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Time-limited game content for Hinamatsuri (or Peach Festival) 2017


Class Ship girls (6)
Destroyers (2) Ushio, Yamakaze
Auxiliaries (2) Commandant Teste, Mizuho
NPC (2) Akashi NPC, Ooyodo NPC
Artist (4)
Akira Commandant Teste, Mizuho
drew Ushio
Fujikawa Akashi NPC, Ooyodo NPC
Kujou Ichiso Yamakaze


Seaplane TendersNEW![]


Class Ship girls (13)
Destroyers (7) Akigumo, Amatsukaze, Hatsuzuki, Makigumo, Naganami, Yamakaze, Yuugumo
Heavy Cruisers (2) Kinugasa, Mikuma
Battleships (1) Yamato
Submarines (2) I-168, I-58
Auxiliaries (1) Taigei
Seiyuu (4)
Chinami Hashimoto Yamakaze
Nakajima Megumi I-168, I-58, Hatsuzuki, Kinugasa, Mikuma
Ogura Yui Amatsukaze, Taigei
Taketatsu Ayana Akigumo, Makigumo, Naganami, Yamato, Yuugumo


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
From Hinamatsuri 2016
Akigumo おお!雛壇か!いいね、捗るね~!陽炎型も全員で雛人形に…や、やめよう。なんか辛いような気がする。ま、いっか!いいよね? Oh! A Hina dan, huh? Quite nice and inspiring! Maybe all the Kagerou-class should dress as Hina... L-let's not. It feels burdensome. Yeah, whatever! Right?
Yuugumo うふふ。提督、雛人形可愛いですね。私も巻雲や風雲と主力オブ主力三人官女とか…提督、似合いませんか。そう? Ufufu. Hina dolls are quite cute, Admiral. Maybe Makigumo, Kazagumo and I could dress up as the three ace-of-ace court ladies... Don't you think it will suit us, Admiral? Is that so?
Makigumo うわ~お雛様、可愛い!巻雲と夕雲姉さまと風雲と秋雲で三人官女とか!あれ?一人多い…ええい、気にしない!四人官女で! Wow~ cute Hina dolls! Makigumo, Yuugumo-neesama, Kazagumo and Akigumo could be the three court ladies! Hm? We have one extra. Well, whatever! We can have four court ladies!
Naganami ほうほう、可愛いね!うん。この雛壇、誰が組んだの?へえ、そうなんだ。よくできてんな!これなんかさ… ぐわっ、首捥げた!やば、直そう。 Hmm-hmm, quite cute! Yep. Who put this Hina dan together? Heh, is that so. It's quite well-done. Especially this part... Woah, the neck bent! Dang, should fix that.
Hatsuzuki 賑やかだな!そうか、雛祭り!潜水艦たちも楽しそうだ。これが菱餅…。なるほど。 It's quite festive! I see, it's the Hinamatsuri! It seems like the subs are having a good time too. This is the hishimochi... I see.
New lines
Amatsukaze 雛壇、可愛い。雛人形か。私だったら、どれが似合うかな…っぁ! あなたなによ?! なんでもないからね! Hina dolls....so cute....I wonder which hina doll would suit me best....wha..when did you get here? I wasn't doing anything at all!
Yamakaze 少し、気分が良くなった。少し…。うんっ! I feel, a little bit better now. Just a little... Yup!

Heavy Cruisers[]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
From Hinamatsuri 2016
Mikuma 雛祭り!お雛様、可愛いです!お内裏様はもがみん、お雛様は三隈!うふふ、作っちゃおうかな。 Hinamatsuri, Ohina-sama is cute! Odairi-sama is Mogamin, Ohina-sama is Mikuma, ufufufu... should I make it? Mikuma is going to make a doll of her as Ohina-sama (the Empress) and Mogami as Odairi-sama (the Emperor).
Kinugasa 雛壇か…かわいいね。あれ?衣笠さんの雛人形がないよ~あれれ?誰か作ってくれないかな…。 Hina dan, huh... they are so cute. Huh? Kinugasa's hina doll isn't here. Why? Won't someone make one for me... "Hina dan" is the name of the platforms used to hold up the hina dolls.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
From Hinamatsuri 2016
Yamato 提督、ひな祭りですか?あら、かわいい、いいですね。武蔵?何を照れてるの?いいじゃない、ね? Admiral, is it Hinamatsuri? Oh my, how cute, it's great, isn't? Musashi? Why are you embarrassed? It's fine, right? Probably talking about their Hina dolls, while Musashi is embarrassed.

Light Carriers[]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
New lines
Taigei 雛祭り。雛人形、可愛いですね。潜水艦たちも、可愛い…あれ、菱餅が? おかしいわ、たしかに…また用意しなくちゃ。 It's Hina Matsuri, the Hina dolls are so cute. Of course the Submarines are cute as...huh? The Hishimochi...that's strange...I was sure I...oh well, that's fine I guess. as Taigei/Ryuuhou


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
From Hinamatsuri 2016
I-168 さ!折角の雛祭り!私たち伊号で五人囃子をやりましょう?衣装はこのイムヤが作っておきました!可愛いでしょ? Now, it's the awaited Hinamatsuri! We I-class subs should go as the five court musicians, right? Imuya here already made the outfits! Aren't they cute? The 五人囃子 are placed on the third-tier platform, and represent the musicians of the court. There are adequately five I-class submarines.
I-58 伊号で五人囃子?ゴーヤ、やるでち!衣装は誰が作るでちか?え?イムヤ?!大丈夫…? Us I-class be the five court musicians? Goya will do it! Who'll make the outfits? Eh? Imuya will? Will it be alright...? In response to Imuya's Hinamatsuri line.





2017/2/28 ~ ?

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
SF3 春の準備任務:桃の節句準備!
Spring Preparation Mission: Hina Matsuri Preparations!
Prepare 5000 furniture coins, 2x Type 99 Dive BomberType 99 Dive Bomber 023 Card.png and 2x 61cm Triple Torpedo Mount61cm Triple Torpedo Mount 013 Card.png in your inventory.

Scrap 2x 14cm Single Gun Mount14cm Single Gun Mount 004 Card.png. ※Equipments must be unlocked.

0 / 0 / 0 / 0 Hishimochi 062 useitem.pngHishimochi X 1

Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy X 1

Requires: C2 (?)
SB22 春の準備任務:桃の節句準備を完遂せよ!
Spring Preparation Mission: Carry out the Hina Matsuri Preparations!
Sortie to World 2-3 and score 5 S-rank victories at the boss node. 330 / 330 / 0 / 330 Hishimochi 062 useitem.pngHishimochi X 3

Reinforcement expansion 064 useitem.pngReinforcement Expansion X 1

Requires: SF3