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Content[edit | edit source]

New equipment

14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai
14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Card.png 14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Equipment.png 14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Full.png 14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Character.png
Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft
Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft 311 Card.png Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft 311 Equipment.png Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft 311 Full.png Type 2 Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft 311 Character.png

Equipment rewards[edit source]


Both New Equipment are scheduled to be implemented in the Winter 2019 Event.

New Equipment Type: Land-Based Reconnaissance Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Increased Equipment Stats[edit | edit source]

The following equipment stats were increased:

Bonus Effects for 14cm Twin Gun Mount Type Equipment14cm Twin Gun Mount 119 Card.png14cm Twin Gun Mount Kai 310 Card.png[edit | edit source]

Developer Tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


After tomorrow evening, the Monthly Operation Result Information for the 'October Operation' will be displayed under the Game Screen on the 'Information' section. Also, Top Ranker Admirals for the Monthly Operation will be receiving their Small Rewards by order after the Results are released. Through the distribution of the rewards, the Pre-Release New Equipment "Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft" will be implemented as well.



The New Equipment "Land-based Reconnaissance Aircraft" which will be implemented tomorrow's Ranking Operation Reward as a Pre-Release Content. This equipment had failed to succeed to become a Long-Ranged Fighter, but was officially rolled out as a Two-Motored Land-Based Reconnaissance Aircraft. It was remodeled in Rabaul, and had performed "In that Night Battle" during the Mainland Anti-Air Battle for Land Reconnaissance. Before its official release in the Winter Event, it will be Pre-Released tomorrow evening!



After tonight, the Monthly Ranking 'October' Operation will be displayed below the Kantai Collection Game Screen under 'Information'. Also, the small rewards for the Top Ranker Admirals will be distributed after posting the Ranking Information results. With the implementation of the New Equipment, a Small Live Update will be applied together without putting the Servers down!


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes

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