The Reinforcement Expansion is a consumable item added in the August 10th 2015 update along with the Summer Event. It allows you to reinforce a ship to permanently add an additional utility equipment slot. For example, you can equip a reinforced ship with Damecons without compromising the equipment setup.

The reinforcement will remain after a remodel.

The Reinforcement Expansion item is available as event map rewards, some quest rewards, or through the Cash Shop for 500 DMM points.


  • Your Kanmusu must be at least Level 30 to install the Reinforcement Expansion.


To use the Reinforcement Expansion:

Reinforcement Expansion Select
  • Go into the equipment menu
  • Select the ship you wish to add a slot to
  • Mouse over roughly the bottom half of the character's portrait; you should see some words appearing there, click them
Reinforcement Expansion Confirm
  • Confirm with the left button (cancel with the right)
  • The additional slot is shown in the red circle.
  • The additional slot is carried over the remodel.
  • The additional slot with Emergency Repair Personnel.
  • The extra slot will appear over the portrait


This additional slot is limited to the following gear. Turbines do count towards the speed system buffs. High-angle guns can potentially interfere with Artillery Spotting.

Any ship:

Any non-DE ship:

Any ship able to equip anti-torpedo bulges in other slots:

  • Bulges (size depends on the ship type).

Agano-class, Yura Kai Ni, Suzuya (Kou) Kai Ni and Kumano (Kou) Kai Ni, Training Cruisers, Repair ships, Submarine Tenders:

Yamato Kai, Musashi Kai, Taihou, Ooyodo:

Fleet oilers:

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