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Iowa Houshou Yamakaze Akitsushima
Iowa New Year Full.png Houshou New Year Full.png Yamakaze New Year Full.png Akitsushima New Year 2017 Full.png

See also: Seasonal/New Year 2016

Yamashiro Fusou Akitsushima Mizuho Nenohi Yuugumo
Yamashiro New Year Full.png Fusou New Year Full.png Akitsushima New Year Full.png Mizuho New Year Full.png Nenohi New Year Full.png Yuugumo New Year Full.png
Yamashiro New Year Full Damaged.png Fusou New Year Full Damaged.png Akitsushima New Year Full Damaged.png AV Mizuho 451 Full Damaged.png Nenohi New Year Full Damaged.png Yuugumo New Year Full Damaged.png
Taigei Katori I-401 Ushio Makigumo Amagi
Taigei New Year Full.png Katori New Year Full.png I-401 New Year Full.png Ushio New Year Full.png Makigumo New Year Full.png Amagi New Year Full.png
Taigei New Year Full Damaged.png Katori New Year Full Damaged.png I-401 New Year Full Damaged.png Ushio New Year Full Damaged.png Makigumo New Year Full Damaged.png Amagi New Year Full Damaged.png

Hoppo new year.png

  1. New CG for the following girls:
  2. Old CG coming back for the following girls:
  • New furniture:

New Year 2017 Chain quest[edit | edit source]

Time-limited quests, until next maintenance (around mid-January).

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
BSB19 謹賀新年!「水雷戦隊」出撃始め!
Happy New Year! Start sortieing with a Torpedo Squadron!
Use a torpedo squadron consisting of a CL as flagship and 5 DD.

S rank the boss nodes of World 1-2, World 1-3 and World 1-4.

0/ 2017/ 0 / 0 Instant repair 2.png X 3

Repair goddess.pngRepair Goddess

Requires: (?)
BSB17 新春「伊良湖」のお手伝い!
Assist 'Irako' during the New Year!
Use an AV, DD or TaigeiTaigei as flagship.

S rank World 2-3 boss node 3 times.

2017/ 0/ 0 / 0 Food supply ship irako.png"Irako" X 3

Food supply ship mamiya.png"Mamiya" X 1

Requires: B89
BSB19 時代が来たか!航空火力艦なお正月!
The new era has arrived! Celebrate the New Year with aviation firepower!
Bring a fleet with a BBV as flagship, which consists of at least 2 BBV and 2 CAV.
S rank World 4-2 boss node 3 times.
0/ 0/ 2017/ 0 Improvement Materials.png X 3

Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy

Choose one of the following:

Requires: B90, B18
BSB20 迎春!「空母機動部隊」出撃開始!
Happy New Year! Sortie the Carrier Task Force!
Use a fleet consisting of CV(B) as flagship and 2 DD.

S rank World 3-5 boss node 3 times.

0/ 0/ 0 / 2017 Skilled Crew Member Icon.pngSkilled Crew Member

New furniture

Requires: B91

Furniture[edit | edit source]

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