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Content[edit | edit source]

  1. End of Summer 2015 Event
    • Event maps removed, and other related content such as locking tags
    • Summer mechanics retained such as Aircraft Proficiency and Reinforcement Expansion
    • Removal of summer-themed CGs such as shipgirls in swimsuits (they are added into the in-game picture book)
  2. Autumn-themed furniture
    • Naval Base Autumn Festival Stall
    • Naval Base Autumn Festival Shooting Stall
    • "Rabaul Base" Scroll
    • "Buin Naval Base" Scroll
  3. Autumn Voice Lines
  4. Ships with Yukata CGs
  5. New Quests
    • Elite Fleet Exercises (精鋭艦隊演習?)
    • Strengthen ASW Patrols in Front of the Naval Base! (鎮守府正面の対潜哨戒を強化せよ!?)
    • Advance the "Carrier Task Force" to the Northern Sea! (「空母機動部隊」北方海域に進出せよ!?)
    • Quests that reward Furniture Fairies are available.
  6. Adjustments to some of Mizuho's parameters
    • Mizuho and Mizuho Kai's speed reduced to Slow from Fast.
    • Mizuho Kai's luck and max luck increased to 10/54 from 9/49.
  7. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal menu changes
  8. New Music/BGM
    • A rearranged instrumental edition of Kaga Misaki Home Port Ver. (加賀岬改(母港ver)?) to celebrate the launch of JMSDF Kaga DDH
    • The Autumn Festival at the Naval Base (鎮守府の秋祭り?)
    • They can be played via Jukebox and set as HQ BGM
    • Can be played using the new furniture
  9. Other Updates
    • Updated the generic voices for expeditions and finding items for Zuihou Kai, Tanikaze Kai, Hamakaze Kai, and Urakaze Kai.
    • Server strengthening/keep up of Rabaul, Buin, Shortland, Palau, Hitokappu, Hashirajima
    • Strengthening and changes to measures against illegal connections by illegal tools such as bots and macros.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch Notes I


End of Summer Event: Limited Time Area Operation
01▼ Summer Event 2015: Limited Time Area"Counter Attack! Second SN operation" has ended. Admirals who participated in the operation, good work!

01▼夏イベント:期間限定海域の作戦完了 夏イベント2015:期間限定海域【反撃!第二次SN作戦】、全作戦完了です。作戦に参加された提督の皆さん、大変お疲れさまでした!


02▼ Jintsuu KN's "Seasonal CG" Implementation
Light Cruiser, Jintsuu KN's "Seasonal CG" has been Implemented. Please enjoy early Autumn with Jintsuu in Yukata. This will last until next time.



03▼ Ooyodo Kai's "Seasonal CG" Implementation
Light Cruiser, Ooyodo Kai's "Seasonal CG" has been Implemented. Please enjoy your Autumn with Ooyodo, who's wearing an Autumn themed Yukata.



04▼ Nagara and Natori's "Seasonal CG" Implementation Light Cruisers, Nagara and Natori's "Seasonal CG" has been Implemented. You do not need to remodel them to look at them in yukata! Join your shipgirls for Autumn Festival in the anchorage!



05▼ Urakaze and Hamakaze's "Seasonal CG" and "Autumn Voice Lines" Implementation Destroyers Urakaze and Hamakaze's "Seasonal CG", "Autumn Voice Line" and "Together with Admiral in Autumn Festival Voice line" has been implemented. You do not need to remodel them to see this. Now, to the Anchorage's Autumn Festival!



06▼ Oboro, Kawakaze, Mizuhou's "Seasonal CG" and "Autumn Voice Line"
Destroyers, Oboro, Kawakaze, and Seaplane Tender Mizuhou's Seasonal CG and Autumn Voice Line has been implemented. To see them in Yukata form does not need a remodel.



07▼ End of "Summer Season Swimsuit and Voice Lines"
"Summer Seasonal Swimsuit and Voice Lines" implementation has ended. Their CG is retained in the shipgirl gallery.



08▼ Autumn Voice Lines Implementation
~40 shipgirls has a newly recorded Autumn Limited Time "Autumn Voice Line". Do enjoy your Autumn with the autumn shipgirls!



09▼ New HQ BGM Implementation
2 new BGM has been added for HQ BGM:

  • Anchorage's Autumn Festival
  • Kaga Misaki (HQ Instrumental)
※They can be played or set as HQ BGM.
※Can be played using the new furniture.



10▼ Furniture shop Autumn Update 1/3
With the Autumn update, the following Furniture is back

  • Saury Table
  • Orizuru wallpaper
  • Maple wallpaper
  • Autumn feel window
  • Moon-viewing window

10▼【家具屋さん】秋季お品書きの更新 1/3


11▼ Furniture shop Autumn Update 2/3
With the Autumn update, the following Furniture is back

  • Specific Autumn Wallpaper
  • Fairy Tale Shelf
  • Pink floor
  • Pure white fluffy Carpet
  • Classroom table
  • Luxurious Moon-viewing window

11▼【家具屋さん】秋季お品書きの更新 2/3


12▼ Furniture shop Autumn Update 3/3
With the Autumn Update, the following new furniture has been implemented.

  • Anchorage's Autumn Festival stall new!
  • Anchorage's Autumn Festival Shooting range new!
  • Kaga model new!
  • Buin Naval Base hanging scroll new!
  • Rabaul Naval Base hanging scroll new!

12▼【家具屋さん】秋季お品書きの更新 3/3
●鎮守府秋祭りの屋台 new!
●鎮守府秋祭りの射的 new!
●「加賀」模型と桐箪笥 new!
●「ラバウル基地」掛け軸 new!
●「ブイン基地」掛け軸 new!


13▼ New quests implementation
The following three are the new quests

  • Elite Fleet Exercises
  • Anchorage's frontal Anti Submarine Warfare!
  • Carrier Fleet advance to the Northern Seas!
※"Furniture Fairy" can be get from these quests. Please use them.

13▼【新任務】の追加実装 下記三種類の【新任務】が追加実装されます。 ●精鋭艦隊演習 ●鎮守府正面の対潜哨戒を強化せよ! ●「空母機動部隊」北方海域に進出せよ! ※「特注家具職人」を入手できる任務もあります。ご活用ください。


14▼ Seaplane Tender "Mizuhou" balancing
Sealane Tender "Mizuhou"'s speed has been reduced to slow and her base and max scout stat has been increased, after remodeling "Mizuhou kai"'s speed has been reduced to slow and her base and max scout stat has been increased.



15▼ Akashi's Factory Update
Akashi's factory improvement menu has been expanded. Anti Air Teruzuki can now improve Anti Air armament same as Akizuki.


Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch Notes II


16▼ 「 Zuihou kai, Tanikaze kai, Hamakaze kai, Urakaze kai General Purpose voice update After remodeling Light Carrier Zuihou Kai, Destroyers Tanikaze kai, Hamakaze kai, Urakaze kai's expedition, item obtained etc general purpose voice line has been updated.

16▼「瑞鳳改」「谷風改」「浜風改」「浦風改」汎用ボイス更新 改装された軽空母「瑞鳳改」及び駆逐艦「谷風改」「浜風改」「浦風改」の遠征・アイテム発見時等の「汎用ボイス」を新収録ボイスにより更新実装します。


17▼ Maintenance/Enhancement of Existing Servers
Truk Anchorage server, newest Hashirajima Anchorage server and the mid tier servers has been maintained and enhanced. They will work better during high load. Also, BOT/Macro etc. illegal program detection has been updated and enhanced.

17▼既存サーバ群の整備/強化 「トラック泊地サーバ」から最新の「柱島泊地サーバ」まで、中盤設置以降のサーバ群を整備/再強化致しました。高負荷時への抗堪性向上を図ります。また、BOT/マクロ等の不正ツールでの不正接続に対する対策も変更/強化致します。

Pre-Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


Now Kancolle's Summer Event: Limited Time Area "Counter Attack! Second SN Operation" is underway. Don't challenge yourself if you don't have the fleet power and armament. The Operation will be extended by 5 days, and will end on the early weeks of the coming month on 7th of September 1100 JST.

現在「艦これ」夏イベ:期間限定海域【反撃!第二次SN作戦】展開中です。それぞれの艦隊戦力と練度&備蓄にあわせて、無理のないところまで挑戦して頂けますと幸いです。同作戦展開期間は予定を【5日間延長】し、来月初旬【9/7(月) AM11:00】終了とさせて頂きます。


Shibafu-san who in in charge of Kaga-san's design, did a fast draw because of escort vessel Kaga's launching yesterday! In the upcoming maintenance and update next month, we will be implementing an Arrangement of "Kaga Misaki" as a new HQ BGM.



The upcoming server maintenance will be on the 7th of September, Monday. Alongside this maintenance, the furniture ship will be updated with Autumn Themed Furniture, and a few shipgirls including Kasumi will have Autumn Voice Line.



The next Kancolle Server maintenance will be on the coming week on 7th of September, Monday. Alongside this maintenance, marks the end of the summer event, changing of Furniture shop to Autumn Themed Furniture, around 40 shipgirls will have Autumn Themed Voice Line, and Jintsuu KN will have a Yukata CG implemented.



The upcoming Server Maintenance will be on the 7th of September. This maintenance marks the end of the 2015 Summer Event. Alongside this maintenance, the furniture will be changed to Autumn Themed furniture, 40 plus shipgirls will have a Autumn Themed Voice Line, Jintsuu KN and Urakaze will have a Yukata CG.



Today after maintenance and update, the summer event 2015 will end. Admirals who joined the operation, good work! Admirals who are currently on their final rush, good luck!



Today after 1100, maintenance and update will start. The estimated end tme is 1700. Admirals, sorry for the inconvenience. Please close your browser before the maintenance starts, we will try our best to finish it as soon as possible.



Today after server maintenance, we will be removing the summer-themed, Swimsuit Shipgirls CG, and Peak of the Summer Voice lines. Also, we will be updating Jintsuu KN, Urakaze, Hamakze, 9 shipgirls with Yukata CG. Do enjoy!


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