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Time-limited Eve of Battle CG and voice lines added during Late Fall 2017. Continued with Fall 2017 Event seasonal content.


Class Ship girls (3)
Destroyers (2) Asagumo, Yamagumo
Heavy Cruisers (1) Mogami
Artist (2)
Fujikawa Asagumo, Yamagumo
Shibafu Mogami


Heavy Cruisers[]


Class Ship girls (18)
Destroyers (9) Akebono, Asagumo, Hatsuharu, Murasame, Shigure, Uzuki, Yamagumo, Yayoi, Yuudachi
Light Cruisers (1) Abukuma
Heavy Cruisers (3) Ashigara, Mogami, Nachi
Battleships (2) Fusou, Yamashiro
Standard Carriers (1) Ark Royal
Submarines (1) I-26
Auxiliaries (1) Commandant Teste
Seiyuu (10)
Fujita Saki Fusou, Yamashiro
Hayasaka Kozue Akebono
Hidaka Rina Uzuki, Yayoi
Horie Yui Asagumo, Yamagumo
Kobayashi Motoko Hatsuharu
Nomizu Iori Abukuma
Ogura Yui I-26
Suzaki Aya Mogami
Taneda Risa Ashigara, Nachi
Tanibe Yumi Commandant Teste, Murasame, Shigure, Yuudachi


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Akebono うん、泣いても笑っても決戦ってわけか!あたしも本気で行くから、クソ提督、行くよ! Hmph, so the final battle is inevitable, huh? I've gotta get serious, too! Let's go, you shitty Admiral!
Hatsuharu なんじゃ、その・・・わらわも貴様を信頼している・・・ぞ。うん・・・まあ、そういうことじゃ! Well, I mean, I trust you.... Yeah, well, that's all! For once it appears she isn't using her archaic speech.
Shigure この季節は... ううん、提督、いい雨だね。 This season is... no, it's a nice rain, Admiral. PTSD kicking in.
満潮、そうか... よかったね。一緒に準備をしよう。うん。 Michishio... I see, that's good. Let's get ready together. Yeah. Secretary 2
扶桑、 山城、気をつけて。 大部隊だけど、油断は全然出来ないんだ。僕も…僕も全力で守るから! Fuso, Yamashiro. . . Be careful . Although it is a big force, we can't be careless. I will also protect you with all my strength! Secretary 3
November 10th line
Yuudachi 皆、戦いの準備をしてるっぽい?夜戦の準備っぽい? You're all getting ready for battle, poi? Night battle preparations, poi? The real-life Yuudachi sank during the Guadalcanal Campaign, which occurred one year before the battle of Leyte Gulf.
Yayoi 卯月、あの・・・この季節は、気を付けて。あの・・・怒ってなんか・・・ないけど・・・気を、付けてね Uzuki. Ummm, be careful during this season. Ummm, I'm not angry. Yeah, be careful, alright?
Uzuki 弥生?何を心配そうな顔をしてるぴょん!なんか怒ってるぴょん?大丈夫ぴょん!卯月は不沈艦ぴょん!沈まないぴょん! Yayoi? Why are you frowning, pyon? Are you angry about something, pyon? It's fine, pyon! I'm unsinkable, pyon. I won't sink, pyon! Uzuki stealing Yukikaze's lines.
Asagumo ん、そうか。今年もこの季節はやって来たのか。夜でも・・・大丈夫。私は・・・大丈夫! Yeah, I see. So this season has come again this year. I'm fine with the night. I'm just fine.
Yamagumo この季節がまた・・・やって来たのね~。深夜は少しさわさわします~。うぅ So this season has come again, huh~ The late night is a bit noisy~ Whew~
November 10th lines
Murasame 時雨ちゃん どうしたの? なるほど。でも、きっと平気。 私達の、佐世保の時雨なら、村雨は信じてます。 Shigure-chan, what's wrong? I see. But surely it's alright, If it's our "Shigure from Sasebo", Murasame believes. Secretary 3

Light Cruisers[]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Abukuma よ~し!決戦の時です。一水戦旗艦の経験と自負は、伊達じゃないんです!旗艦、先頭!皆、ついてきて! Alriiiight! It's time for the final battle. My experience and pride as flagship of DesRon1 isn't just for show! Flagship starting battle! Follow me, everyone!

Heavy Cruisers[]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Nachi よ~し!いよいよこの那智型・・・違う、妙高型の真の力を見せる時が来たな。やるぞ! Alright! It's finally time for me to show you the Nachi-class'- no, wait, the Myoukou-class' true power. Let's do this! Could be confusing the class names since although Myoukou was the first to be laid down, Nachi was the first one commissioned to the IJN.
Ashigara この飢えた狼と言われた足柄、大事な戦いの予感を感じるわ!全力出撃、用意! As someone known as the "Hungry Wolf", I feel that this will be an important battle! Let's sortie with all our might! KATSUUUUUUUUUUU
November 10th lines
Mogami 決戦か。 また 突入だね? 良いよ。 突破しよう! Decisive battle huh. It's a pursuit again, is not it? Alright, lets break through!


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
November 10th lines
Fusou 時雨、大丈夫よ。私達、第三部隊、七隻。一緒にスリガオ海峡を抜けましょう。今度こそ…。 Shigure, it's alright. We, the 3th Force, all seven ships. Together let's go through the Surigao Strait. this time… Secretary 3
Yamashiro 姉さま?うん?満潮?ああ、そうね。小さいのは任せたわ。え?ふふっ、生意気ね…。姉さまを…守ってね…。 Sister? Yes? Michishio? Ah, that's right. I'll let you the small things. Huh? Hehe hee, impertinent, right?. Please Protect... my sister. Secretary 3
Probably she talks about PT Imp Pack.

Standard Carriers[]

Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Ark Royal この季節は気を付けないと・・・特に潜水艦には要注意だ。まぁ、取り越し苦労ならよいのだが...おっ!右舷に潜望鏡を!回避!・・・ん?ん~?波の見間違いか。ふぅ・・・ You need to be careful during this season, especially being careful about submarines. Well, being paranoid is fine but... Hmm? Periscope to starboard! Evasive manoeuvres! ...Hmm? ...Hmmm? That was a wave? *sigh* Ark Royal was sunk by the submarine U-81, hence her paranoia. The 'Periscope to starboard' line could be a reference to the fact that Ark Royal was hit by U-81's torpedoes on her starboard side.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
I-26 あっ!西村艦隊の皆だ!やっほ~~!ね~ね~ね~、どこ行くの~?え?ええぇ!?嘘!?本当に?んん~、来年にしない? Ah, it's the Nishimura Fleet! Yoohoo! Hey, hey, hey, where are you going? Eh? Eeeeh? Seriously? Mmm, why not put it off till next year? I-26 was operating (and sunk) near the area of the Battle of the Surigao Strait, hence her run-in with the Nishimura Fleet. The fleet's destination was (the grave) the US' Army and Marines staging areas to intercept important supplies and bombard land forces.


Ship Name Audio Japanese English Notes
Commandant Teste モガミさん?作戦前の水上機の整備ですか。Oui!ワタクシもお手伝いさせてください。いい機体、ですね! Are you doing pre-operation maintenance on the seaplanes, Mogami-san? Yes, please let me help too. They're good planes.