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As of March 13th 2015 update Hishimochi seasonal-event is over. Hishimochi no longer drop and their quests are removed. Any hisimochi you already have will remain in your inventory. For more information see February, 23rd 2015 Update
Hishimochi 062 useitem.png

How to Obtain[]

During the event, Hishimochi can be obtained, substituting the normal ship drop. Instead of the usual notification, a different one will appear.

Known Drop conditions:

  • Boss Nodes (with some exceptions).
  • Can drop after S-rank or A-rank victory, with a higher drop-rate after S-rank.
  • Can drop even when you have no empty ship slots left.

(These are under the same assumption as Present Box till proven wrong, see [1])

Obtainable in the following maps[]

For more info about the drop rate see (scroll down to the bottom option "菱餅" ): Kancolle Database Unless specified, assume all drops are from the boss node.

  • 1-3 : (Boss node)
  • 1-4 : (Boss node**)
  • 1-5 : (Boss node**)
  • 2-4 : (Boss node**)
  • 2-5 : (Boss node**)
  • 3-2 : (Boss node)
  • 3-3 : (Boss node**, Node A, Node D**, Node I**)
  • 3-4 : (Boss node, Node D**, Node I, Node N)
  • 3-5 : (Boss node**, Node F**†)
  • 4-3 : (Boss node**, Node M**)
  • 4-4 : (Boss node**)
  • 5-3 : (Node D**, Node F**†, Boss node**)
  • 5-5 : (Boss node**)
  • 6-1 : (Boss node, Node H**)
  • 6-2 : (Boss node**, Node E**)


(**) :Reported to Drop in A-rank

(†) :Official Twitter account mentioned that node F in 3-5 and 5-3 have extra high drop rate.


The update mentioned that mochi is droppable in many maps beyond world 3-3. This does not mean all the maps.

In the worlds 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 has the minimal chance.


Hishimochi can be opened through the item screen and exchanged between three different colours:


Mochi Colour Image Reward
Pink Moshi Pink.jpg [Resource]

(Fuel✕ 600 and Bauxite ✕ 200)

White Moshi White.jpg [Sweets]

(Irako ✕ 1)

Green Moshi Green.jpg [Material]

(Instant repair 2.png X 2 and Improvement Materials.png ✕ 1)

Hishimochi Quests[]

A seasonal quest chain (2 quests) were added for the mochi. It was reported that Quest B6 needs to be clear to unlock the first quest.


The first quest (shown above) requires 3 mochi to complete. This rewards:

  • Resources: 330 Ammunition & 330 Steel
  • One Furniture box large.jpg Large furniture box
  • One Furniture fairy.png Furniture fairy
2nd mochi quest.png

The 2nd quest (shown above) requires 10 mochi to complete and rewards:


Mochi Quests count what you have. You only need to get 10 mochis to complete 1st and 2nd quest. Therefore, it is advised not use any of the mochi until you have completed the chain quest to avoid having to find more mochi.

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