During Summer 2016 Event a live update was performed on 19th of August 2016 at 15:00hrs JST. New things included:

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New players will be able to join from August 19th since servers will be open again on that date


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0930. Good morning, Admirals!
Today is Friday! The third Friday for August. server re-opening and small live update.


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Starting now, we will be running a live update for all KanColle servers. We expect that the work will be complete by 1715. New users will be able to join beginning 1730.

本日この後サービスをとめない形で「艦これ」各稼働サーバ群に小さなアップデートを順次実施してまいります。【17:15】までに全サーバ作業完了見込みです。 【新規着任サーバ開放】は、【17:30】より開始予定です。

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01▼ Icon Unit Update for Aerial Battle
We have increased the number of unit icons for aerial battle from the original four to over ten types including "carrier-based fighters" and "carrier-based torpedo bombers" . Also, the "land-based attackers" have been changed to show the correct icon on the Android version.

本日の小アップデート内容をお知らせします。 01▼航空戦時の演出アイコンユニットの更新


02▼ Correction on "Harbour Summer Princess" Interaction Lines
We have corrected the case where Harbour Summer Princess who appear on E-3 of this event repeated her opening lines twice under specific conditions.
※ There is no change in the difficulty.

02▼「港湾夏姫」二回挨拶時の廃止 現在作戦展開中の夏イベ:第三作戦海域に登場する「港湾棲姫」。


03▼ "Z3" "Swimsuit Mode" Implemented
German destroyer "Z3" will be receiving a "Swimsuit Mode" seasonal CG.

03▼「Z3」に艦娘【水着mode】夏季限定実装 残り少ない今年の夏ではありますが、独駆逐艦「Z3」に艦娘水着modeが夏季限定実装されます。残暑が厳しい今日この頃、マックス可愛い駆逐艦勢も、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


04▼ Strengthening of the stability / Server extension, Stabilization of Home Port ~ Air Corp Bases UI transition, Maintenance and expansion of each game server group

04▼安定性の強化/サーバ拡張 ・母港~基地航空隊UI遷移の安定化 ・各ゲームサーバ群の整備/拡張

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Basically, New admirals can enlist themselves into the world of KC, i.e. new faces can register to play.



Servers has been reopened! for the newly registered admirals, please make sure to press [KanColle] via PC browser. ※Currently we're in the middle of Summer 2016 Event. For those new Admirals wishing to participate in this operation, it is best to focus on normal operations.

【新規着任サーバ開放】を再開しました! 新規着任希望の方は「艦これ」登録後、PCブラウザにて「艦これ」にご接続ください。※現在夏イベ2016を作戦展開中ですが、新規着任した提督方はいきなり夏イベ作戦海域に突入せず、通常海域で十分な艦隊戦力の練成に注力頂けますと幸いです。

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