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Maintenance start date and time: January 10 2017 11:00
Expected maintenance end date and time: January 10 2017 18:00
Actual maintenance end date and time: January 10 2017 18:00

Content[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Improved Kanhon Type Turbine can now be equipped in Reinforcement Expansion slots
  • New speed classes: Fast+ (高速+) and Fastest (最速)
  • Engine enhancement synergy: if you equip a turbine and one or more boilers, the ship girl's speed can be increased
    • The resulting speed depends on equipped boilers and vary for each ship girl, as they have different speed characteristics
    • Allows to upgrade Slow (低速) speed to Fast (高速). However, that doesn't change the ship type, slow BB and BBV can have Fast speed, but still aren't FBB, so they still can't be used in the Combined Fleet escort fleet and don't count as FBB for branching
      • For instance, in Fall Event E3, a fleet with Fast Nagato (synergy setup) in the main fleet can go from B to E if other requirements are met
      • But in 2-5, if you put Fast Nagato together with 3 FBB and 2 CV into the fleet, it will always go to dead end, as the amount of FBB in the fleet is still 3
    • A fleet including ships with speed higher than fast is still a fast fleet
    • Currently, ships with speed higher than fast only have evasion gain, in future there will be maps and situations in which they can be effective[1]
  • New improvable equipment
  • DD stats upgrade
HP Firepower AA Torpedo Max Luck
Ayanami Kai NiAyanami Kai Ni +1 +3
Ushio Kai NiUshio Kai Ni +1 +2
Hatsushimo Kai NiHatsushimo Kai Ni +1 +2
Shigure Kai NiShigure Kai Ni +9
  • End of the new year seasonal content, Iowa, Yamakaze, and Houshou CGs are added into the library
  • Winter seasonal content
    • New voice lines for 13 ship girls
    • New furniture
  • New supply and idle voice lines for Yura Kai
  • 2 new quests
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
B89 主力戦艦戦隊、抜錨せよ!
Main BB Fleet, Sortie out!
Sortie a fleet which includes 2 or more BB/BBV

S rank the boss nodes of 2-4

0 / 800 / 400 / 0 Food supply ship irako.png"Irako"
Requires: B19
F48 「特注家具」の調達
Procurement of Custom made Furniture (Arsenal Quest)
Scrap 2x 12.7cm Main Gun, have 5000 furniture coins, 2x 7.7mm AA Gun and 2x Type 96 Fighter. The Equipment and Furniture Coins will all be consumed upon quest completion 0 / 0/ 0 / 100 Furniture fairy 052 useitem.png X 1 Requires: ??

Furniture[edit | edit source]

Developer tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


KanColle is currently under preparation for the next Maintenance & Updates. The next Maintenance will take place next week January 10th Tuesday, and will be a Small Update. The New Years limited-time Quests will only last until this date. Admirals, please advise.



The Next KanColle Maintenance & Update will take place next week Tuesday on January 10th. The New Years Limited-time Quests and the New Years Seasonal Furniture will all only be available until the Maintenance start time of 11:00 AM. Admirals, please take caution of the time remaining.

次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデートは、連休明けの来週【1/10(火)】に実施させて頂く予定です。現在展開中の「新春特別任務」や「新春季節家具」などの実装期間は、同メンテナンス突入時(AM 11:00)までです。提督の皆さん、ご留意頂けますと幸いです。


The Next KanColle Maintenance & Update will take place next week Tuesday on January 10th. The New Years Seasonal Furniture which are currently available in the Furniture Shop will be updated in the next Maintenance. For Admirals who are interested in the currently available furniture, please purchase them as soon as possible.



Currently KanColle is under preparation for the next upcoming Maintenance & Updates, which will take place next week Tuesday January 10th. The next update will be the very long waited "Engine Strengthening" Equipment-related Update . Please look forward to it a bit!



Currently KanColle is under preparation for the next upcoming Maintenance & Updates, which will take place next week Tuesday January 10th. The Estimated Maintenance End time is 18:00. Admirals, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

現在「艦これ」運営鎮守府では、次回メンテナンス&アップデートの準備を進めています。次回メンテナンスは【1/10(火) 11:00】より実施予定です。作業完了は同日【18:00】を予定しています。提督の皆さん、お手数をお掛けして恐縮です、ご協力お願いできますと幸いです。 #艦これ

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


01 Kanmusu 'New Year' Mode Expired Various Time-limited CG, including Kanmusu 'Haregi' Mode, 'New Year' Mode, 'Passing of the Year' mode have expired. 'New Year' Voice lines have also expired.

本日実施の「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンスに伴う、アップデート情報をお知らせしていきます。 01▼艦娘「新春」modeなどの実装終了 艦娘「晴れ着」mode、「新春」mode、「年末年始」modeなどの期間限定実装を終了します。艦娘「新春ボイス」も実装終了です。


02 Seasonal CG added to Kandex Various seasonal CGs that were implemented throughout the last couple of updates have been added to the Kandex entry of the respective Kanmusu. Furniture and Quest Ooyodo have reverted to their usual.

02▼艦娘「晴れ着」modeの図鑑格納等 戦艦「Iowa」及び駆逐艦「山風」の「晴れ着」mode、航空母艦「鳳翔」さんの「新春」modeは、それぞれ艦娘図鑑に格納されます。「鎮守府カウンタバー」、「任務娘」及び「アイテム屋娘」なども「新春」modeから通常に移行します。


03 "Revised Kanpon Turbine" Utilities Expanded The utility "Engine Improvement" type equiment Revised Kanpon Turbine" has been expanded, so that it may now be equipped to the expansion slot. "Revised Kanpon Turbine" and "Improved Kanpon Boiler" will be obtainable through new quests.

03▼装備【改良型艦本式タービン】の機能拡張 「機関部強化」系装備【改良型艦本式タービン】の機能が拡張され、通常装備スロットの他に「補強増設」スロットへの装備も可能となります。 ※「改良型艦本式タービン」または「強化型艦本式缶」は、新任務でも入手可能です。


04 "Engine Improvement" Equipment's Synergy Effect Implemented By equipping "Engine Improvement" type equipments "Revised Kanpon Turbine" and "Improved Kanpon Boiler" together, you will be able to fundamentally improve the kanmusu's engine parts, to increase their ship speed. In other words, Kanmusu's that are usually "slow" can be turned into "fast" ships.

04▼【機関部強化】系装備シナジー効果の実装 「機関部強化」系装備【改良型艦本式タービン】と【強化型艦本式缶】を同時に 装備することで、艦の機関部を抜本的に強化し、艦速を向上させることが可能になります。艦速【低速】の艦娘を、【高速】化することも可能となります。


05 Additional Explanation on "Engine Improvement" Equipment's Synergy Effect 1/3 "New High Temp High Pressure Boilers" will have the same or greater synergy effect compared to the "Improved Kanpon Boiler". *There will be different speed potentional depending on the Kanmusu-type, so the synergy effects/procs may differ.

05▼【機関部強化】系装備シナジー効果 補足事項 1/3 ※「強化型艦本式缶」の他に、【新型高温高圧缶】も同様以上のシナジー効果を発揮します。 ※艦娘の艦型等によりそれぞれ潜在艦速特性があり、シナジーの発生/内容が異なる場合があります。


06 Additonal Explanation on "Engine Improvement" Equipment's Synergy Effect 2/3 Slow BBs and BBVs can become designated as a Fast-speed ship through the Engine Improvement.

06▼【機関部強化】系装備シナジー効果 補足事項 2/3 ※「戦艦」や「航空戦艦」の艦速を機関部強化によって「高速」にすることも可能です。 ※「高速」以上の艦娘で構成された艦隊は、「高速」艦隊となります。 ※艦種としての「高速戦艦」は、元から「高速戦艦」の艦娘のみです。


07 Additional Explanation on "Engine Improvement" Equipment's Synergy Effect 3/3

  • You may also improve engines ships that are already at "Fast" speed.
  • At current stage the only synergy effect from engine improvement is "evasion", but there will be maps in the future where this will gain on effective use.

07▼【機関部強化】系装備シナジー効果 補足事項 3/3 ※「高速」以上に艦速を強化することも可能です。 ※「高速」以上の機関部強化は現時点では「回避」のみ影響がありますが、今後の実装では同艦速が有効な作戦海域/戦況も存在します。


08 Akashi's Improvement Arsenal Menu Update: Enhanced Kanhon Type Boiler is now available to be upgraded with the support of a certain ship. Also the higher level equipment New Model High Temperature High Pressure Boiler can also be upgraded. The Supporting Ship's availability date will be slightly updated.

08▼【改修工廠(明石の工廠)】新改修メニュー追加実装 1/3 改修工廠メニューが拡張され、ある艦娘のサポートで 「強化型艦本式缶」 の強化改修が可能になります。 ※さらに上位装備「新型高温高圧缶」への装備更新も可能になります。 ※関連艦娘の改修曜日が一部更新されます。


09 New "Akashi's Improvement Arsenal" Menu Implemented 2/3 New Menu has been implemented for Akashi's Improvement Arsenal. Through support of a specific Kanmusu, you will be able to improve "New High Temp High Pressure Boiler".

09▼【改修工廠(明石の工廠)】新改修メニュー追加実装 2/3 改修工廠(明石の工廠)において改修可能メニューが拡張されます。 ある艦娘がサポートすることで 「新型高温高圧缶」 の強化改修も可能になります。


10 New "Akashi's Improvement Arsenal" Menu Implemented 3/3 New Menu has been implemented for Akashi's Improvement Arsenal. Through support of a specific Kanmusu, you will be able to upgrade "F4F-4" to "F6F-3. Also, "F6F-3" will be further improvable.

10▼【改修工廠(明石の工廠)】新改修メニュー追加実装 3/3 改修工廠において改修可能メニューが拡張されます。 ある艦娘がサポートすることで 「F4F-4」から上位装備「F6F-3」への装備更新も可能になります。 また、「F6F-3」自体の強化改修も可能となります。


11 New Furniture and Furniture Shop Update 1/2:
Mutsuki's Window,
Mutsuki's Desk,
Mutsuki's Floor (NEW),
Mutsuki's Wallpaper (NEW),
Hinoki wood hot spring bath,
Japanese Alcohol & Whiskey Cabinet

11▼新家具の実装と【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 1/2 「家具屋さん」のお品書きが更新され、下記の新家具含む新旧季節家具が実装されます。 ・睦月の窓  ・睦月の机 ・睦月の床 new! ・睦月の壁紙 new! ・温泉檜風呂 ・日本酒&ウィスキー棚


12 New Furniture and Furniture Shop Update 2/2: The following new furniture and seasonal furniture will be implemented:
Round Winter Carpet (NEW),
6th Destroyer Division Wall Scroll,
Aviation Battleship Stained Glass,
Tatami & Plum-patterned Carpet (NEW),
Plum Pattern Wallpaper (NEW),
Classroom set "Desk",
Classroom set "Teacher's Desk"

12▼新家具の実装と【家具屋さん】お品書きの更新 2/2 下記の新家具含む季節家具が実装されます。 ・冬の丸絨毯 new! ・「第六駆逐隊」掛け軸 ・航空戦艦ステンドグラス ・畳&梅柄カーペット new! ・梅柄の壁紙 new! ・教室セット「机」 ・教室セット「教卓」


13 New Quests Implemented Following 2 new quests have been implemented - Main Battleship Squadron, Sortie! - Procurement of "Specialty Furniture"

  • New Year's time-limited quests have expired.
  • There will be trigger conditions for the new quests.

13▼【新任務】の実装 下記二種【新任務】が実装されます。 ●主力戦艦戦隊、抜錨せよ! ●「特注家具」の調達 ※新春特別任務は実装終了です。 ※各任務の受諾には、それぞれトリガーとなる受諾条件達成が必要です。


14 Destroyer Kanmusus Buffed Ayanami Kai Ni: Torpedo and luck stat maximum buffed Ushio Kai Ni: Firepower and AA stat maximum buffed Hatsushimo Kai Ni: HP and maximum firepower stats buffed Shigure Kai Ni: Luck stat maximum buffed

14▼駆逐艦娘の上方修正 下記の上方修正を実施します。 ・「綾波改二」雷装(max)&運(max)の上方微修正 ・「潮改二」 火力(max)&対空(max)の上方微修正 ・「初霜改二」耐久&火力(max)の上方微修正 ・「時雨改二」運(max)の上方修正


15 New Voice Added for Light Cruiser "Yura" New voices have been added for "Supply" and "Idle" line of remodeled version of light cruiser "Yura". Also, her "Winter" time-limited seasonal voice will be implmented.

15▼軽巡「由良」に新収録ボイス追加 改装された軽巡洋艦「由良改」に、「補給」ボイス及び「放置」ボイスの新収録ボイスを実装します。また、同「冬ボイス」も期間限定実装されます。


16 Kanmusu "Winter" Seasonal Voice Lines Implemented. Around 10 destroyer kanmusus, including Mutsuki, Ushio, Okinami, Asakaze, Yamakaze and more will be gaining a time-limited "Winter" seasonal voice lines.

16▼艦娘「冬ボイス」の期間限定実装 駆逐艦「睦月」「潮」「沖波」「朝風」「山風」など十余隻の駆逐艦娘に、艦娘「冬ボイス」が期間限定実装されます。 冬の艦娘たちも、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post-maintenance tweets

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