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Art[edit | edit source]

Class Ship girls (2)
Destroyers (2) Michishio, Shigure
Artist (2)
Konishi Michishio
Kujou Ichiso Shigure

Destroyers[edit | edit source]

Voices[edit | edit source]

Class Ship girls (5)
Destroyers (3) Fujinami, Michishio, Shigure
Battleships (2) Fusou, Yamashiro
Seiyuu (4)
Fujita Saki Fusou, Yamashiro
Miyagawa Wakana Michishio
Tanibe Yumi Shigure
Unknown Fujinami

Destroyers[edit | edit source]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
提督…皆…うん。行こう。 Admiral... Everyone... Yes. Let's go.
あの海峡は…ううん、何でもない。行こう… もちろん、僕も…行く。 That strait is... No, it's nothing. Let's go... Of course, I will... as well. Secretary 2
了解。満潮、皆、油断しないで行こう。空襲が止んだら…海峡までは警戒陣形で接近しよう。 Roger. Michishio, everyone. Let's not let our guard down. When the air raid ceases... let's approach the strait in lookout formation. Secretary 3
通してもらう Let us pass Attack
ありがとう…準備は大事だね。 Thanks... It's good to be prepared. Equipment 2
いよいよ、僕たちの出番だね…扶桑、山城、みんな…行こう。必ず全員で、戻るために。 It's finally our turn.... Fusou, Yamashiro, everyone...let's go. We'll all return, together. Joining A Fleet
今はやってあげるわ、しかも全力で!第二十四駆逐隊、出撃します! All right let's do it, and with full force! Twenty-fourth Destroyer Division, sortieing!. Joining A Fleet
As Kai Ni
何、司令?呼んだ?藤波、何気に今、ものすごく真剣にいろいろ準備してて忙しいんだけど? What, Admiral? You called? I am for some reason extremely busy seriously preparing a lot of things, you know?
ああ、もう!今回は藤波、マジで忙しいんだから!もち! Oh, please! This time, I am really busy! For sure! Secretary 2
そうだよ!出撃準備だよ!捷一号作戦の準備!え?服?だから今は準備中なんだって!もち! That's right! It's sortie prep! Preparation for Operation Sho-go! Wha? Clothes? I said, I'm in middle of preparing! For sure! Secretary 3

Battleships[edit | edit source]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
了解!2戦隊は第1遊撃部隊第3部隊の基幹戦力として夜のスリガオ海峡を抜け、レイテ突入を目指します! Roger! As main force of the Force C of First Strike Force, the Second Fleet will pass the Surigao strait at night and set its course for Leyte! Secretary 3
スリガオ海峡を抜けて、レイテに突入します!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、出撃! We'll break through Surigao Strait and assault Leyte! First Striking Force, Third Force, sortie!. Joining A Fleet
きゃああっ!?や、山城…?突破するのよ…? Gyaa!? Y-Yamashiro...? We're going to break through...? Minor Damage 1
二戦隊、突破します!てぇーっ! Second Squadron, we're breaking through! Fire! Night Attack
姉さま、了解しました!2戦隊、第1遊撃部隊第3部隊としてスリガオを越え、レイテに突入します。行きます! Roger that, older sister! As Force C of First Strike Force, Second Fleet will pass Surigao and aim for Leyte. Let's go! Secretary 3
姉さま、了解です!第二戦隊、旗艦、山城!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊…ふふ、ふふふふ…抜錨です! Onee-sama, understood! Second Fleet, Flagship, Yamashiro! First Striking Force, Third Force...heh heh, heheheh...setting sail!. Joining A Fleet
姉さまっ!?ちっ…進む…進むんだからぁっ! Onee-sama!? Geh...advance...keep advancing!!! Minor Damage 1
邪魔だ、どけぇっ! You're in my way. Get lost! Night Attack
時雨、行ける?頼りにしてるから…。私達、第三部隊、西村艦隊の出撃よ! Shigure, are you ready? I'm counting on you.... It's time for us, the Third Force, Nishimura Fleet, to sortie!. Starting A Sortie
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