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Message on DMM's site indicating that the game is under maintenance.

Here are listed updates from Kancolle game maintenance.

Latest Maintenance:  23rd February, 2015

Next Maintenance: 13th March, 2015

Future updates

13 March, 2015

  • Regarding the hishimochi:
    • Hishimochi will cease to drop
    • The hishimochi collecting quests will also end
    • Any hishimochi collected will remain in your inventory


Last update

23rd February 2015

[Girl's Day (also known as Doll's Day) has 2 names in Japanese: 桃の節句 (momo no sekku) and 雛祭り (hinamatsuri). For simplicity, both of those will be written as Hinamatsuri in the English below.]

  1. End of Winter 2015 Event
  2. Valentine's Day content is removed
    • Limited-time Valentine's Day themed voices are removed
    • Limited-time Valentine's Day themed CGs are removed
      • These will now appear in the ship album / library.
  3. New BGM
    • 【桃の節句と艦娘】"Hinamatsuri and the Shipgirls"
  4. Furniture
    • Added new furniture (Hinamatsuri-themed)
      • BGM Changers
        • 雛人形豪華四段飾り "Gorgeous four-stage doll decoration"
        • 「長門」「陸奥」の雛人形 "Nagato and Mutsu dolls"
        • 桃の節句の壁紙 "Hinamatsuri wallpaper" -new!
        • 桃の節句の窓 "Hinamatsuri window" -new!
        • These will change the homeport BGM to 【桃の節句と艦娘】"Hinamatsuri and the Shipgirls"
      • Returning Furniture
        • 春仕様の壁紙 "Spring type wallpaper"
        • ピンクコンクリ壁 "Pink concrete wall"
        • 龍の壁紙 "Dragon wallpaper"
        • 金剛の紅茶セット "Kongou's black tea set"
        • 布団と枕 "Futon and pillow"
        • 爽やかな窓 "Clear window"
        • 昔ながらのすりガラス "Old-fashioned frosted glass"
    • Updates to the 「鎮守府カウンターバー」"Anchorage Counter Bar"
      • Wine version
      • Juice version
  5. New consumable item: 【菱餅】"Hishimochi "
    • Can be obtained from world 3-3 and beyond
    • Can also be obtained from the latter half of world 1
    • Can be converted into various goods, including resources and "sweet flavours"
      • If you gather more of them, you might be able to get even better rewards
    • Skilled sentries can be obtained by gathering lots of hishimochis
  6. Updates to Skilled Lookouts
    • Visualisation of their effect
    • Slightly increases the trigger chance of special attacks in night battle
    • The effect will activate when the special attack activates for the shipgirl
  7. Bug fixes and other updates
    • Katori's banner had a bit of an issue, which has been fixed
    • Akashi's Improvement Arsenal's support shipgirl's (2nd ship in fleet when upgrading stuff) voice has had some issues, which has been fixed
  8. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal

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