Time-limited voice lines for Fall 2015 Event, via 18th November 2015 Update. Overrides and complements Fall and Halloween content.


Class Ship girls (13)
Destroyers (11) Hamakaze, Kawakaze, Mikazuki, Murasame, Satsuki, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Tanikaze, Umikaze, Yukikaze, Yuudachi
Light Cruisers (2) Jintsuu, Sendai
Seiyuu (6)
Fujita Saki Yukikaze
Hidaka Rina Mikazuki, Satsuki
Ishigami Shizuka Kawakaze, Umikaze
Komatsu Mana Hamakaze, Tanikaze
Sakura Ayane Jintsuu, Sendai
Tanibe Yumi Murasame, Shigure, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Satsuki Play 今度はボクも、手加減できないよ! This time even I won't go easy on them!
Mikazuki Play ここは三日月に任せて。駆逐艦の誇り、お見せします! Leave this to Mikazuki. Let me show you the pride of destroyers!
Shiratsuyu Play 提督、船団護衛なら任せておいてよ。えっ、何その目?本当なんだから!いや、潜水艦とかは一番に…ちょっと苦手だけどさ…。 Admiral, you can leave the fleet's escort to me! Eh, what's with that look? I'm serious! No, with submarines I'm number one... just a little weak.
Play 敵の潜水艦な~。いや、今ならやっつけられるよ!演習もたくさんやったし、経験もいっぱい積んだし、装備も練度も一番だし!多分…。やれるよ! The enemies are submarines, huh. No, if it is now I can also attack them! I practiced a lot, gained a lot of experience, equipment and skill are also the best! Probably... I can do it! Secretary 2
Shigure Play この海域は…この海域は危険な感じがする。川内さん、江風、気を付けて。 This sea... this sea feels dangerous. Sendai, Kawakaze, be careful.
Play この作戦…僕も一緒に行っていいかな?何か…少し嫌な予感がする。でも提督と一緒なら、何かが変わる気がするんだ。 Is it okay for me to go on this mission? I have a kind of bad feeling about it... But, I feel like something might change if I'm with the admiral. Secretary 2
The Fall 2015 Event covers the Battle of Vella Gulf, in which Shigure lost all her accompanying ships.
Murasame Play はいは~い♪次の作戦は?えっ、あの海への輸送作戦?嘘ぉ…いいえ、行きます!任せて! Yes ye~s! The next operation is... eh? Transport operation at that sea? Unbelievable... No, I will go. Leave it to me. She is referring to the ocean near the Kolombangara Islands, near the place where she was sunk.
Play 輸送作戦…夜の海は気を付けないと。警戒を厳として、行きましょうか。 Transport operation... Gotta be careful at night in the sea. We should proceed with caution. Secretary 2
Yuudachi Play 夜戦なら夕立を連れってってほしいっぽい!うずうずするっぽい!ぽ~い!! If it's night battle I want you to bring me along-poi! I'm itching to fight-poi! Poi!
Umikaze Play 江風、少し自重しないと…本当に…お姉さんは心配です…。 Kawakaze, do try and take care of yourself a bit more... really, your big sister is worried about you...
Kawakaze Play 姉貴、あんま心配すンなって。大丈夫、今度はやられはしないよ。任せとけ! Sis, I told ya not to worry. It's alright, I'm not gonna lose this time. Leave it to me. She's talking to Umikaze (who's worried about her) and Shigure, a fellow participant of the Battle of Vella Gulf, where Kawakaze sank along with Arashi and Hagikaze.
Yukikaze Play 第二水雷戦隊所属!陽炎型駆逐艦雪風!! Member of the 2nd torpedo squad, Kagerou model Yukikaze reporting for duty.
Hamakaze Play 第十七駆逐隊浜風、全力で行きます。 Hamakaze of the 17th Corps, I'll be going at full might.
Tanikaze Play かぁ~!この谷風の見せ場だねぇ~!よっしゃぁ! Haah! This is the showlight for Tanikaze! Come at me!

Light CruisersEdit

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Sendai Play 川内参上!三水戦の戦い、見せてあげるよ! Sendai reporting in! I'll show you how the Third Torpedo Squadron fights!
Jintsuu Play 私達二水戦も全艦待機しています。提督、ご命令を。 We of the Second Torpedo Squadron are on standby. Admiral, your orders.
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