10th JanuaryEdit

For a full debriefing on the game update (including developer tweets), you may wish to refer to this link.


  • Improved Kanhon Type Turbine can now be equipped in Reinforcement Expansion slots
  • New speed classes: Fast+ (高速+) and Fastest (最速)
  • Engine enhancement synergy: if you equip a turbine and one or more boilers, the ship girl's speed can be increased
    • The resulting speed depends on equipped boilers and vary for each ship girl, as they have different speed characteristics
    • Allows to upgrade Slow (低速) speed to Fast (高速). However, that doesn't change the ship type, slow BB and BBV can have Fast speed, but still aren't FBB, so they still can't be used in the Combined Fleet escort fleet and don't count as FBB for branching
      • For instance, in Fall Event E3, a fleet with Fast Nagato (synergy setup) in the main fleet can go from B to E if other requirements are met
      • But in 2-5, if you put Fast Nagato together with 3 FBB and 2 CV into the fleet, it will always go to dead end, as the amount of FBB in the fleet is still 3
    • A fleet including ships with speed higher than fast is still a fast fleet
    • Currently, ships with speed higher than fast only have evasion gain, in future there will be maps and situations in which they can be effective[1]
  • New improvable equipment
  • DD stats upgrade
HP Firepower AA Torpedo Max Luck
Ayanami Kai NiAyanami Kai Ni Banner +1+3
Ushio Kai NiUshio Kai Ni Banner +1+2
Hatsushimo Kai NiHatsushimo Kai Ni Banner +1+2
Shigure Kai NiShigure Kai Ni Banner +9
  • End of the new year seasonal content, Iowa, Yamakaze, and Houshou CGs are added into the library
  • Winter seasonal content
    • New voice lines for 13 ship girls
    • New furniture
  • New supply and idle voice lines for Yura Kai
  • 2 new quests
ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
B89 主力戦艦戦隊、抜錨せよ!
Main BB Fleet, Sortie out!
Sortie a fleet which includes 2 or more BB/BBV

S rank the boss nodes of 2-4

0 / 800 / 400 / 0 Food supply ship irako"Irako"
Requires: B19
F48 「特注家具」の調達
Procurement of Custom made Furniture (Arsenal Quest)
Scrap 2x 12.7cm Main Gun, have 5000 furniture coins, 2x 7.7mm AA Gun and 2x Type 96 Fighter. The Equipment and Furniture Coins will all be consumed upon quest completion 0 / 0/ 0 / 100 Furniture fairy 052 useitem X 1 Requires: ??


  • Plum Pattern WallpaperNEW!
  • Mutsuki's WallpaperNEW!

  • Round Winter CarpetNEW!
  • Tatami & Plum-patterned CarpetNEW!
  • Mutsuki's FloorNEW!

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