Time-limited content for Fall 2017 Event. A continuation of Eve Of Battle seasonal content.


Class Ship girls (2)
Destroyers (2) Michishio, Shigure
Artist (2)
Konishi Michishio
Kujou Ichiso Shigure



Class Ship girls (5)
Destroyers (3) Fujinami, Michishio, Shigure
Battleships (2) Fusou, Yamashiro
Seiyuu (4)
Fujita Saki Fusou, Yamashiro
Miyagawa Wakana Michishio
Tanibe Yumi Shigure
Unknown Fujinami


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Shigure Play 提督…皆…うん。行こう。 Admiral... Everyone... Yes. Let's go.
Play あの海峡は…ううん、何でもない。行こう… もちろん、僕も…行く。 That strait is... No, it's nothing. Let's go... Of course, I will... as well. Secretary 2
Play 了解。満潮、皆、油断しないで行こう。空襲が止んだら…海峡までは警戒陣形で接近しよう。 Roger. Michishio, everyone. Let's not let our guard down. When the air raid ceases... let's approach the strait in lookout formation. Secretary 3
Play 通してもらう Let us pass Attack
Play ありがとう…準備は大事だね。 Thanks... It's good to be prepared. Equipment 2
Play いよいよ、僕たちの出番だね…扶桑、山城、みんな…行こう。必ず全員で、戻るために。 It's finally our turn.... Fusou, Yamashiro, everyone...let's go. We'll all return, together. Joining A Fleet
Michishio Play 今はやってあげるわ、しかも全力で!第二十四駆逐隊、出撃します! All right let's do it, and with full force! Twenty-fourth Destroyer Division, sortieing!. Joining A Fleet
As Kai Ni
Fujinami Play 何、司令?呼んだ?藤波、何気に今、ものすごく真剣にいろいろ準備してて忙しいんだけど? What, Admiral? You called? I am for some reason extremely busy seriously preparing a lot of things, you know?
Play ああ、もう!今回は藤波、マジで忙しいんだから!もち! Oh, please! This time, I am really busy! For sure! Secretary 2
Play そうだよ!出撃準備だよ!捷一号作戦の準備!え?服?だから今は準備中なんだって!もち! That's right! It's sortie prep! Preparation for Operation Sho-go! Wha? Clothes? I said, I'm in middle of preparing! For sure! Secretary 3


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Fusou Play 了解!2戦隊は第1遊撃部隊第3部隊の基幹戦力として夜のスリガオ海峡を抜け、レイテ突入を目指します! Roger! As main force of the Force C of First Strike Force, the Second Fleet will pass the Surigao strait at night and set its course for Leyte! Secretary 3
Play スリガオ海峡を抜けて、レイテに突入します!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊、出撃! We'll break through Surigao Strait and assault Leyte! First Striking Force, Third Force, sortie!. Joining A Fleet
Play きゃああっ!?や、山城…?突破するのよ…? Gyaa!? Y-Yamashiro...? We're going to break through...? Minor Damage 1
Play 二戦隊、突破します!てぇーっ! Second Squadron, we're breaking through! Fire! Night Attack
Yamashiro Play 姉さま、了解しました!2戦隊、第1遊撃部隊第3部隊としてスリガオを越え、レイテに突入します。行きます! Roger that, older sister! As Force C of First Strike Force, Second Fleet will pass Surigao and aim for Leyte. Let's go! Secretary 3
Play 姉さま、了解です!第二戦隊、旗艦、山城!第一遊撃部隊、第三部隊…ふふ、ふふふふ…抜錨です! Onee-sama, understood! Second Fleet, Flagship, Yamashiro! First Striking Force, Third Force...heh heh, heheheh...setting sail!. Joining A Fleet
Play 姉さまっ!?ちっ…進む…進むんだからぁっ! Onee-sama!? Geh...advance...keep advancing!!! Minor Damage 1
Play 邪魔だ、どけぇっ! You're in my way. Get lost! Night Attack
Play 時雨、行ける?頼りにしてるから…。私達、第三部隊、西村艦隊の出撃よ! Shigure, are you ready? I'm counting on you.... It's time for us, the Third Force, Nishimura Fleet, to sortie!. Starting A Sortie
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