Samuel B. Roberts Samuel B.Roberts
Seiyuu Shiraki Nao (白城なお) Availability Quest: 5A05
Artist zeco Implementation 2018/04/23


Samuel B. Roberts

No.361 Samuel B.Roberts

John C. Butler Class Destroyer

Samuel B. Roberts Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 14 (16) Icon Gun.png Firepower 8 (24)
Icon Armor.png Armor 5 (17) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 12 (38)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 38 (80) Icon AA.png AA 20 (40)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 48 (80)
Icon Speed.png Speed Slow Icon LOS.png LOS 12 (20)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 30 (60)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Build Time Slots
Unbuildable 2
Stock Equipment Space
Small Caliber Main Gun 5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.305inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 284 Card.png 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
- Locked - -


Samuel B. Roberts Kai

No.361 Samuel B.Roberts改

John C. Butler Class Destroyer

Samuel B. Roberts Kai Card.png
Icon HP.png HP 27 (29) Icon Gun.png Firepower 10 (50)
Icon Armor.png Armor 12 (43) Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo 24 (70)
Icon Evasion.png Evasion 48 (88) Icon AA.png AA 28 (60)
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft 0 Icon ASW.png ASW 50 (88)
Icon Speed.png Speed Slow Icon LOS.png LOS 14 (48)
Icon Range.png Range Short Icon Luck.png Luck 40 (80)
Resource Consumption
FuelKai.png Fuel 15 AmmoKai.png Ammo 20
Remodel Level Slots
Level 50 3
Stock Equipment Space
Small Caliber Main Gun 5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.305inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 284 Card.png 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
Xx c.png - Unequipped - 0
- Locked - -
Extra Statistics
[Edit]Samuel B. Roberts Equipment Bonuses
Equipment Extra Requirement Firepower Torpedo Attack Anti-Air Anti-Submarine View Range Armor Evasion Note
High-angle Gun5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai 313 Card.png +2 +2 +1 +1
High-angle Gun5inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.375inch Single Gun Mount Mk.30 Kai + GFCS Mk.37 308 Card.png +2 +1 +1
Torpedo-based Weapon533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Initial Model)533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Initial Model) 314 Card.png +1 +3
Torpedo-based Weapon533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Late Model)533mm Quintuple Torpedo Mount (Late Model) 376 Card.png +2 +4
RadarGFCS Mk.37GFCS Mk.37 307 Card.png +1 +1 +1
RadarSG Radar (Initial Model)SG Radar (Initial Model) 315 Card.png +3 +4 +3 Also +1 Range
Depth ChargesRUR-4A Weapon Alpha KaiRUR-4A Weapon Alpha Kai 377 Card.png +2 +2
Depth ChargesLightweight ASW Torpedo (Initial Test Model)Lightweight ASW Torpedo (Initial Test Model) 378 Card.png +3 +1
EngineImproved Kanhon Type TurbineImproved Kanhon Type Turbine 033 Card.png Increases her Speed speed to Fast without need of pairing with a boiler.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Event Japanese English Note
Nice to meet you!
I am the John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts! Remember it~ Ah, it's long? Sam is fine too! Nice to meet you! She says we can nickname her Sam! (サム)
サミュエル・B・ロバーツっ 配置につきました。
John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escort Samuel B. Roberts reporting for duty. I will persevere and protect today as well!
って、私はね、Taffy 3 って任務部隊で、護衛空母を守って戦たんだ。
Escort Destroyer of the John C. Butler-class, Samuel B. Roberts! There are so many of my sisters. Fleet escorts also antisubmarine patrols, i'm quite versatile. I mean, I was in the Taffy 3 task force, I defended the escort carriers and fought, against bigger and stronger ships than me. Remember that too! Thanks! Look trivia
Secretary 1
私呼んだ?何? Did you call me? What is it?
Samのこと呼んだ?何? Did you call me? What is it?
Secretary 2
What's wrong? あっ、そなんだ! What's wrong? Ah, that's it!
提督、what's wrong? あっ、そなの? Okay! Admiral, what's wrong? Ah, is it that? Okay!
Secretary 3
何?寂しいの?Okay! 私、相手してあげる。けっこ頑張ちゃうから。
What? Feeling lonely? Okay! I'll be your partner. I can do it when I want! Just watch. Huaaa!
あっ、はい、 ガンビアーベイー! どうしたの? あっ、そ、そこなら、ここ、こう行って、こ!えっ?仕方ない。わたし、付いてってあげる!
Ah, yes, Gambier Bay! What is it? Ah, so, if it's this then, this goes like that, there you go! Eh? It's no use. I'll go with you! Damn, always needing help. It's fine though.
あっ、はい、ガンビー! どうしたの?あっ、そ、そこなら、ここ、こう行って、こ。えっ?仕方ない。わたし、付いてってあげる。ったく、世話焼けるなっ。いいけど。 Ah, yes, Gamby! What is it? Ah, so, if it's this then, this goes like that, there you go. Eh? It's no use. I'll go with you. Damn, always needing help. It's fine though.
Secretary Married
うーん?疲れた?あっ、はい、じゃあ、ガムでも食べる?はい!おっ、要らない?何?What's wrong? 仕方ない、ちょっと横になたら?はい。 Hmmm? Tired? Ah, yes, then, want some chewing-gum? Here! Oh, you don't want it? What? What's wrong? It's no use, what about lying down for a bit? Yes. Gum was included in the US army's rations in WWII
はっ、何?!的?!ど、どこ?!何だ?違うのか?ビックリした。どうしたの、提督?ほっ、私?元気だけど。変なの。これを?後で?はあ… 後でいいんだ。いいけど!いひひっ… Thanks... a lot! Ha, what?! the enemy?! wh- where?! Oh? it's not? It surprised me. What is it Admiral? Ho, Me? I'm fine. Weird. This? Later? Haaa... Later is fine. Okay! Ihihi... Thanks... a lot!
Looking At Scores
情報?大事!取ってあげるね! Information? It's important! I'll go get it!
情報?本当大事!私が取ってあげるね! Information? It's really important! I will go get it!
Joining A Fleet
サミュエル・B・ロバーツっ出ます!さっ、今日もしっかり守ってこう! Samuel B. Roberts sortieing! So, today as well, let's protect with our best!
サミュエル・B・ロバーツっ出ます!さっ、今日もしっかりばちり守ってこう! Samuel B. Roberts sortieing! So, today as well, let's protect with the best of our best!
Equipment 1
Thanks a lot! Thanks a lot!
Equipment 2
あっ、いいね!嬉しいなこれ。 Ah, nice! I'm happy to get this.
あっ、凄い!これ、嬉しいな~ Ah, super! This makes me happy~
Equipment 3
Thanks! Thanks!
 ⇧ shared with expedition selection, resource collection, instant repair and development
Thanks! 魚雷もお願い。私、使うから! Thanks! Torpedoes as well please. I'll use them!
Docking Minor
Sorry、すぐ直すね。 Sorry. I'll be ready again in no time.
Docking Major
Oh, my bad. ごめん、ちょっと休憩! Oh, my bad. Sorry, I'll take a break!
出来た!コンプリト! Done! Complete!
Returning From Sortie
作戦完了!Comple~te! Mission comple~te!
Starting A Sortie
Taffy 3, weigh anchor! 私、先頭でいい? Taffy 3, weigh anchor! Can I go in the front?
はい!Taffy 3、護衛を任せて下さい! Yes! Taffy 3, leave the escorting to me!
Battle Start
Target, in sight! いよいよか、頑張る! Target, in sight! Finally, I'll do my best!
Fire! Fire!
 ⇧ shared with day/night special attacks, support expedition team arrival
Night Battle (Kai)
魚雷戦準備!突っ込みますから、いいですか?! Prepare for torpedo battle! I'll cut-in, is it ok?!
Night Attack
守り切るよ。 I'll protect you.
まあ、巡洋艦のように… 足りない。まるで戦艦のように… 頑張ります! Well, like light a cruiser... not enough. I'll fight... like a battleship! Reference to her last stand at the Battle of Samar. See Trivia
へっ?私?そ… そうか!またやっちゃった。まあ、でも嬉しいかな、褒められるの。ひひひっ~ 貰っておきます。Thanks! Heee? Me? I... I see! I did it again! Well, I'm happy to be praised. Hihihi~ I'll get this. Thanks!
Minor Damage 1
はあっ!この! Haaa! You !
Minor Damage 2
まっ、負けるか?! Like I'd lose!
Major Damage
ふあーっ!まっ… まだ行けるの。も一撃! Huaaa! I... I can still go on. One more attack!
こんなに打たれたら… 私… 痛いし… 冷たい。みんな… 提督… bye... bye... If I get shot this much... I... it hurts... it's cold. Everyone... Admiral... bye... bye...

Hourly Notifications[edit | edit source]

Time Japanese English Note
…はっ!? No problem です。ほ、ほらっ!
Today I, Sam will do it. Secretary duty! It's fine, leave it to me. Even if it doesn't look like it... Hua! No problem. S... see!
It is one now! えっと……この資料はここで…
It is one now! Ehmm... This documents goes there... *yawn*... I'm sleepy...
It is two now! 提督……眠くないですか?そう……。 It is two now! Admiral... aren't you sleepy? Is that so...
It is three now…… コーヒー飲みます?あ、
It is three now…… Want to drink coffee? Ah, thanks. *slurp* Hah... Admiral, this coffee, it's sweet and delicious!
It's four now! はぁ……もうすぐ朝ですね……はぅ…
It's four now! *yawn* It'll soon be morning... *yawn* *yawn*
Good morning 提督! It's five now! 
Good morning Admiral! It's five now! It's morning! *stretch*
It is six now! 朝の一杯はもちろん、
ああっ!……No, no problem!
It is six now! The morning's drink is of course, hot coffee. I... ha? Aaaa! ...No, no problem!
It is seven now! モーニングは、サム特製スクランブルエッグと、ベーコン!はい、もちろん熱いコーヒーも。さぁ、食べて、食べて! It is seven now! It's morning, have Sam's special scrambled eggs and bacon! Yes, hot coffee as well of course. Come on, eat, eat!
It is eight now! 提督、フィニッシュ?コーヒーのお代わりは?あ、はーい。あっ?! It is eight now! Admiral, have you finished? Don't you want some more coffee? Ah, yeees. Haa?!
It is nine now! だ、大丈夫。問題ないから。
No problem!
It is nine now! It, it's fine. No problem. No problem!
It is ten now! さーて、演習?はーい、
It is ten now! So now, training? Yeees, leave it to me! Ha? Aaaah!
It is eleven now! なんか、頑張ったら、おなか空きました。ランチ、ちょっと早く……駄目? It is eleven now! Somehow, after training hard, I became hungry. Lunch,
It is noon! ランチタイム!さぁ、まずはコーヒーですね!お持ちしまあああーっ It is noon! Lunchtime! So, coffee for starters! Just waiiiii- Did she fall down?
It is one now! だ、大丈夫。全てNo problemです。も、もちろん! It is one now. I, I'm fine. No problems at all. Of course!
It is two……あっ、Hi、ガンビー!ガムビア・ベイ!What's up?あ、そうなんだ。私も私も!えへへっ。 It is two- ah, hi, Gambi! Gambier Bay! What's up? Ah, really? Me too, me too! Ehehe.
It is three now! ちょっと、おなか空かない?……あ、そう……そうだね……。 It is three now. Aren't you a little hungry? Ah, right, yeah...
It is four now! て、あっ、鳥海!Hi! あ、うん、そう。いまはそうなの。よろしくね!あ、サンクス! It is four now. Ah, wait! Choukai! Hey! Ah, mhm, yeah, that's how it is now. I'm counting on you. Ah, thanks! Look trivia.
It's five now! 見てみて、ほら、水平線の……ね、綺麗!ね、いいよね、うん! It is fine now. Look, look! See, on the horizon... right? Beautiful! This is great, yeah!
It is six now! さあ、夜ご飯!えっ、外食?いいよ、私作ってあげるから。簡単なので良いよね、ハンバーグとかどう? It is six now. Time for dinner! Huh? Eating out? Don't worry, I'll cook. Something simple is fine, right? Like a hamburger?
It is seven now! さぁ、食べて!サム風特製ハンバーグディナー!召し上がれ!飲み物はコーヒーで良い?えっ、ビール? It is seven now. Time to eat! Sam-style special hamburger dinner - eat up! Would you like some coffee?
It is eight now……って、なんかすごいうるさくない?水雷戦隊?どこの?私、ちょっと文句言ってきて良い? あ、そう?じゃあ行って来る! It is eight now. Wow, what's with all the noise? Torpedo squadrons? From where? Can I go complain a bit? Ah, really? Okay, I'll be right back!
It is nine now……危なかった……なんか、取り込まれるところだった……。や、私、護衛や哨戒だから、基本は夜戦じゃなくって……。 It is nine now. Whew, that was close! Felt like I was about to get sucked in with them. It's just, I'm for escorting and patrolling and stuff, not night battles!
It is ten now……なんか……今日も一日、ぐったり疲れました。ですが、明日も頑張って守ってゆきましょう!私も頑張ります! It is ten now. Feels kinda like I've been busy all day. But let's continue to work hard to protect tomorrow too! I'll do my best as well!
It is eleven now! 一日たいへんお疲れ様でした!休めるときに、休んでおいてくださいね。明日も頑張りましょう! It is eleven now. Thanks for all your hard work today! Make sure to rest when you get the chance! Let's work hard again tomorrow!

Seasonal Quotes[edit | edit source]

Event Japanese English Note
Fifth Anniversary
Congratulations! Fifth anniversary! Ditto

Character[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

  • She has short, light-blue hair with double buns and yellow eyes, wears a sailor's hat with a star ribbon decoration. The star decoration is a reference to her earning one battle star for her World War II service.
  • She appears to be carrying a SMG with several empty magazines. The empty magazines could be a reference to her firing more than six hundred 5 inch (127.0 mm) shells to keep the Japanese ships at bay, nearly running out of ammo before she was sank by KongouKongou Kai Ni.
  • Her left sleeve bears a Navy Cross medal, in reference to her namesake Coxswain Samuel B. Roberts, who was awarded a posthumous Navy Cross for his actions at the Battle of Guadalcanal, where he voluntarily drove a Higgins boat directly in front of Japanese forces to draw their fire away from boats evacuating surrounded Marines from the beach.
  • A small whale can be seen in the rigging of Samuel B. Roberts. The whale with her is a reference to when she encountered a problem on her first day of service. After spending time at Boston Navy Yard, her port propeller shaft struck a large whale 150 NMI (280 km; 170 mi) off the coast of Maine.
  • The ends of the ribbon on her hat bear signal flags that spell out the letters NTIK (ICS November.png November, ICS Tango.png Tango, ICS India.png India, ICS Kilo.png Kilo). This refers to her historical radio callsign during World War II.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Equipping Samuel B. Roberts (both base and Kai) with an Engine Improved Kanhon Type TurbineImproved Kanhon Type Turbine 033 Card.png will let her become a Fast Ship.
    • Unlike the standard Speed System, she does not require a BoilerNew Model High Temperature High Pressure Boiler 087 Card.pngEnhanced Kanhon Type Boiler 034 Card.png Equipment to become a Fast Ship.
  • Samuel B. Roberts Kai is capable of using OASW without any Sonar SONAR or other ASW equipment.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The USS Samuel B. Roberts, colloquially nicknamed "Sammy B", is the 46th of the John C. Butler class of destroyer escorts. Her construction and launching was sponsored by Samuel's widow, Mrs. Roberts.
  • Samuel B. Roberts is most famous for her defiant last stand during the Battle of Samar as part of Task Force 77.4.3, aka "Taffy 3", along with Gambier Bay and Johnston.
  • She was assigned to the Atlantic on the beginning of the war. After hitting a whale and receiving some damage, she was refitted, repainted and assigned to the Pacific.
  • Two ships have inherited her name, currently retired from service.
    • In 1946 the DD-823 a Destroyer of the Gearing-class was named in their honor.
    • In 1984 the FFG-58, a Guided Missile Frigate of the Oliver Hazard Perry-class was named in her honor.

References[edit | edit source]

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