Technically, the quest updates came beforehand and the CG came after new year.

  • NOTE: If you don't see the update, reload the game*


New! New Years

See also: Seasonal/New Year 2016

Yamashiro Fusou Akitsushima Mizuho Nenohi Yuugumo
Yamashiro New Year Full.png Fusou New Year Full.png Akitsushima New Year Full.png Mizuho New Year Full.png Nenohi New Year Full.png Yuugumo New Year Full.png
Yamashiro New Year Full Damaged.png Fusou New Year Full Damaged.png Akitsushima New Year Full Damaged.png AV Mizuho 451 Full Damaged.png Nenohi New Year Full Damaged.png Yuugumo New Year Full Damaged.png
Taigei Katori I-401 Ushio Makigumo Amagi
Taigei New Year Full.png Katori New Year Full.png I-401 New Year Full.png Ushio New Year Full.png Makigumo New Year Full.png Amagi New Year Full.png
Taigei New Year Full Damaged.png Katori New Year Full Damaged.png I-401 New Year Full Damaged.png Ushio New Year Full Damaged.png Makigumo New Year Full Damaged.png Amagi New Year Full Damaged.png

Hoppo new year.png

  1. New CG for the following girls:
  2. Old CG coming back for the following girls:
  3. New CG for Northern Princess
  4. New voice lines

New! New Years Chain quest

Time-limited quests, until next maintenance (around mid-January).

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
SB08 謹賀新年!「水雷戦隊」出撃始め!
Happy New Year! Start sortieing with a Torpedo Squadron!
Sortie 1 CL and 3-5 DD to World 1-3 and score an S rank victory at the boss node Fuel.png2016Ammunition.png0Steel.png0Bauxite.png0 Emergency Repair Goddess 043 Card.pngx1[1][2] Requires Bd1
SB09 新年の「伊良湖」のお手伝い!
Assist 'Irako' during the New Year!
Sortie a fleet to World 2-3 and score an S rank victory at the boss node 3 times Fuel.png0Ammunition.png2016Steel.png0Bauxite.png0 Fast repair material "Bucket"x2"Irako"x2 Requires SB08
SB10 漲る戦艦魂!大艦巨砲なお正月!
Overflowing battleship spirit! Celebrate the New Year with large ships' massive guns!
Sortie 4 BB/FBB/BBV to World 4-2 (you may add 2 more ships) and score an S rank victory at the boss node 2 times Fuel.png0Ammunition.png0Steel.png2016Bauxite.png0 Improvement Materials "screws"x3Type 1 Armor Piercing Shell 116 Card.pngx1 Requires: B18, SB09
SB11 迎春!「機動部隊」抜錨せよ!
Happy New Year! Carrier Task Force, weigh anchor!
Sortie 2 CV/CVB/CVL and up to 4 additional ships to World 6-2 and score an S rank victory at the boss node 2 times. Fuel.png0Ammunition.png0Steel.png0Bauxite.png2016 Development materialx4"Skilled Crew Memberx1 Requires SB10
  1. Note: You were supposed to get a Emergency Repair Goddess as a reward. If you got 43 12 cm guns; it's a BUG!1 Or more precisely, they mistakenly assigned the equipment ID to equipment quantity. They've fixed it and are going to compensate those who'd already cleared the quest.

    ID 1: 12cm Single Gun Mount
    ID 43: Emergency Repair Goddess
    They fucked up and coded "43xID1" instead of "1xID43"
  2. Note 2: Affected players receive the Emergency Repair Goddess on start-up. If you haven't got it yet, reload the game.

Related Developer tweets

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Live Update tweets


At present, the 'Kancolle' Administrative Naval Base is preparing the imminent New Year's update scheduled two days from now. Just like this year, for a limited period, Fleet Girls are scheduled to have their 'Haregi mode' implemented. The number of Fleet Girls involved is planned to be significantly greater than before. Please look after Fleet Girls in the New Year as well. Even if just a little, look forward to New Year's Day as well!



Less than 30 hours remain of this year. At present, the 'Kancolle' Administrative Naval Base is preparing the 2016 New year update scheduled for launch approximately 20 hours from now. In what remains of the year, let's work hard together in the final stretch!



0100 hours... Admirals, thank you for your hard work.

Less than 24 hours remain of this year. The 'KanColle' 2016 New Year update will be scheduled in the early hours of the morning in a live-update without server downtime. Do your best in what little time remains of this year! But don't forget to rest in moderation either!




0900 hours. Good morning, Admirals!

Today is New Year's Eve! The last day of 2015. The skies above the 'Kancolle' Administrative Naval Base are blue, with some clouds. We will be celebrating the New Year in about 15 more hours. At the end of the year, even on New Year's Eve, let's do our best enthusiastically!




At present, the 'Kancolle' Administrative Naval base is dilligently preparing the implementation of the New Year's update scheduled for the early morning of New Year's Day. This update will include the implementation of approximately 10 Fleet Girls in their 'Haregi Mode' in all, including ones from the past. Also, while they won't be very long, about 100 Fleet Girls are planned to have New Year greetings voice lines implemented. Look forward to it!



1200 hours. Thanks for your hard work, Admirals!

It is noon on New Year's Eve. Less than 12 hours remain of this year. Preparation for the New Year's live-update without server downtime is more or less completed. All servers will have it implemented before 0100 hours on New Year's Day, 2016!




2320 hours. Admirals, thank you for all your hard work this year!

Less than an hour remains of this year... our sincere thanks for all the many memories you have made together with the Fleet Girls! In about an hour's time, 'KanColle' will have the New Year live update implemented without server downtime!




We aim to implement New Year update scheduled for the early hours of New Year's Day. This update will contain approximately 10 Fleet Girls in their 'Haregi Mode', old and new! In addition, New Year-limited quests through which Irako's sweets and 2016 of various resources can be obtained, and approximately 120 Fleet Girls' 'New Year greetings voice lines' are slated for implementation!



The New Year-limited quests to be implemented in the early hours of the New Year are as follows:

  • Happy New Year! Start sortieing with a Torpedo Squadron!
  • Assist 'Irako' during the New Year!
2016 Fuel.png, an Emergency Repair Goddess, 2016 Ammunition.png, Irako and other items can be obtained.
Also, for Admirals who have advanced into the deeper ocean regions, two additional quests can be done!


  • 謹賀新年!「水雷戦隊」出撃始め!
  • 新年の「伊良湖」のお手伝い!


Newly implemented 'Haregi Mode' for the New Year are scheduled for Battleships 'Fusou' and 'Yamashiro', Aircraft Carrier 'Amagi', Light Carrier 'Zuihou', Training Cruiser 'Katori', Seaplane Carrier 'Akitsushima', Submarine Tender 'Taigei' (as well as the remodel of the same ship, 'Ryuuhou'), Destroyers 'Nenohi', 'Ushio' and 'Ushio Kai Ni', and Special-type Submarine 'I-401'!



The New Year update scheduled for the early hours of New Year's Day is planned to include the largest scale of 'New Year's greetings voice lines' for 120 Fleet Girls! The Fleet Girls will convey their New Year's greetings and their gratitude to the Admirals for what they do every day, and some of them will also share their New Year's resolutions. For all Admirals who have been always been supporting them, thank you for what you've done this year as well...Have a great New Year!



Happy new year, Admirals!
Thanks for all your hard work last year.
Please enjoy 'KanColle' and the 'Fleet Girls' this year too!

At present, each 'KanColle' server is having the New Year update installed in sequence. Work is scheduled to be completed before 00:30 today this New Year!




At present, the New Year's update is being installed in each server cluster. By 00:30, the new voice lines and 'Haregi mode' installation will be completed, and thereafter, the quests and other content will be completed in turn.
We apologise, but the rewards for the New Year quests are not working as intended at present. Please give us some time.



The 'KanColle' New Year update has been completed on all servers! The 'Fleet Girl Haregi mode', 120 Fleet Girls' 'New Year greetings voice lines', and New Year-limited quests have been installed!
※Apologies, but prior to this, part of the New Year-limited quests were not functioning as intended. We will follow up on this incident on a case-by-case basis.



New Year's Day, 0040 hours. Happy New Year, Admirals!

Happy New Year! The 'KanColle' New Year update is complete!
Installation of the New Year Haregi mode, New Year greetings voice lines, and New Year-limited quests has been completed.
Please take care of the Fleet Girls this year!




The newly implemented 'Fleet Girl Haregi mode' in the New Year are 'Fusou', 'Yamashiro', 'Amagi', 'Zuihou', 'Katori', 'Akitsushima', 'Taigei' (As well as her remodel 'Ryuuhou'), 'Nenohi', 'Ushio', 'Ushio Kai Ni', and 'I-401'.
In addition, Destroyers 'Yuugumo', 'Makigumo', Seaplane Carrier 'Mizuho', and 'Northern Abyssal Princess' also have a lesser New Year mode!
[Tl note: 'Northern Abyssal Princess' is more commonly known as Hoppou.]



1030 hours. Happy New Year, Admirals!

It's the first day of 2016. Happy New Year, Admirals.
'KanColle' celebrates its third New Year, and enters into its 'Fourth Year' this Spring.
Please enjoy 'KanColle' and the 'Fleet Girls' this year too.




At present in 'KanColle', the New Year limited period content of new 'Fleet Girl Haregi mode' for approximately 10 ships, multiple New Year-limited quests, and approximately 120 'New Year greetings voice lines' will be active until the next 'KanColle' global server update after the middle of this month. Please enjoy the New Year's Fleet Girls too!
[Tl note: 'After the middle of this month' indicates 'after 20 January', as Japanese divide months into 3 sets of 10 days.]



1020 hours. Good morning, Admirals!

It is 2nd January 2016. At present, approximately 10 New Year Fleet Girl 'Haregi mode', multiple New Year-limited quests, and New Year greetings voice lines for approximately 120 Fleet Girls has been implemented. Please do your best enthusiastically on the second day of the New Year!




The final tactical victory for the Surface Fleet implemented in Winter, Operation Rei-go. A mixed fleet composed on-site including Heavy Cruisers and Light Cruisers, with the renown Admiral Kimura on board, was led by a flagship who distinguished herself in battle - an Asashio-class Destroyer. At present, the 'KanColle' Administrative Naval Base is preparing for the implementation of the Second Remodel of she who broke through the fierce fighting, and battled all the way until Operation Ten-Go.
[Tl note: lit. 'Sea Battle of Bounomisaki']


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