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Time until maintenance starts: Time until maintenance ends:

Maintenance start date and time: August 1st 2018 11:00
Expected maintenance end date and time: August 1st 2018 21:00
Actual maintenance end date and time: August 1st 2018 21:00

Content[edit | edit source]

CGs & Voicelines[edit | edit source]

  • AsashioAsashio Kai
    Asashio Kai Ni
    Asashio Kai Ni D
    has received her Hourly Notification Voicelines.
    • Only starting from the 1st Remodel and above.
  • Some of Yuudachi Kai NiYuudachi Kai Ni's voicelines are renewed.

Server Transfers[edit | edit source]

  • Players who had applied for the Server Transfer to Yokosuka, Kure, Maizuru, Sasebo, Oominato, Rabaul, Truk or Ringa have gone through the Server Transfer Lottery, and the Winners have been transferred.

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • The possible maximum ship/equipment slots values have been increased to 380 Ship Slots and 1620 Equipment Slots.
  • The maximum Fleet Preset Slots available for purchase has been increased to 13 Slots.

New Quests[edit | edit source]

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
B122 精鋭「四戦隊」第二小隊、抜錨せよ!
Elite "CruDiv 4", 2nd Platoon, Set Sail!
Sortie a Fleet with Choukai Kai NiChoukai Kai Ni, Maya Kai NiMaya Kai Ni and 4 additional ships to world 1-4, 2-3, 3-3, 4-5 and obtain S-rank? victories at the boss nodes. 400 / 400 / 0 / 400 'Maya's Shield' Wall Scroll
and choice between
12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 091 Card.png12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model)12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model) 091 Card.png x2
Instant repair 2.png ×8
Medal.png x1
Requires: B13, Others?
C22 夏季大演習
Large-scale Summer Exercise
Get 8 victories in Exercises within the same day 0 / 300 / 0 / 1000 Food supply ship mamiya.png"Mamiya"×1
Present box.png"Present Box"×1
Requires: ??
C23 朝潮型集合!特訓始め!
Asashio-class, Assemble! Commence Special Training!
Form a Fleet including at least 4 or more Asashio ClassAsashio
and achieve 4 Exercise victiories within the same day.
300 / 0 / 300 / 0 Instant repair 2.png x3
and choice between
Development material.png x4
Type 3 Depth Charge Projector 045 Card.pngType 3 Depth Charge ProjectorType 3 Depth Charge Projector 045 Card.png x1
Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy x1
Requires: Bd3??
F78 駆逐艦主砲兵装の戦時改修【II】
Destroyer Main Battery Wartime Modification (II)
Have Shigure Kai NiShigure Kai Ni or Yuudachi Kai NiYuudachi Kai Ni as secretary ship with a ★max 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 212.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 2 063 Card.png equipped in her first slot. Scrap five 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount 003 Card.png and one Type 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire DirectorType 94 Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 121 Card.png. 0 / 220 / 0 / 0 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 4 (Wartime Modification) + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 296 Card.png12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 4 (Wartime Modification) + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model B Kai 4 (Wartime Modification) + Anti-Aircraft Fire Director 296 Card.png X 1 Requires: ??

Developer tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


Currently KanColle Development Team is preparing for this Summer's Phase 2 (HTML5 Transition) Block-1 implementation/update. Prior to it, we will be going through the Lottery in order to choose the winners from the many applicants who wishes to move servers into Yokosuka, Kure, Maizuru, and Sasebo Naval Bases, and will confirm the integrity of the respective Data and will go into the pre-process of the Server Transfer.



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for July 25 (Wed). Said maintenance is part of advance preparations for the upcoming KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5 transition) [Block-1]. Furthermore, admirals whose server transfer applications for "Yokosuka", "Kure", Maizuru", "Sasebo" i.e. the four naval bases have been accepted will be transferred to the corresponding servers.

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスは、【7/25(水)】に実施予定です。同メンテナンスは、「艦これ」第二期( HTML5化)【Block-1】投入の事前準備の一環です。また、「横鎮」「呉鎮」「舞鎮」「佐鎮」四鎮守府への異動願いを受理された提督の抽選転任の実施を行う予定です。


The Maintenance originally scheduled for next week Wednesday July 25th along with the Server Transfer into the Four Naval Bases of Yokosuka, Kure, Maizuru, and Sasebo (If selected via Lottery) will unfortunately be delayed to August 1st Wednesday due to the influence of the Rabaul Server's Technical Difficulties and its needed Recovery. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope for your understanding.



As disclosed previously, the next KanColle Server Maintenance Scheduled Date has been delayed to next week Wednesday August 1st. From this Maintenance, the Server Transfer of the Winning Admirals from the Lottery will be applied for the Four Main Naval Base Servers along with other Servers as well. We also plan for the Asashio-class Destroyer 1st Ship, 'Asashio' to receive her Hourly Notification Lines (For Kai and above). Please look forward to it a bit!



The KanColle development team is currently preparing for the upcoming server maintenance & update. It is slated for next week on August 1 (Wed). During said maintenance we're going to start working on the server transfers and, since you have been eagerly awaiting them, once again implement the Swimsuit CGs and Summer voice lines! It's not much, but look forward to them!



Tomorrow, on August 1st, we are going to perform a KanColle server update & maintenance. It will start at 11:00 and is planned to end at 21:00 on the same day. During said maintenance the first bulk of several thousand players who applied for a server transfer (and won the lottery) will be moved to their desired destination!



During the KanColle Maintenance & Updates taking place tomorrow on August 1st Wednesday, alongside the Server Transfer via Lottery, the maximum capacity of available Naval Base Space (Ship Girls/Equipment) will be expanded, and the maximum available Fleet Preset Slots Capacity will be expanded by +1 Slot, also Asashio (Kai or higher remodel) will be receiving her Hourly Notification Voicelines, and the Ship Girls will be receiving their Summer Seasonal Voicelines as well!



Good morning Admirals, it is now 0930 (9:30am JST)
Today is Wednesday. Today is the start of August! Today, Kancolle shall be commencing maintenance and updates in all running servers. Today we will do our very best!



Today from 11am onwards, Kancolle will commence maintenance and upgrades. It is estimated to be completed by 9:00pm. Admirals who have their [Kancolle] browsers opened before the maintenance, please finish up and close it before the maintenance starts. Today will be big maintenance with many changes so let’s all do our work things out!



Maintenance current status: All running servers maintenance have started.
All Kancolle servers have begun maintenance and updates operation. Estimated time of completion is 9:00pm. We’ll update the maintenance progress as they time goes on and we’re working hard on it.



Maintenance status: Maintenance in progress.
All Kancolle servers are currently under maintenance. Today’s update will focus on the first batch of server transfer through a lottery system. The first batch of admirals who participated in the lottery for server transfer will be prioritised… (to be continued)



Today’s first batch of server transfers will be implemented and transferred to the admiral’s most desired servers which are:
Yokosuka Naval District
Kure Naval District
Sasebo Naval District
Maizuru Naval District
Oominato Guard District
Furthermore, if there’s more server space… (to be continued)



4 other naval district servers and guard district servers included are,
Truk Anchorage
Lingga Anchorage
Rabaul Naval Base
These 3 large servers will be included in the server transfer lottery.
※The preparation of moving thousands of Admirals to the servers mentioned above are currently in process
※In case of any technical difficulties, the transfer might get postponed

四鎮守府サーバ群及び一警備府サーバ群の他に、 「トラック泊地サーバ」 「リンガ泊地サーバ」 「ラバウル基地サーバ」 の大型三拠点サーバ群への転属希望も、抽選実施を予定しています。 ※上記サーバ群のみでも数万規模となる提督の転属実施を準備中です。 ※事故発生の場合等は順延します


Maintenance status: Maintenance in progress.
All Kancolle servers are currently under maintenance. We are currently transitioning to the middle sequence of our work schedule. Today’s update also includes, Asashio Kai and Asashio Kai Ni’s hourly lines. It’s not much but please look forward to it!



Today [8/1 (Wed)], the main theme song for Kancolle the Movie “Kikan” will be made available in JOYSOUND with the help of Kancolle’s Admins who prepared the movie for launch. In conjunction with JOYSOUND Worldwide, karaoke bars will feature the new song. Sing it after work or during a drinking party/mixers, etc. and enjoy the video while singing it. Please enjoy it!

本日【8/1(水)】より「艦これ 劇場版」の主題歌「帰還」の【JOYSOUND】さん&「艦これ」運営鎮守府が一生懸命準備した映像が、全国のJOYSOUND対応のカラオケ屋さんに順次実装されていきます。お仕事終わり&飲み会などでぜひ歌って、そして同映像を観てくださいね。こちらも、よろしくどうぞ!


Maintenance status: Maintenance in progress.
All Kancolle servers are currently under maintenance. We are now moving forward to our next sequence planned in the schedule. Today’s update also includes… yet another, new summer CGs and Kanmusu Swimsuit mode! Some Kanmusu’s Yukata mode will be available!



Maintenance status: Maintenance in progress.
All Kancolle servers are currently under maintenance. We are now moving towards the second half of the sequence planned in the schedule. Today’s update includes the implementation of the increase in maximum amount of purchasable fleet port expansion by an addition of 10 slots and 40 equipment slots as well as the increase of maximum purchasable fleet presets by 1 slot.



Maintenance status: Maintenance in progress.
All Kancolle servers are currently under maintenance. We are now at the final sequence of our planned maintenance schedule. After this, if there are no major issues are present, we will be releasing patch notes in regards to the maintenance in about 20:20 or so.


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


We will now outline the contents of today August 1st Wednesday Maintenance and Updates. 01▼ Beginning of【Server Transfer(1st Round)】 From the previously received Server Transfer Applications, we have transferred Players to the Server they have applied to move into via a Lottery. ※The Server Transfer is done via a Lottery. ※We will announce a Notice of Dismissal regarding the Server Transfers.

本日【8/1(水)】実施全サーバ群共通メンテナンスに伴うアップデート情報を、お知らせしてまいります。 01▼【サーバ間転属(第一弾)】の実施 先に希望を募った「異動願い」により、抽選でサーバ間転属を実施しました。 ※転属実施は抽選です。 ※転属実施をもって辞令発表とさせて頂きます。


02▼ The Servers which had Server Transfer applied are the following Servers of 4 Naval Bases, 1 Guard District, and 3 Large Bases as listed below.
Yokosuka Naval District
Kure Naval District
Sasebo Naval District
Maizuru Naval District
Oominato Guard District
Truk Anchorage
Lingga Anchorage
Rabaul Naval Base

02▼転属先サーバ群 本日抽選実施した転属先は、以下の四鎮守府、一警備府及び大型三拠点サーバ群です。 「横須賀鎮守府サーバ」 「呉鎮守府サーバ」 「佐世保鎮守府サーバ」 「舞鶴鎮守府サーバ」 「大湊警備府サーバ」 「トラック泊地サーバ」 「リンガ泊地サーバ」 「ラバウル基地サーバ」


03▼ Port Expansion Maximum Limitation Increase The Fleet Port Expansion's Possible Limitation has been increased by another [+10 Ships & +40 Equipment]. Due to this expansion, the maximum possible number of Ship Girls you can hold has increased from the current 370 to 380 Ships.

  • If you expand your Fleet Port, the Equipment Slots' maximum limitation will increase by [+40] automatically.

03▼【母港最大拡張枠】の拡張 艦隊「母港最大拡張」枠の拡大【+10隻&+40装備運用可能】を実施します。 同拡張により「艦娘」の最大運用隻数は、現在の370隻から最大【380隻】に拡張されます。 ※母港拡張を実施すると、「装備」運用枠は自動的に【+40枠】拡張されます。


04▼ Yamakaze's Swimsuit Mode Limited-time Content, Start! The Ship Girls' Swimsuit Mode has come once again during this Hot Summer this year. First above, this Summer will feature the Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer 'Yamakaze' in Summer Heat Protection Gear! We hope the best for the Ship Girls this Summer... as well!

04▼「山風」に【水着mode】を期間限定実装開始! 今年も暑い夏、艦娘【水着mode】の季節がやってまいりました。まず、この夏は白露型駆逐艦「山風」が一番手で夏季防暑艤装で出撃開始します!この夏も「艦娘」たちを、引き続きどうぞよろしく…お願い致します!


05▼ Ship Girls [Summer Climax Voiceline] Limited-time Content Start! We will be implementing the Ship Girls' Summer Voicelines Content this Summer once again. Alongside the previously existing Voicelines, Jervis, Ark Royal, Gambier Bay, Samuel B. Roberts, Hiburi, Daitou, along with Asashio, Ooshio, Arashio, Michishio will also receive New Limited-time Voicelines!

05▼艦娘【夏真っ盛りボイス】等の期間限定実装開始! 今季も艦娘「夏ボイス」群の実装を開始します。従来の同ボイス群に加え、「Jervis」「ArkRoyal」「Gambier Bay」「Samuel B.Roberts」「日振」「大東」等はもちろん、「朝潮」「大潮」「荒潮」「満潮」等の新規限定ボイスも実装されます!


06▼ New Furniture Implementation & Furniture Shop Product Availability Update 1/2 The Product Availaiblity in the Furniture Shop has been updated, and New/Old Summer Seasonal Furniture will be implemented.

  • Blue & White Floor
  • Wavefront Beach Floor
  • Blue & White Wall
  • Summer Artisan’s Wooden Wall
  • The Mysterious Summer Operation Map (※BGM 'Ship Girls in the Beach' included) [NEW!]
※Furniture Fairy is available to obtain from Quests as well.

06▼新家具の実装と【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 1/2 家具屋さんのお品書きを更新、新旧【夏】季節家具を実装します。 ・青と白の床 ・波打ち際の砂浜床 ・青と白の壁 ・夏の職人木製壁 ・謎の夏作戦地図(※BGM「浜辺の艦娘」付) new! ※「特注家具職人」は任務で獲得することも可能です。


07▼ New Furniture Implementation & Furniture Shop Product Availability Update 2/2

  • Naval District Summertime Window
  • Large Ikebana Arrangement (NEW!)
  • Beach teahouse window
  • Window with Blue & White Blinds
  • Resort set
  • Resort Hammock
  • 'Maya's Shield' Wall Scroll (※BGM 'Friend Fleet! Begin Counterattack' Included) (NEW!) - This Furniture can be obtained from a New Quest.

07▼新家具の実装と【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 2/2 ・鎮守府夏時間の窓 ・大型生花アレンジメント new! ・浜茶屋の窓、・青と白のブラインド窓 ・リゾートセット ・リゾートハンモック ・「摩耶の盾」掛け軸(※BGM「反撃開始!友軍艦隊」付) new! は、後述の【新任務】で獲得できます。


08▼ [Fleet Preset Maximum Limitation] Expansion The Fleet Preset System which allows you to Register/Release a Fleet Composition will have its maximum limitation expanded by [+1] Slot. It will be increased from the currently available 12 maximum slots into 13 Preset Fleet Slots. ※ The Fleet Preset System's Expansion is not mandatory to have. Please purchase based on your needs.

08▼【編成記録拡張枠】の拡張 艦隊編成を記録/展開できる「編成記録枠」の最大枠数を【+1枠】拡張します。現在の最大12編成から最大【13編成】の艦隊編成がプリセット運用可能になります。※同編成記録/展開枠の拡張は必ず必要な機能ではありません。必要に応じて、検討頂けますと幸いです。


09▼ Implementation of Asashio's [Hourly Notification Voiceline] Contents. The Asashio-class Destroyer Asashio 'Kai', 'Kai Ni', 'Kai Ni D' will be receiving Brand New [Hourly Notification] Voicelines. Also, Asashio 'Kai Ni' and 'Kai Ni D' will have exclusive Partial New Voicelines implemented as well. We hope the best for Asashio-class' World, and the Asashio-class Destroyers Sister Ships as well!

09▼「朝潮」に【時報ボイス】を新規実装 朝潮型駆逐艦「朝潮改」及び「朝潮改二」「朝潮改二丁」に、新たに【時報ボイス】を実装します。また、「朝潮改二」及び同「改二丁」専用ボイスも一部新規実装します。朝潮型の世界、朝潮型駆逐艦各姉妹艦も、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


10▼ Implementation of Yūdachi K2 voice lines as well as Murasame K2 & Shiratsuyu K2 summer voice lines Yūdachi K2 received new voice lines in addition to the hourly voice lines we introduced previously. Furthermore, Murasame K2 and Shiratsuyu K2 have received time-limited summer voice lines. Have fun with them!

10▼「夕立改二」ボイス及び「村雨改二」「白露改二」今夏限定ボイス実装 先に実装した「夕立改二」に【時報ボイス】に加えて、「夕立改二」専用ボイスも一部新規実装します。また、この夏限定の「村雨改二」「白露改二」専用ボイスも期間限定実装しました。こちらも、よろしくどうぞ!


11▼ This summer the girls are once again wearing swimsuits for a limited time! Now including Makigumo! It's midsummer, boys! Time to go all out and start it off with the ship girls' Swimsuit Mode! Also, starting this summer Yūgumo-class destroyer #2, Makigumo, joins in on the fun! Now take good care of the crème de la crème of destroyers that are the Type-A Destroyers!

11▼今夏も艦娘【水着mode】期間限定実装開始!「巻雲」にも新規実装! もうホントに夏真っ盛り!今夏も一気に艦娘【水着mode】実装開始です! そして、今夏から夕雲型二番艦「巻雲」にも【水着mode】投入!この夏も引き続き、主力オブ主力な甲型駆逐艦をどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


12▼ Takanami is also getting a swimsuit! We also adding some Yukata CGs ahead of time! The crème de la crème of destroyers that is the Yūgumo-class joins summer swimsuit fun with not just Makigumo, but also Takanami... maybe! But seeing the girls in yukatas on summer or fireworks festival is also nice... With that said, some ship girls are receiving their Yukata Mode CGs ahead of time! And don't forget to make good use of your seasonal furniture to get into your own personal summer mood!

12▼艦娘【水着mode】は「高波」にも!【浴衣mode】一部先行実装開始! 主力オブ主力な夕雲型、この夏の水着の二の矢は「高波」かも…です!そして、夏祭りや花火の浴衣姿もいいものかも…。という訳で、一部艦娘は【浴衣mode】先行実装開始!季節家具なども駆使しつつ、提督それぞれの夏を!


13▼ Implemenation of Mizuho's Swimsuit Mode Seaplane Tender Mizuho, who has shown many results in situations that aren't quite related to pure surface combat, has finally received her Swimsuit Mode this summer. Her peculiar life buoys are also nice! Of course, make sure she doesn't get damaged. You may or may not see something that is not of this world...

13▼「瑞穂」に【水着mode】を今夏実装開始! 水上機母艦「瑞穂」。水上戦闘とは若干違うところで数多の記録を作ってきた彼女が、今夏遂に【水着mode】を実装開始です!特注の浮輪もいい感じ!もちろん、ダメージは避けたいところ。この世界の何かが垣間見えるような、そうでもないような…。


14▼ Quest Girl, Item Shop Girl etc. are also joining the Summer Mode fun! This summer the Quest Girl, Item Shop Girl, Mamiya and Irako have also switched to Summer Mode! Take good care of them! We've also implemented several new missions!

14▼「任務娘」や「アイテム屋さん」も【夏】modeに! 今夏も「任務娘」や「アイテム屋さん」、そして「間宮」や「伊良湖」も【夏】modeに移行です。彼女たちも、この夏よろしくお願い致します! そして、今夏もいくつか…【新任務】を実装します!


15▼ Implementation of new missions The following new missions have been added.

  • Elite "CruDiv 4", 2nd Platoon, Set Sail!
  • Destroyer Main Battery Wartime Modification (II)
  • Large-scale Summer Exercise
  • Asashio-class, Assemble! Commence Special Training!
    • Each mission requires fulfilling certain conditions in order to unlock it.

15▼【新装備】の実装 下記の【新任務】を実装します。 ●精鋭「四戦隊」第二小隊、抜錨せよ! ●駆逐艦主砲兵装の戦時改修【II】 ●夏季大演習 ●朝潮型集合!特訓始め! ※各任務の受諾には、それぞれ受託条件の達成が必要です。


16▼ Supplement regarding the new missions ※ "Large-scale Summer Exercise" replaces "Large-scale Spring Exercise", which is no longer available. ※ If you clear the mission "Elite CruDiv 4, 2nd Platoon, Set Sail!" that was added today, you'll receive the new furniture item "'Maya's Shield' Wall Scroll" (※ Includes new BGM "Commence Counterattack! Allied Fleet")

16▼【新任務】の補足 ※「夏季大演習」任務が受託可能となり、「春季大演習」は今期終了です。 ※本日実装の新任務「精鋭「四戦隊」第二小隊、抜錨せよ!」任務を見事達成することで、新任務家具【「摩耶の盾」掛け軸】(※BGM「反撃開始!友軍艦隊」付)が授与されます!


17▼ Implementation of Swimsuit Mode for Kasumi K2 as well as Kasumi K2B The remodelled Asashio-class destroyer Kasumi K2(B) is joining the swimsuit fun this summer! Furthermore, she's also received corresponding voice lines! Now have fun with KanColle and your girls this summer!

17▼「霞改二」及び「霞改二乙」に【水着mode】等を実装開始! 改装朝潮型駆逐艦「霞改二(含む霞改二乙)」。彼女に今夏【水着mode】を新規実装開始です!また、同関連ボイスもフル収録で新規実装です! この夏も「艦これ」と「艦娘」を、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post-maintenance tweets


本日実施の「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデート、作業完了致しました!メンテナンス完了直後は、接続が集中します。少しだけ時間をおいて、余裕を持ってご接続頂けますと幸いです。 提督の皆さん、お待たせしました!

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