Time-limited game content for Hinamatsuri (or Peach Festival) 2016


Class Ship girls (2)
NPC (2) Akashi NPC, Ooyodo NPC
Artist (1)
Fujikawa Akashi NPC, Ooyodo NPC



Class Ship girls (17)
Destroyers (8) Akatsuki, Akigumo, Hatsuzuki, Hibiki, Libeccio, Makigumo, Naganami, Yuugumo
Light Cruisers (1) Sakawa
Heavy Cruisers (2) Kinugasa, Mikuma
Battleships (1) Yamato
Standard Carriers (1) Shoukaku
Submarines (2) I-168, I-58
Auxiliaries (2) Hayasui, Mizuho
Seiyuu (7)
Ishigami Shizuka Mizuho
Kitou Akari Libeccio
Nakajima Megumi I-168, I-58, Hatsuzuki, Kinugasa, Mikuma
Nomizu Iori Hayasui, Shoukaku
Suzaki Aya Akatsuki, Hibiki
Taketatsu Ayana Akigumo, Makigumo, Naganami, Yamato, Yuugumo
Yamada Yuki Sakawa


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akigumo Play おお!雛壇か!いいね、捗るね~!陽炎型も全員で雛人形に…や、やめよう。なんか辛い気がする。ま、いっか!いいよね? Oh! A Hina dan, huh? Quite nice and inspiring! Maybe all the Kagerou-class should dress as Hina... L-let's not. It feels burdensome. Yeah, whatever! Right?
Yuugumo Play うふふ。提督、雛人形可愛いですね。私も巻雲や風雲と主力オブ主力三人官女とか…提督、似合いませんか。そう? Ufufu. Hina dolls are quite cute, Admiral. Maybe Makigumo, Kazagumo and I could dress up as the three ace-of-ace court ladies... Don't you think it will suit us, Admiral? Is that so?
Makigumo Play うわ~お雛様、可愛い!巻雲と夕雲姉さまと風雲と秋雲で三人官女とか!あれ?一人多い…ええい、気にしない!四人官女で! Wow~ cute Hina dolls! Makigumo, Yuugumo-neesama, Kazagumo and Akigumo could be the three court ladies! Hm? We have one extra. Well, whatever! We can have four court ladies!
Naganami Play ほうほう、可愛いね!うん。この雛壇、誰が組んだの?へえ、そうなんだ。よくできてんな!これなんかさ… ぐわっ、首捥げた!やべ、直そう。 Hmm-hmm, quite cute! Yep. Who put this Hina dan together? Heh, is that so. It's quite well-done. Especially this part... Woah, the neck bent! Dang, should fix that.
Hatsuzuki Play 賑やかだな!そうか、雛祭り!潜水艦たちも楽しそうだ。これが菱餅…。なるほど。 It's quite festive! I see, it's the Hinamatsuri! It seems like the subs are having a good time too. This is the hishimochi... I see.
Spring lines
Akatsuki Play もうすぐ春ね。レディはお花見に参加するもの。ワクワク~。速く招待されないかしら。 It'll be spring soon, isn't it. It's a given that a true lady should participates in the flower viewing. *giddy* *giddy* Won't someone invite me soon, I wonder.
Hibiki Play 春か。春はいいな。いつだって春の来ない冬はない。Хорошо Spring, huh. Spring is nice. A winter will always be followed by spring. Хорошо (Very good).
Libeccio Play 少し暖かくなってきた。日本の春ってやつね。あれがサクラか…え?違うの?ウメ?ウメボシのウメ?へえ~ It has gotten a bit warmer. This is what they call "spring of Japan", right? That's the cherry blossom... Huh? It's not? Plum flower? Like the plum used for Ume-boshi? Oh~

Light CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Sakawa Play 春...矢矧ちゃんたちが、出かけて行った季節...でも、今は寂しくないよ。みんな、一緒だもん。 Spring... The season when, Yahagi-chan went out... but, I'm not feeling lonely right now. Because, I have everyone. Spring line
Sakawa was originally planned to deploy with Yahagi in "Operation Ten-Go," the suicide mission of Okinawa, of spring 1945. Without enough fuel, Sakawa did not participate.

Heavy CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Mikuma Play 雛祭り!お雛様、可愛いです!お内裏様はもがみん、お雛様は三隈!うふふ、作っちゃおうかな。 Hinamatsuri, Ohina-sama is cute! Odairi-sama is Mogamin, Ohina-sama is Mikuma, ufufufu... should I make it? Mikuma is going to make a doll of her as Ohina-sama (the Empress) and Mogami as Odairi-sama (the Emperor).
Play 提督。もうすぐ春ですわ。お弁当作って、もがみんと三人でお花見に行きましょう?三隈、楽しみです! Admiral, it is almost Spring. Together with Mogamin, the three of us should prepare bento and go for flower viewing. Mikuma is looking forward to it! Secretary 2
Spring line
Kinugasa Play 雛壇か…かわいいね。あれ?衣笠さんの雛人形がないよ~あれれ?誰か作ってくれないかな…。 Hina dan, huh... they are so cute. Huh? Kinugasa's hina doll isn't here. Why? Won't someone make one for me... "Hina dan" is the name of the platforms used to hold up the hina dolls.
Play やった!もうすぐ春!春はやっぱり浮き浮きするよね!そうだ!提督、六戦隊でお花見行かない?楽しいよ! Yay! It's gonna be Spring soon! Spring really fills me with energy! I know! Admiral, want to go watch the flowers with the sixth fleet? It'll be fun! Secretary 2
Spring line


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Yamato Play 提督、ひな祭りですか?あら、かわいい、いいですね。武蔵?何を照れてるの?いいじゃない、ね? Admiral, is it Hinamatsuri? Oh my, how cute, it's great, isn't? Musashi? Why are you embarrassed? It's fine, right? Probably talking about their Hina dolls, while Musashi is embarrassed.

Standard CarriersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shoukaku Play 少しずつ、春の陽気になってきました。提督、お花見、瑞鶴と三人で行きたいですね。 A little more and the cheerfulness of Spring will be here soon. Admiral, including me and Zuikaku, the three of us shall go for flower viewing. Spring line


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
I-168 Play さ!折角の雛祭り!私たち伊号で五人囃子をやりましょう?衣装はこのイムヤが作っておきました!可愛いでしょ? Now, it's the awaited Hinamatsuri! We I-class subs should go as the five court musicians, right? Imuya here already made the outfits! Aren't they cute? The 五人囃子 are placed on the third-tier platform, and represent the musicians of the court. There are adequately five I-class submarines.
Play 司令官!やっと春が来ますね。うー、今年の冬は長かった。暖かくなったら、司令官も海の中、一緒にどうですか。 Commander! Spring has finally come. Mmm, winter was long this year. When the season gets warmer, how about taking a dive into the ocean with us, Commander? Secretary 2
Spring line
I-58 Play 伊号で五人囃子?ゴーヤ、やるでち!衣装は誰が作るでちか?え?イムヤ?!大丈夫…? Us I-class be the five court musicians? Goya will do it! Who'll make the outfits? Eh? Imuya will? Will it be alright...? In response to Imuya's Hinamatsuri line.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Spring lines
Mizuho Play 提督、少し暖かくなってきましたね。今年も春が訪れるのですね。瑞穂、感慨深いです。 Admiral, it's becoming a bit warmer. Spring will come visit this year again. I'm getting emotional.
Hayasui Play 提督さん、春です!春の息吹を感じます!よーし!この春も一緒に頑張りましょ!はい! Admiral, it's Spring. I can feel the breath of spring! Alright! Let's work hard together with Spring! Yes!



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