• First ship of the second batch of Leander class CLs, she aid down on June '33 and launched 27th July '34, she would actually commission into the Royal Navy as HMS Amphion, serving for the next few years.
  • She would be sold to the RAN in 1939, joining her two sisters.
  • After a brief trip home she saw action in the Mediterranean and Middle East, including Cape Matapan.
  • She would be damaged during the Crete evacuation, requiring a trip back to Australia for repairs.
  • By the time repairs completed the Pacific War had started and she was detailed to join the ABDA fleet.
  • She would avoid damage at Java Sea, but was sunk in company with Houston at the Battle of Sunda Strait.
  • Like most others in the area, her wreck is largely gone due to salvaging.
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