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Mogami Surigao Strait Special Limited-Time CG[edit | edit source]

  • MogamiMogami has received a special CG as a presentation for her Rush into the Surigao Strait in preparation for the Fall 2017 Event

Limited-Time "Eve of Battle" Voicelines[edit | edit source]

  • FusouFusou, YamashiroYamashiro, along with few other ships will have additional limited-time "Eve of Battle" voice-lines.

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Effective Firepower Increase[edit | edit source]

  • Anti-Submarine Warefare (ASW) effective firepower cap has been raised to 150.

Sagiri Late Fall Casual Outfit Slight Change[edit | edit source]

  • SagiriSagiri has received a minor change to her Late Fall Casual Outfit CG.

Developer tweets[edit | edit source]

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Currently KanColle Development Naval Base is under preparation for the release of this season's Fall 2017 Event: Limited-time Operation Showdown at Operation Shou-Go! Battle of Leyte Gulf (Part 1). Before the start of the upcoming Fall 2017 Event, two days later on November 10th, Friday afternoon, without having the servers shut down nor have any maintenance, a small update is scheduled to be applied.


  1. 艦これ


Mogami's Surigao Strait Special Limited-time CG will be implemented tomorrow during the Live Update on November 10th.


  1. 艦これ


Tonight on November 10th Friday, without shutting down all currently running servers, a light update will be applied, where Mogami of the 3rd fleet of the 1st commando unit, the Nishimura Fleet who had attempted to rush into the Leyte Gulf, will be receiving her Surigao Strait mode. Also, Fusou and Yamashiro, along with few other ships will be receiving additional limited-time Eve of Battle voicelines, and an Update towards the Anti-Submarine Warfare Effective Firepower is also scheduled to be applied tonight!


  1. 艦これ


November 10th Friday, starting from before around 17:15, a Small Update before the Fall Event next week will be applied onto all respective running servers without having them shut down! It is expected that around at 18:00, all running servers will have this update applied. We will soon notify you of the contents of the Small Update.


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


Update before the Battle : 01 Mogami's Rush into Surigao Strait mode implementation! Mogami of the The 1st Commando Unit (1YB), 3rd Fleet affiliation will be receiving limited-time update for her [Rush into Surigao Strait] mode. Mogami was a member of the Nishimura Fleet, the fleet which had attempted to rush into Surigao Strait and exit out to Leyte Gulf. Eve of Battle Voiceline will also available as well!

決戦前アップデート:01▼「最上」に【スリガオ海峡突入】modeを投入! 第一遊撃部隊(1YB)第三部隊所属「最上」に、【スリガオ海峡突入】mode期間限定実装を開始します。「西村艦隊」の一翼として、スリガオ海峡を抜けレイテ湾への突入を図る「最上」達。同「決戦前夜ボイス」も同時実装です!


Update before the Battle : 02 Additional Eve of Battle Voiceline update for Yamashiro, Fusou, and other numerous ships! The Fusou-class Battleship Sisters Yamashiro & Fusou, who was part of the forces of the 3rd Fleet of the 1st Commando Unit (1YB). Numerous Ship Girls including them will receive newly included additional Eve of Battle voiceline implementation and update. The Battle challenged by the Third Fleet of the 1st Commando Unit, will have its curtain risen next week Weekend!

決戦前アップデート:02▼「山城」「扶桑」らに【決戦前夜ボイス】を追加投入! 第一遊撃部隊(1YB)第三部隊の基幹戦力、第二戦隊(2S)扶桑型戦艦姉妹「山城」「扶桑」。彼女たち数隻の艦娘に新規収録「決戦前夜ボイス」が追加更新実装されます。1YB第三部隊の挑む決戦、来週末より開幕予定です!


03 Update on the Effective ASW Power The cap on effective ASW power has been increased. It will become easier to reach stronger ASW performance, making efficient ASW and suppression of submarines by ships/fleets with strong ASW capabilities possible.

決戦前アップデート:03▼対潜実効火力の更新 対潜攻撃時の実効火力の上限が上方更新されます。高い対潜戦闘能力が発揮されやすくなり、充実した対潜戦闘能力を持つ艦艇/艦隊による有効な敵潜制圧/対潜戦闘が可能となります。


Small Late Fall Update: 04 Sagiri's "Fall Casual" Mode Updated Special Type Destroyer Sagiri's Fall Casual mode has been updated to "Late Fall Casual" mode. We are looking to have this CG implemented by 1800.

晩秋の小さなアップデート:04▼「狭霧」の【秋の私服】mode差分更新 小さな更新で恐縮です、特型駆逐艦「狭霧」、秋の私服を【晩秋の私服】modeに差分更新します。各サーバ群への投入は【18:00】迄に完了見込みです。晩秋の駆逐艦、そして各駆逐隊も、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!

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