Admiral?! I'm sorry; I'll clean this up.
Shiratsuyu Play 福は内ー、鬼はー外!ふふ♪楽しいかもー節分。村雨的にはどうなの? Luck in, demons out! Heh heh, Setsubun might be fun! How do you feel about it, Murasame?
Shigure Play 豆まき…か。結構、当たると痛いね。 Throwing beans, huh... It hurts when you get hit often, doesn't it?
Murasame Play はいは~い♪節分ね。この行事って、いつからあるのかしら?ねえ? Yep, yep! It's Setsubun, isn't it? I wonder, from when did this event start being celebrated? Don't you?
Yuudachi Play この豆、全力で投げるっぽい!えい!えいっ!えええいっ!はわわわっ!? I'm throwing these beans with full strength .... Ei.... Ei.... Eiiii.... Oohhh..
Urakaze Play 提督?なんでうちに豆を投げるんじゃ?怒らんけぇ言うてみ?ん?んー? Admiral? Why are you throwing beans at me? I won't get angry, so tell me. Hmm? Hmmm--?
Hamakaze Play 節分ですね。磯風と一緒に、お豆、投げたいですね。あっ、私、探しておきます。 It's Setsubun. I'd like to throw some beans with Isokaze.... Ah, I'll go look for her.
Tanikaze Play かぁっ!節分かい!こいつは粋だねぇーっ、誰に投げりゃいいんだい?浜風かぁ?…ア゛ッ!? Kaa! It's Setsubun! This is nifty. Who should I throw it at? Hamakaze? Ah!?
Nowaki Play 節分って…豆は投げた方がいいのか…食べた方がいいのか…ぅえっ?両方?なの? In Setsubun, is it better to throw the beans or eat them? Eh? You do both?

Heavy CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Prinz Eugen Play これが日本の文化、セッツ・ブーン!この豆を、長門に投げればいいの?……えいっ!ああっ!? So this is Japan's culture, Setsubun! I throw this bean at Nagato, right? Hyah! Oh?! She mixed up Nagata Shrine (長田) with Nagato (長門)

Light CarriersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Zuihou Play 節分の季節ですね。一応、豆も炒っておきました。提督用の卵焼きも、万全です! It's the season for Setsubun. I've already roasted the beans. The grilled egg for the Admiral is also perfect!



Jukebox BGM

Audio Furniture Song English
Play 「節分「豆まき」セット」
「節分の鎮守府」 Setsubun at the Naval Base
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