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Time until maintenance starts: Time until maintenance ends:

Maintenance start date and time: August 15th 2018 11:55
Expected maintenance end date and time: August 17th 2018 19:55
Actual maintenance end date and time: August 17th 2018 19:55

Content[edit | edit source]

SuzutsukiSuzutsuki Summer Seasonal CG[edit | edit source]

New Equipment: 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model A12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model A 297 Card.png[edit | edit source]

  • A New Main Gun Equipment 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model A12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model A 297 Card.png has been implemented.
    • They are available to obtain from Type 1 Special-Type Destroyers (Ex. Fubuki-class Destroyers)
    • The Equipment isn't particularly special.

Several Equipment Renames[edit | edit source]

Stock Equipment Renewal[edit | edit source]

  • Certain Ships' Stock Equipment upon Remodel have been readjusted to have different Equipment instead of their previous Stock Equipment.

Phase 2 based New Game Opening Voicelines[edit | edit source]

  • New/Renewed Voicelines have been included to be heard during the Opening of the Game.
    • The Voiceline Play Timing has been adjusted to play at a bit more later moment.

HQ EXP Cap Raise[edit | edit source]

  • The total HQ EXP cap has been increased.
    • The HQ Level cap still remains at 120.

Ship Girls Maximum Level Cap Raise[edit | edit source]

  • Ship Girls are now available to be raised to the new Level Cap of 175.

New World: Southwestern Seas World7icon.png[edit | edit source]

  • New World 7 of Southwestern Seas (南西海域) has been implemented.
    • So far only the World 7-1 is available to play.
      • This Map requires use of a Small Number of Ships consisting of Small Ships such as Destroyers and Coastal Defense Ships for an Anti-Submarine Operation.
    • World 7 is located In-between World 3 and 4 Icons.

World Maps Renewal[edit | edit source]

  • Majority of Pre-existing World Maps have been all renewed to a completely new Maps.
    • World 1-6, 3-5, and the entire World 6 remains the same as in Phase 1.
    • Ship EXP obtainable from nodes in all maps have been adjusted per Node similar to World 6 and in Events, and therefore the EXP obtainable in a certain Node and in certain Maps will all vary depending on location and Enemy Patterns.
    • All Renewed Maps includes certain Branching Rules to let the Player reach the Boss Node easier.

Changes Applied from Phase 1[edit | edit source]

  1. The Game Platform has changed from the previous Flash platform into the New HTML5 Platform.
  2. All ship girls in your Fleet has been carried over.
  3. All Equipment in your Fleet has been carried over.
    • Certain pieces of equipment have received new Graphics and a Rename.
    • All Improvements and Aircraft Proficiency already applied has been carried over.
    • All Players have received 20+ Additional Equipment Storage Capacity Slots.
      • This will apply to Newly joining Players as well.
  4. All your ship slots and dock expansions have been carried over.
  5. All items in the player's Inventory have been carried over.
  6. The Game Screen Size has been increased by 50% both Vertically and Horizontally, into 1200 x 720 pixels resolution, more than twice previous Game Screen Size.

New Homeport UI and Interface[edit | edit source]

  • There are now 5 Home Port Interfaces available to choose from to the Player' liking.
    • They are available on the Options Section on Bottom Right of the Game Screen, where the Volume Control is also located.
    • There are more expansions and improvements of this option planned for release in the future.
  • NOTE: Please be advised this function is not available on KanColle Android at this time.
Type 1 Interface
Type 1 Kai Interface Type 2 Interface
Type 1 Interface (Classic).png Type 1 Kai Interface.png Type 2 Interface.png
Original Interface from Phase 1 Same Interface as Phase 1, but will now show your current stock of Improvement MaterialScrews and Total Equipment in Possession. Metallic Interface. Same Function as Type 1 Kai Interface.
Type 3 Interface Type 3 Kai Interface
Type 3 Interface.png Type 3 Kai Interface.png
White Interface. Same Function as Type 1 Kai and Type 2 Interface Type 3 Interface in English Language.

New Ship Sort/Organization UI[edit | edit source]

  • A New Tab-based Ship Sort/Organization UI has been implemented.
    • You may now exempt certain Ship Types from appearing on your Ship List by enabling/disabling the Tab of the Ship Type.
    • The Button to take out a Ship from your Current Fleet has been moved to Bottom Right of the Ship Lists.
    • Pressing the Red Button on the Left Top Part of the Ship List will enable the Tabs to be shown in English Specifications.
      • The Red Button will turn into Blue in this case, and pressing it again while it is Blue will turn it back to Red and have the Tabs be shown in Japanese Specifications.

New Minimum System Requirement Recommendation for Windows and Mac OS[edit | edit source]

  • Starting from Phase 2, the minimum is recommended to run KanColle in each respective Computer OS environment:
    • Windows Users
      • [Windows 8 or Higher] Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Edge
    • Mac OS Users
      • [Mac OSX 10.11 or Higher] Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Safari 11 or Higher
  • You will still be able to play in other environments, but following the minimum recommended System Requirement is recommended to play the game smoothly in the HTML5-running Browsers.

Regarding KanColle Android in Phase 2[edit | edit source]

  • KanColle Android will still be in sync with the Game in Phase 2.
  • You will still be able to Setup Fleets and send them to Sorties and Expeditions like normal.
  • However the New UI/Interfaces available as part of the Phase 2 Update on Browser Version will not be available to use on Android at this time.

Server Transfer[edit | edit source]

  • A 2nd Round of Server Transfer has been applied for the remaining 12 Servers via Lottery.

See Also[edit | edit source]

Developer tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


Currently KanColle Development Team is under preparation for the conversion into KanColle 'Phase 2 (HTML5 Ver.)' [Block-1], which will be the most basic version. After the transition into [HTML5], majority of the currently existing KanColle Game System will be included, and Pre-Release of New Game Mechanics will partially be included as well. ※Phase 2 will have New Mechanics implemented Step-by-Step as we go into each [Block] respectively!

現在「艦これ」運営鎮守府で換装投入準備を進めている「艦これ」第二期(HTML5化)【Block-1】は、最も基本的なバージョンです。【HTML5】移行及び「艦これ」の現機能をほぼ全搭載、さらに新機能も一部先行実装予定です。 ※第二期は各【Block】投入時に、段階的に新機能を実装してまいります!


In the KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1],
1. All Ship Girls in your Fleet will be inherited.
2. All Equipment in your Fleet are "planned to be inherited".
3. All respective Operation Ocean Areas will be going through a partial update, and will be newly implemented.
4. In conjunction of the Three Implementations listed above, the Opening Situation for each respective Operation Ocean Area Districts will have all Maps after the 2nd Operation Ocean Area in each respective districts will go through initialization.

今夏投入「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】では 1.艦隊の【艦娘】達を「全て引き継ぎ」ます。 2.艦隊の【装備】群を「引き継ぎ予定」です。 3.各【作戦海域】は「一部更新/新規実装予定」です。 4.各【作戦海域方面】開放状況は、上記3実装に伴い、「各第二作戦海域以降は初期化予定」です。


In the KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1] being implemented this Summer,
5. Your Expansions of the Naval Base Slots and the Dock will all be Inherited.
6. All Items in your possession will be inherited.
The Limited-time Operational Area 'Late Summer' Event which is scheduled to start in Late August this month will take place after the implementation of [Block-1] and stabilization of the contents. Please be advised.

今夏投入「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】では 5.【母港】及び【ドック】拡張状況等は「全て引き継ぎ」ます。 6.【アイテム】保有状態は「全て引き継ぎ」ます。 今月下旬以降開始予定【晩夏イベ】:期間限定海域は、【Block-1】投入/安定後に開催予定です。予めご留意頂けますと幸いです。


We will outline additional information regarding the previously disclosed information about #2: Equipment, which will be implemented in the KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1] during this Summer.
ㆍ We will not be deleting any Equipment you have in possession previously.
ㆍ Certain Equipments' Graphics may receive a revision update.
ㆍ When we implement [Block-1], if possible we may be expanding the Equipment Possession Slots Capacity (It will be FREE).

今夏投入「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】、前述2【装備】の補足です。 ・既存の【装備】がなくなることは予定していません。 ・一部の【装備】グラフィック等が更新される可能性があります。 ・【Block-1】投入時に、可能であれば【装備保有枠】を拡張する可能性があります(無償です)。


The KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1] Implementation timing is scheduled for Early August this month, but depending on the situation for Transition Preparation, if it feels unsafe to proceed, we may delay the implementation date. Admirals, we are very sorry for the inconvenience that may come, but we hope for your understanding. We will do our best to prepare for the release!



In the previous KanColle server maintenance & update we increased port slot maximum (+10 ships / +40 pieces of equipment) as well as fleet preset maximum (+1 slot). Admirals who're using more and more ship girls as well as fleet presets may want to keep this in mind. Said expansions will of course all carry over into Phase 2.



The KanColle development is diligently working on KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5 transition) Block-1. All your ship girls as well as equipment (artworks/descriptions/etc. of certain pieces will be updated. Keep this in mind.) will be carried over to Phase 2. Furthermore, Any equipment improvements as well as aircraft proficiency levels will also be carried over in their entirety.



Even today, the KanColle Development Team is preparing for the release of the KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5 Ver.) [Block-1]. KanColle Phase 2 will be going through transition into HTML5. It will become possible to operate in a HTML5 Running Windows PC and Mac OS environment.

本日も「艦これ」運営鎮守府は朝から「艦これ」第二期(HTML5化)【Block-1】の実装準備を進めています。「艦これ」第二期は【HTML5】に換装致します。 【HTML5】が動作する【Windows】PC環境等、そして同【Mac OS】環境での動作も可能となる予定です。


The Large-Scale Maintenance & Update for the transition of KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5 Ver.) [Block-1] is expected to take place in the Middle of Next Week. We will outline further information regarding this. ※Depending on the situation, with safety as priority, we may change the Maintenance Schedule. We hope for your understanding.



The next KanColle Maintenance will take place next Wednesday August 15th, from 11:55 AM. During this Large-scale Maintenance, the following will be applied:

  • Backup of All Database
  • Server Transfer 2nd Round (Transfer applied towards remaining 12 Servers)
  • Implementation of High-Definition Resolution Assets of all Ship Girls
  • Phase 2 (HTML5 Ver.) [Block-1] Transition.

「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、【8/15(水) AM11:55】よりメンテナンス&アップデートを実施させて頂く予定です。同大規模メンテでは ●DBのフルバックアップ ●転属第ニ弾(12サーバ群への異動)実施 ●「艦娘」高解像度化アセットの投入 ●第二期(HTML5化)【Block-1】への換装 を実施予定です。


The upcoming KanColle server maintenance will be the largest maintenance in the history of KanColle. We'll strive to put safety first. It'll start on August 15th at 11:55 AM, and the transition to Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 is planned to be completed on August 17th at 18:00. We're terribly sorry... (To-Be-Continued)

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスは、「艦これ」史上最大規模となるメンテナンス&アップデートです。安全第一での作業に努めます。同開始予定は【8/15(水) AM11:55】、第二期(HTML5化)【Block-1】への換装完了は【8/17(金) 18:00】を予定しています。大変恐縮です…(続きます)


We are extremely sorry, but we hope for all Admirals' cooperation for this Large-Scale Maintenance & Updates. We are very sorry that it took us this long for the implementation to come. We will proceed with the Maintenance Work with safety as top priority. Admirals, we hope you for the best for the KanColle and the Ship Girls heading into Phase Two.



The KanColle development team is diligently working on preparations for the KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 transition. The upcoming large-scale maintenance & update, the majority of which consisting of said transition, will start tomorrow (August 15th) at 11:55 AM. It'll take a long time and, as already mentioned, be large-scale. We're terribly sorry for that and appreciate your understanding.

「艦これ」運営鎮守府は、「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】への換装準備を鋭意進めています。同換装を主軸とした大規模メンテナンス&アップデートは、明日【8/15(水) AM11:55】より開始予定です。本メンテは長時間&大規模です。提督の皆さん、大変恐縮です、何卒よろしくお願い致します!


The KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5 Ver.) [Block-1] will have KanColle convert from the current Flash platform into the new HTML5 platform. [Block-1] will be the most basic version, where the majority of the currently existing KanColle Game Mechanism will be inherited/included (The Design will mostly stay the same as well). However the Database Structure will be remodeled... (To-Be-Continued)



For KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 we are going to modify the game's database structure and rearrange the contents that have been added to it one after another, and modernise the ship girl sorting system (we know it's not much). The sort order will be different to what it has been like so far. Please bear this in mind. Furthermore... (TBC)



For KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 we are also going to increase the game window resolution. The window size will increase by 50% both horizontally and vertically, which means the new window surface will be more than double its original size. This upgrade should provide admirals with an even clearer image of their ship girls.



The next KanColle Server Maintenance will start tomorrow Wednesday August 15th from 11:55 AM, and the end date is slated to be Friday, August 17th at 18:00. Through this Maintenance, the Game will be remodeled into the Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1]. Admirals, it will be a very long Maintenance, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We hope for your cooperation.

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスは、明日【8/15(水) AM11:55】より開始、同作業完了は【8/17(金) 18:00】を予定しています。同メンテによって、第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】への換装を実施致します。提督の皆さん、長時間&大規模メンテとなり大変恐縮です。ご協力何卒お願い致します。


The KanColle server maintenance is going to start today at 11:55. It'll be a large-scale maintance and take a long time. Estimated time of completion is August 17th, 18:00. The update during said large-scale maintenance includes the transition to KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1.

「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、本日【11:55】よりメンテナンスに入ります。同メンテナンスは、長時間&大規模メンテナンスです。同作業完了は、【8/17(金) 18:00】を予定しています。本大規模メンテに伴うアップデートによって、「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】への換装を実施予定です。

  1. 艦これ


「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、この後【11:55】より長時間&大規模メンテナンスに入ります。 提督の皆さん、「艦これ」第一期、五年間、ありがとうございました! 心より、感謝申し上げます!


「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、長時間&大規模メンテナンスに突入しました。同作業完了は【8/17(金) 18:00】を予定しています。本メンテに伴うアップデートによって、「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】への換装を実施予定です。艦娘たち、そして提督の皆さん、第一期本当にお疲れさまでした!


Through the currently running KanColle Servers' Long Term Large Scale Maintenance, we have completed the 2nd Round of Server Transfers, and have gone into the Middle Sequence of the Maintenance. So far we are progressing very smoothly. If all tasks are completed as scheduled, all Servers will be re-opened up tomorrow Friday August 17th at 18:00. We will do our best to proceed with safety as top priority.

「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群長時間&大規模メンテナンスは、12サーバ群への転属第二弾実施も完了し、中盤のシークエンスに入りました。これまでの作業は順調に進捗しています。予定通り作業が完了すれば、明日【8/17(金) 18:00】に各サーバ群の再開放を実施予定です。安全第一で作業に努めます。


The large-scale and super-long KanColle server maintenance is still going on, but summer is not over yet! With that said, once the maintenance is over, we're going to add one more Swimsuit CG to celebrate the transition to Phase 2 (HTML5) Block1! It's almost the season of delicious pumpkins... It's not much, but look forward to it!



マルマルフタマル。提督の皆さん、お疲れさまです。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は長時間&大規模メンテナンスを実施中です。現在作業は、後半のシークエンスに移行しつつあります。これまでのところ、作業は予定通り進捗しています。引き続き安全第一で、作業を進めてまいります!


現在実施中の「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群長時間&大規模メンテナンスの完了を以て、私達「艦これ」は第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】への換装を敢行致します。 本【Block-1】は、第二期(HTML5)の最も基本的な初期バージョンです。同換装作業完了は、現時点では本日【18:00】を予定しています。


The long term large scale Maintenance for the transition into KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1] has just completed the update of all servers' respective Fleets' Ship Girls Database, and have reached its final sequence. The Data Update is safely reaching completion.



All running KanColle Servers' Long-Term Large Scale Maintenance is in its Final Sequence while confirming each respective Contents, with opening the Servers as its goal. However certain Servers are currently experiencing delays and we have currently gone into the process of repair. All Server Opening Time is rescheduled to be at 19:55. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. We will try to finish the tasks as soon as possible.



The KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1] will be available to play on HTML5-Running Browsers of the following: ▼Windows PC 【Windows 8 or Higher 】Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Edge ▼Mac OS PC 【Mac OSX 10.11 or Higher】 Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Safari 11 or Higher

「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】は、HTML5が稼働する下記ブラウザ環境で動作可能です。 ▼Windows環境 【Windows 8以降】Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Microsoft Edge ▼Mac OS環境 【Mac OSX 10.11以降】Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Safari11以上


The HTML5-Running Browser environment stated beforehand are Minimum Recommendations. The game may still be run in other respective environments outside of the recommendations given, but we recommend for you to play in the minimum recommended Browser environment given.



After the transition into KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1], the current Android App will be updated the same as well. You will still be however be able to sortie into each respective Renewed Operational Area Maps on the Android Ver. as well. ※ The Ship Sort Order System is a Phase 2 Content ※ However in principle, the Phase 2 Game Mechanics will be unavailable to use

「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】換装後、現在のAndroid版は発展的に統合を予定しています。ですが、本アップデート後、リニューアル後の各作戦海域はAndroid版にも投入、同環境でプレイ可能です。 ※艦ソート順序は、第二期仕様となります。 ※ただし、第二期の機能は原則使用できません。


No matter which environment you play the game in, all KanColle Phase 2 Operation Data are common. The Phase 2 UI mechanics will partially be unavailable to use, but even after the completion of the current update, in the Android Ver. you will still be able to Organize and Sortie your Fleets out to the Renewed Phase 2 Operational Area Maps.



We will be presenting each Ship Girls in a higher Resolution KanColle Game Screen more than 2x Times higher after the full transition of KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) [Block-1]!





メンテナンス直後は接続が集中します。また安定するまで予期しない挙動、接続が不安定となる状態が発生する場合があります。提督の皆さん、本長時間&大規模メンテナンスが完了してもすぐには飛び込まず、少し時間をおいてからご接続いただけますと、大変助かります! 今暫くお待ちください。


この後、【19:55】より「艦これ」各サーバ群再開放を開始してまいります。 ※まず、「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】換装を実施致します。 ※現行Android版は、同換装処置全完了後、【20:50】前後より接続を開放致します。申し訳ありません、こちらは少しの間お待ち頂けますと幸いです。

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


We are now going to post the patch notes of this very long large-scale KanColle server maintenance 01▼ Transition to KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 We've switched to the base version of KanColle Phase 2 i.e. Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1, which is using HTML5 as its base.

「艦これ」全サーバ群長時間&大規模メンテナンスに伴うアップデート情報を お知らせしていきます。 01▼「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】換装開始! 「艦これ」第二期の基本バージョン、第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】をHTML5ベースで稼働するブラウザゲームとして、換装投入開始します。


02▼ Phase 2 map renewal With Phase 2 all maps except the entirety of World 6, 1-6 and 3-5 have been revamped from the ground up. ※Enemy fleets, branching routes etc. may be different.

02▼各【作戦海域】の第二期リニューアル実装開始! 中部海域全域、鎮守府海域【#1-6】鎮守府近海航路、北方海域【#3-5】北方AL海域を除く各作戦海域が、第二期作戦開始と共にリニューアル実装されます。 ※敵艦隊や航路分岐条件等は、今後更新される場合があります。


03▼ KanColle game resolution upgrade & Ship Girl resolution upgrade For KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 we have increased the game's resolution to 1200x720, so roughly double its original size, and accordingly increased the each ship girl game asset's resolution as well. Please keep taking care of KanColle and your ship girls!

03▼「艦これ」ゲーム画面拡大&「艦娘」【解像度向上】 「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】では、「艦これ」ゲーム画面を約二倍の面積、1200pixel×720pixelに拡張、併せて各「艦娘」の表示解像度向上を図ります。これからも「艦これ」と「艦娘」をどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


04▼ Server Transfer, Round 2 We've completed the second server transfer round, the winners of which have been chosen via lottery. ※ Winners were chosen via lottery. ※ This round was for admirals were transferred to the remaining 12 servers. ※ We'll publish a personnel change notice with the server transfer.

04▼【サーバ間転属(第二弾)】の実施 先に希望を募った「異動願い」により、抽選でサーバ間転属の第二弾を実施しました。 ※転属実施は抽選です。 ※今回の転属先は、後半12サーバ群が対象です。 ※転属実施をもって辞令発表とさせて頂きます。


05▼ Free equipment slot expansion All admirals receive 20 equipment slots free of charge.

  • This applies to both old and new admirals.
  • And of course both Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 and the Android version.

05▼【装備運用枠】の無償拡張 各提督方の母港「装備運用枠」を【+20装備分】、無償拡張します。 ※既に着任されている提督はもちろん、新規着任提督にも適用されます。 ※第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】はもちろん、現行Android版でも、同じく拡張致します。


06▼ Equipment carry-over & Updates to some of it All equipment that has been added to the game is carried over to Phase 2. Futhermore, the artworks, names, stats, modding effects etc. of some pieces have been changed. And at the same we're adding the new "12.7cm Twin Gun Mount Model A". ※ It's not particularly strong. ※ You can get it from Special Type I destroyers.

06▼【装備】の継承&一部【装備】更新実装 実装済の「装備」は全て第二期に継承されます。 また、同一部はグラ・名称・補正・装備改修等を更新実装します。 同時に、新装備「12.7cm連装砲A型」を実装します。 ※新装備は、特に強くはありません。 ※新装備は、特I型との邂逅で獲得可能です。


07▼ HQ Level cap increase The HQ Level cap has been increased so that admirals who've already reached the cap can keep farming EXP and ranking points. ※However, if you keep farming them too much, we might keep an eye on you, and if we determine that you violated our ToS, we'll ban your account.

07▼【司令部レベル上限】の上方修正 司令部レベルの上限を上方修正し、現在経験値がカンストしている方も、戦果及び経験値を重ねることが可能となります。 ※ただし、余りにも突出した数字の場合は独自に精査を重ね、規約違反が判明した場合は恐縮ですが任意のタイミングで処理対応致します。


08▼ Akizuki-class Anti-Air Destroyer "Suzutsuki" receives commemorative Swimsuit CG To celebrate KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1, Suzutsuki receives a time-limited Swimsuit CG! Please take good care of her an the other girls with Swimsuit CGs.

08▼秋月型防空駆逐艦「涼月」、記念【水着mode】投入開始! 「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】記念、「涼月」【水着mode】を期間限定実装開始します!現在夏季限定実装中の「艦娘」【水着mode】と共に、秋月型防空駆逐艦も引き続き、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!


09▼ New Phase 2 voice lines & updates to certain other voice lines We've added a whole bunch of new voice lines related to how KanColle and its admirals got started, and changed a few other ones. ※The playback timing of these voice lines has been slightly changed due to the HTML5 transition. ※From this point on, if not explicitly mentioned, assume everything's compatible with HTML5.

09▼第二期【ボイス】新規投入&一部更新実装 大量の「艦これ」開幕&提督指揮開始ボイス群を中心とした一部ボイスの新規投入及び更新を実施します。 ※「艦これ」開幕&指揮開始ボイスはHTML5化に伴い、再生タイミングを若干変更します。 ※本件以降、特に記載ない場合【HTML5】対応です。


10▼ Home Port UI Skin Selection added The home port's UI skin, such as the header of footer, can now be changed starting with KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1. There's the good old "Type 1" as you know it, there's "Type 1 Kai" that displays your equipment amount in the UI header, ... (TBC)

10▼母港【UIスキン】選択変更機能の実装開始 母港のヘッダー&フッターなどの【UIスキン】を一部提督が選択変更できる新機能が「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】以降、実装されます。 従来通りの「一式」、保有装備数がUIヘッダーに表示される「一式改」、艦艇テイストが愉しめ…(続きます)


11▼ Home Port UI Skin Selection (Part 2) There's "Type 1 Kai" that displays your equipment amount in the UI header, there's "Type 2" for those enjoy warship and catapult visuals a little bit too much (maybe), and then there's the completely different "Type 3", and "Type 3 Kai" with a partly English interface to give it an international flair. (TBC)

11▼母港【UIスキン】選択変更機能の実装開始 (続) 保有装備数がUIヘッダーに表示される「一式改」、艦艇テイストが愉しめる、カタパルト好きには堪らない(かもしれない)「二式」、全く違う雰囲気の「三式」、一部英語表記でグローバル気分の「三式改」を初期状態でご用意! (続きます)


12▼ Home Port UI Skin Selection (How to actually change it) It's pretty simple. You can change from the default "Type 1" all the way to "Type 3 Kai" from the OPTION menu in the bottom left of the home port screen. ※ We're going to add more skins soon... it's not much, but look forward to them!

12▼母港【UIスキン】選択変更機能の実装開始 (How to 変更!) 地味な変更ではありますが、標準状態の「一式」UIから「三式改」まで、母港画面右下の【OPTION】で、選択変更可能です。 ※本機能は今後拡張予定…本当に少しだけ…地味にお楽しみに!


13▼ Ship Girl Sorting Algorithm greatly improved 1/2 "Alright, let's form a fleet... uuuuh, wait... she belongs to that class, soooo.... where's she again?" All of you have probably made an experience like this, so in order to alleviate this problem at least a little bit you improved the ship girl sorting algorithm, updated the ship girl database and reworked the whole sort function from the ground up! ※ This improvement applies to all game environments!

13▼「艦娘」【ソート機能】の大幅強化 1/2 さあ、出撃する艦隊を編成するぞ…えーと、あの艦娘は…何型だから…あれ、どこだっけ? そんな戸惑いを少しでも解消すべく「艦娘」ソート機能を強化、艦娘データベースを更新、【艦ソート】を根本的に整理しました! ※本改良は全環境下で有効です!


14▼ Ship Girl Sorting Algorithm greatly improved 2/2 In KanColle Phase 2 (HTML5) Block-1 we didn't just improve the ship sorting algorithm, but also added a "ship type" option to the sorting tab! Battleships, aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, destroyers, even coastal defence ships can be selected from that tab. Furthermore, you can now use multiple sorting options, such as by ship or level, at the same time!

14▼「艦娘」【ソート機能】の大幅強化 2/2 「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】では、「艦ソート」強化の他に、さらに【艦種】ソートタブを増設実装しました!戦艦、航空母艦、重巡、駆逐艦はもちろん、海防艦まで艦種タブを抽出可能、また前述の艦ソート、Lvソート等と複合運用も可能です!


15▼ Ship Girl Sorting Algorithm Improvements (Bonus) If you ship click on the triangle next to the newly added ship type filter tab, you can turn all filters on and off at once. Furthermore, if click on the small button on the other side of the tab, you can switch the tab descriptions between "Destroyer" and "DD"!

15▼「艦娘」【ソート機能】の大幅強化 (おまけ) 「艦これ」第二期(HTML5)【Block-1】以降の搭載された、【艦種】抽出タブは付近に設営された三角ボタンで【一括On/Off】、また同じく付近に設置した小さいボタンで、タグ表示を「駆逐艦」から「DD」に変更可能という地味な機能も搭載しました!


16▼ Implementation of the new World "South-Western Sea" The new "South-Western Sea" area will become available after this update has been completed! However, only the first map "Brunei Anchorage Sea" will be available. Also, the unlock requirements of all maps have been slightly changed. Fleets, set sail! Good luck and fair seas, admirals!

16▼新作戦海域方面「南西海域」実装開始! 本アップデート完了後から、新作戦海域方面【南西海域】の実装を開始しました!本作戦海域方面は、まだ最初の作戦海域「ブルネイ泊地沖」のみの実装です!各海域の開放トリガーも少し更新されています。 艦隊…抜錨!提督の皆さん、健闘を祈ります!


17▼ Ship Girl Level Cap increased To all admirals whose precious ship girls have already reached the level cap, fret not! The level cap has been raised to Lv.175! Whether you focus on only a select few or level everyone equally, please keep taking care of your girls!

17▼「艦娘」【育成上限】の上方修正 ずっと大切に育てていた「艦娘」、もう完全カンストしてしまって…という提督も大丈夫!「艦娘」レベル上限を【Lv.175】まで開放しました!多くを満遍なく上げるもよし、一点集中もよし、引き続き、提督方の艦隊の「艦娘」たちをよろしくお願い致します!


18▼ Supplement We're terribly sorry, but we moved the "Remove" option in the fleet setup menu to the bottom right. It might take some time to get used to, but please bear with it. Furthermore, similarly to event maps we've changed the EXP gain from battles. We hope for your understanding.

18▼補足事項です。 大変恐縮です、「編成」の【はずす】を右下に移動しました。少しの間慣れないかもしれません、申し訳ありません。こちら、ご留意頂けますと幸いです。また、敵艦隊との交戦経験値の在り方は、イベ海域と共通に再設定させて頂きました。こちらもご理解頂けますと幸いです。

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