1st April Edit

For a full debriefing on the game update (including developer tweets), you may wish to refer to this link.


Ooshio Kai NiEdit

Ooshio Kai Ni at Level 65
DD Ooshio Kai Ni 199 Full DD Ooshio Kai Ni 199 Full Damaged

New QuestsEdit

ID Requirements FuelAmmunitionSteelBauxite Rewards Note
B63 製油所地帯を防衛せよ!
Defend the Oil Refinery Zone!
Sortie a torpedo squadron (1 CL 5 DD) to World 1-3 and obtain three S-Ranks at the boss Fuel400Ammunition0Steel0Bauxite0 Food supply ship irakox 1Medal Rewardx 1 Requires: Bd2
B64 南西諸島防衛線を強化せよ!
Reinforce the Nansei Islands Defence Line!
Sortie to World 1-4 and obtain five S-Ranks at the boss Fuel0Ammunition0Steel400Bauxite0 Combat Provisionsx 1Furniture fairyx 1 Requires: B63, F31
B65 オリョール海の制海権を確保せよ!
Secure Control of the Orel Sea!
Sortie a fleet with OoshioOoshio Banner (model doesn't matter) as flagship to World 2-3 and obtain six S-Ranks at the boss Fuel0Ammunition400Steel0Bauxite200 Medal Rewardx 1Food supply ship irakox 2 Requires: B64
B66 旗艦「大潮」出撃せよ!
Sortie the flagship "Ooshio"!
Sortie a fleet with Ooshio Kai NiOoshio Kai Ni Banner as flagship to World 3-5 and obtain an S-Rank at the boss Fuel500Ammunition500Steel0Bauxite0 Combat Provisionsx 1Improvement Materialsx 3 Requires: B65
F31 新家具の準備
Preparations for New Furniture
Scrap 9 pieces of equipment Fuel0Ammunition0Steel90Bauxite0 Furniture fairyx 1 Requires: Bd2

Underway Replenishment & Combat Ration system updateEdit

Manual Food Consumption

Seasonal ContentEdit

  • New Spring Season voice lines for more than 50 ship girls.
  • Removal of Sukiya promotional artworks & White Day voice lines.
    • Artworks have been added to the in-game library.
  • End of White Day Cookie sales.
  • "Spring of the Type-B Sisters" poster no longer available upon login.

New FurnitureEdit

  • Uzuki's floor
  • Uzuki's wallpaper
  • Uzuki's window
  • Uzuki's desk
  • Uzuki's wallscroll
  • Uzuki's window (animation frame 1 of 4)
  • Uzuki's window (animation frame 2 of 4)
  • Uzuki's window (animation frame 3 of 4)
  • Uzuki's window (animation frame 4 of 4)
  • Uzuki's window (all animation combined) - DOES NOT APPEAR IN GAME
  • Uzuki's window (animated GIF file)
  • Uzuki's wallscroll - animated

Limited-time Ship DropsEdit

  • UzukiUzuki Banner & AkashiAkashi Banner now drop in several Extra Operation maps.
  • UzukiUzuki Banner drops for everyone, and quite often to boot.
  • AkashiAkashi Banner drops in World 1-5 only if you don't have one.

Mutsuki & Kisaragi buffEdit

Kai-2 destroyer stat buffsEdit

Visual ChangesEdit

  • Aerial Combat animations for seaplane bombers like Zuiun and seaplane fighters like Type 2 Seaplane Fighter Kai have been updated.
  • Land-based planes, once implemented, will have a similar animation.


  • Changes to the game's startup API temporarily caused several viewers to not load their info tabs properly, but this has since been fixed. Just get the latest update.
  • AkitsushimaAkitsushima Banner's equipment pool coding was messed up shortly after the update, which prevented her from equipping Landind Crafts, Secondary Guns and Emergency Repairs, but allowed her to equip Prototype 51cm Twin Gun Mounts. This has already been fixed, unfortunately.
  • Abyssal Carriers incorrectly displayed land-based dive bombers as their equipment during the launch animation. This was just a visual bug without any bearing on their actual equipment and has already been fixed.
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