New! New Years Anchorage Counter Bar items

A very small minor live update that the KanColle developers has updated were the various seasonal items served at the Anchorage counter bar. This update just replaces the seasonal items served at bar during and around New Years Eve with items to be served around New Years. Technically the latest addition of items added to the bar this time is actually called "七草粥" which translates as something like "The seven plants of spring" rice gruel.

For those keen on learning what it actually is, there is a Japanese only wikipedia article about it:

More information on the Anchorage Counter Bar may also be found here.

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マルキューサンマル。提督の皆さん、おはようございます! 今日は新年最初の水曜日!明日は早くも七草粥の日ですね。お正月に奮戦した胃や体にもゆっくり休んでもらいましょう。本日も元気に頑張ってまいりましょう!



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