7th September Edit

For a full debriefing on the game update (including developer tweets), you may wish to refer to this link.


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  1. End of Summer 2015 Event
    • Event maps removed, and other related content such as locking tags
    • Summer mechanics retained such as Aircraft Proficiency and Reinforcement Expansion
    • Removal of summer-themed CGs such as shipgirls in swimsuits (they are added into the in-game picture book)
  2. Autumn-themed furniture
    • Naval Base Autumn Festival Stall
    • Naval Base Autumn Festival Shooting Stall
    • "Rabaul Base" Scroll
    • "Buin Naval Base" Scroll
  3. Autumn Voice Lines
  4. Ships with Yukata CGs
  5. New Quests
    • Elite Fleet Exercises (精鋭艦隊演習?)
    • Strengthen ASW Patrols in Front of the Naval Base! (鎮守府正面の対潜哨戒を強化せよ!?)
    • Advance the "Carrier Task Force" to the Northern Sea! (「空母機動部隊」北方海域に進出せよ!?)
    • Quests that reward Furniture Fairies are available.
  6. Adjustments to some of Mizuho's parameters
    • Mizuho and Mizuho Kai's speed reduced to Slow from Fast.
    • Mizuho Kai's luck and max luck increased to 10/54 from 9/49.
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal menu changes
  8. New Music/BGM
    • A rearranged instrumental edition of Kaga Misaki Home Port Ver. (加賀岬改(母港ver)?) to celebrate the launch of JMSDF Kaga DDH
    • The Autumn Festival at the Naval Base (鎮守府の秋祭り?)
    • They can be played via Jukebox and set as HQ BGM
    • Can be played using the new furniture
  9. Other Updates
    • Updated the generic voices for expeditions and finding items for Zuihou Kai, Tanikaze Kai, Hamakaze Kai, and Urakaze Kai.
    • Server strengthening/keep up of Rabaul, Buin, Shortland, Palau, Hitokappu, Hashirajima
    • Strengthening and changes to measures against illegal connections by illegal tools such as bots and macros.
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