Time until maintenance ends[edit | edit source]

  • October 9 2015 11:00:00 +0900 Maintenance start time
  • October 9 2015 18:00:00 +0900 Expected completion time
  • October 9 2015 17:40:00 +0900 Actual completion time

Content[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Akebono Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png Murasame Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png Ushio Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png Ushio Kai Ni Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png Isokaze Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png Isokaze Kai Mackerel Pike Festival Full.png

UI Enhancement[edit | edit source]

  1. You can now Drag and Drop KanMusu within same fleet to change their order or drag them out to remove them from a fleet
  2. In the resupply screen, you can now one-click resupply whole fleet. The interface have also added morale indication.
  3. In Factory, if you do Normal/Large Scale Construction/Development, the interface would remember the resource allocation so that you don't need to re-allocate those resources per development/construction if you stay in factory.
  4. Increase amount of available field in equipment index.
  5. Preparation for composition interface enhancement.
  6. Main harbor screen left menu background graphic partial update
  7. Kanmusu detail screen now show how many experience the kanmusu still needed to reach next level.

Mini-Event contents[edit | edit source]

  1. This saury/mackerel pike mini-event is NOT Fall 2015 Event.
  2. Mackerel pikes WILL DISAPPEAR after the mini-event has been concluded. Unlike Hishimochi mini-event players can receive special item(s) together with kanmusu(s).
    • However, by applying the "Kabayaki" cooking method onto those Mackerel Pike, you can obtain Canned Mackerel which can be preserved for a long time. So please grab one or two of these Mamiya and Akashi made cans to commemorate the festival.
    • During the festival you can only have at most 99 of them at the same time.
  3. Ensure safety of fisheries to support fishing for Mackerel Pike Festival. (Note: This is something like the past Hishimochi mini event. Simply speaking, some maps would drop these specific items beside ships during this period of time and you can collect them for something else.)
  4. This festival will last for three (3) weeks
    • Fisheries
      • Obtainable from mainly world 3 as well as world 1 Extra Operations,
      • S rank is required for most nodes but A rank is also ok for World 3.
      • Drop rates would vary greatly from node to node and are not specific to just boss nodes.
      • Farmable fisheries (nodes) will have a special background music named as 鎮守府秋刀魚祭り.
      • For those who have access to world 3, please go world 3.
      • In world 1, you can support fishing Mackerel pike from 1-5 and thereafter.
      • See Mackerel page for a list of nodes that drop them.
    • Other Mackerel-pike-dropping nodes:
      • Certain point/nodes in 1-1 (1-1-B, the non-boss terminal node on the top) would drop Mackerel pike with a rare chance, however they are not considered as fisheries and thus no special background music will be played.
  5. Other fishing notes as well as other mini-event related notes:
    • Kanmusu equipped with relevant equipments can produce a synergy effect on the whole fleet.
      • For example, those equipment they can detect them, collect them, and/or find them.
      • Using different equipment together would give multiple synergy effect.
    • Stacking lots of them into your fleet can drastically increase fishing output but putting too many of those equipments into your fleet would reduce your fleet's day battle "anti-surface" firepower. So it is important to find a good balance between your fleet so that it would be enough to eliminate threats and it is the key for a good catch.
    • Overfishing would reduce fish's obtain rate so please bear that in mind.
    • Cooking them would give like development material, improvement material, and so on. But it will require a specific amounts to exchange for them.
    • After successfully carried out support on Mackerel pike fishing and collected tons of Mackerel pike good catach, you can get a "Kantai wikipedia:Tairyō-bata" flag made by Ikazuchi. It would not have any special function.
    • Read Mackerel#Exchange for further detail about cooking these mackerel pikes.
  6. Mackerel pike Festival seasonal graphic:
  7. Autumn Voice Lines for Ushio, Murasame and Isokaze
  8. Isokaze droppable in World 2/5/6 during the festival and also 1-5 and 1-6 for those who doesn't have her yet.
  9. Addition of function to prepare/cook Mackerel pike
  10. Addition of Mackerel pike festival furniture

New quests (Saury/Mackerel) for the mini-event only[edit | edit source]

ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
BF1 秋刀魚漁:「秋刀魚」を収穫しよう!
Pacific saury fishing: Let's go fish some saury!
Have 3 sauries in your inventory. 300 / 0 / 0 / 0 Sonar.pngType 93 Passive Sonar X 1
Furniture fairy.pngFurniture Fairy X 1
Unlocks: BF2
BF2 秋刀魚漁:「秋刀魚」をもっと収穫しなきゃ!
Pacific saury fishing: Gotta get more saury!
Have 10 sauries in your inventory. 550 / 0 / 0 / 0 Sonar.pngType 3 SONAR X 1
Food supply ship irako.png"Irako" X 3
Requires: BF1
Unlocks: BF3
BF3 秋刀魚漁:もっと頑張ってもいいのよ!
Pacific saury fishing: You can keep fishing, you know. Just saying.
Have 30 sauries in your inventory. 800 / 300 / 300 / 300 Sonar.pngType 4 Passive Sonar X 1
Fleet Fishery Banner
Requires: BF2

Technical notes[edit | edit source]

  • The version number is now omitted from in-game request for kanmusu CG link.
  • The PvP would now pre-calculate the grade of the battle outcome in PvP, barring further retries and EXP gains upon refresh.
  • The API Token link to the game will now expire after a relatively short period of time, or whenever the player refreshes the page or otherwise disconnected from the link with an exception of refreshing in the first few minutes.

Others[edit | edit source]

  • It is prohibited to use malicious tools like macro or bot to play the game, in particular if you are using those tools in mackerel pike fisheries, even if you have paid a lot, we will still take corresponding action like banning your account at any time so please refrain from doing so.
  • Kaga Fair end with this update.

Problems appeared after this update and fix[edit | edit source]

  • After the update, there are some error occurred in furniture coin animation and volume setting would have been reset, and both have been fixed already.

Pre-Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

Click [Expand] to read pre-update tweets and translations.

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


Kancolle Severs will be down for maintenance and update on the next Friday, 9th of October. Alongside the maintenance, we will be implementing something related to "Pacific saury/mackerel pike" and strengthening the UI. Hope that you continue to enjoy your autumn with Kancolle!



Currently, we're preparing for the update next week which will be on the next week 9th of October, Friday. Alongside the update, we will be releasing an update related to "Pacific saury/mackerel pike", and Destroyer Isokaze will be receiving an Autumn Limited CG. This year, we would like you to take note of... this very valuable salt-grilled "Pacific saury/mackerel pike"!



Currently, we are preparing for the upcoming update. After clearing certain fish farms (areas) of abyssals , you will be able to obtain Pacific saury/mackerel pike. Collecting and Cooking Pacific saury/mackerel pike will give you Materials. Also, we will be updating more Autumn Furniture. Hope you enjoy!



Kancolle's Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival is...

  • Obtainable in certain areas (fish farms).
  • Certain equipment affects it. You will be able to harvest more Hishimochi. But take note, you'll need a certain amount to cook it.
  • Ikazuchi will be able to help you in collecting them. ※There is no special function.
  • You will be able to meet Isokaze during this period.



Alongside the next maintenance, we are going to implement Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival. In certain Points (Fishing Farms) in certain Areas, you will have a change to obtain Pacific saury/mackerel pike. You will be able to increase the chances of obtaining them with certain equipment. Admirals who are joining this festival, please sortie with the fishing equipment for maximum efficiency!
(TL note: Points = Nodes(?))



The next operational maintenance and update for the entire KanColle servers has been planned to be put into effect tomorrow [October 9th (Friday)]. Maintenance starts at [11:00] and is planned to finish at [18:00]. Sorry for the inconvenience, we appreciate your cooperation!
(TL note: All times are in JST and in 24-hour time format.)



Alongside tomorrow's maintenance, we are going to implement Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival. During Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival, after confirming the safety and clearing the points in certain areas (nodes in certain maps), you will be able to harvest Pacific saury/mackerel pike (this festival is not "Autumn Event"). Also, we are going to strengthen certain UI.


Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

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Kancolle's server maintenance and update will start today, 9th of October, Friday at 1100. The estimated uptime will be on 1800. Sorry for the inconvenience, but please cooperate.

「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンス&アップデートを、本日【10/9(金) 11:00】より実施予定です。同メンテナンス完了は【18:00】を予定しています。お手数をお掛けして恐縮です、ご協力どうぞよろしくお願い致します。


「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、本日この後【AM 11:00】よりメンテナンス&アップデートを開始致します。お手数をお掛けして恐縮です。メンテナンス開始5分前を目安にブラウザを閉じて、「艦これ」を一旦終了して頂けますと幸いです。ご協力、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!


Maintenance status: Maintenance and update has started. Kancolle servers are now down for Maintenance and Update. The projected end time is at 1800 today. We will be updating Admirals about the maintenance status from time to time.

メンテナンス状況:メンテナンス&アップデート作業、開始致しました。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群は、メンテナンス&アップデート作業を開始致しました。同作業完了時間は、本日【18:00】の予定です。進捗状況を随時お知らせするよう努めます。


Maintenance Status: Mid way report.
Currently, Kancolle Game Servers are down for maintenance and update. The estimated end time is 1800. Alongside today's maintenance, Kancolle's Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival will be implemented. Hope you enjoy!



Maintenance Status: Mid way report.
Currently, Kancolle Game Servers are down for maintenance and update. Work at this present time is progressing smoothly. Part of the [UI (User Interface) strengthening process] as well as [KanColle Autumn festival for saury/mackerel event], etc is planned to be implemented.



After this ongoing Maintenance and Update, it marks the start of Kancolle's Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival. Also,
・[Pacific Saury Farm] Fish Farm Security Support
・Seasonal Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike Furniture
・Shipgirl Seasonal Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike mode implementation (CG(?))
・Destroyer Isokaze droppable during this time period
・Cooking of Pacific saury/mackerel pike
and others.



During Kancolle's Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival, after eliminating Abyssals in certain points of certain areas, confirming the safety of the fish farms, setting up Pacific saury/mackerel pike fishing support, and obtaining Pacific saury/mackerel pike.
※Cooking the Pacific saury/mackerel pike obtained during this period will get you materials.
※Pacific saury/mackerel pike will be removed after this period. Original:



1) Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival "Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fish farm" info! 1/2
・There exists Pacific saury/mackerel pike points (fish farms) in the center of World 3 and World 1 (EO).
・Points (fish farms) harvest rate has a big difference.

「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り【秋刀魚漁】漁場情報! 1/2


2) Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival "Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fish farm" info! 2/2
・At the areas where the points (fish farms) exists, the new BGM "Anchorage's Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival" will play.
・It is not required to patrol the Abyssal's main force for the points (fish farms).
(TL note: Points = Nodes(?))

「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り【秋刀魚漁】漁場情報! 2/2


Kancolle Fish Farm Info "For new Admirals"
・Admirals who plans to go to World 3, please do so.
・World 1 (1-5 and after) it is possible to set up Pacific saury/mackerel pike fishing support.
・Even though it is not a main fish farm (no new BGM), it is possible to obtain Pacific saury/mackerel pike from certain point(s) in 1-1.

「艦これ」漁場情報 【最近着任された提督の皆さんへ】


1) Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival "Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fish farm" supporting equipment info! 1/2 There are huge differences of harvest rate for Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fishing in different points (fish farms), but fleets with supporting equipment will increase the harvest rate. The support effect is a synergy effect of the whole fleet.

「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り【秋刀魚漁】支援装備情報! 1/2 「秋刀魚漁」はポイント(漁場)によって収獲率が大きく違いますが、秋刀魚漁支援に有効な装備が充実した艦隊は、収獲率を向上させることが可能です。秋刀魚漁支援効果は、艦隊全体でシナジー効果が発揮されます。


2) Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival "Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fish farm" supporting equipment info! 2/2 Support equipment for fishing needs a lower daytime surface ship firepower to increase the harvest rate. A balance of Firepower to eliminate the threats and fishing support equipment is the key to a good catch!

「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り【秋刀魚漁】支援装備情報! 2/2 「秋刀魚漁」支援に有効な装備が充実した艦隊は収獲率を大きく向上させることが可能ですが、結果的に「昼間対水上艦火力」が低下してしまいがちです。脅威を排除できる火力と、秋刀魚漁支援装備のバランスが大漁の鍵です!


Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival "Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fishing" reward info! For the success in fishing Pacific saury/mackerel pike, please use Destroyer Ikazuchi and her "Fleet Fishing Flag" (no special effect) and others. ・This festival will last for three weeks. ・The chance of fishing will be lowered if you over-fish. Please take note of that.

「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り【秋刀魚漁】報酬情報! 秋刀魚漁支援を成功させ、期間中に大漁を成し遂げた提督には、駆逐艦「雷」による【艦隊大漁旗】(特別な機能はありません)等が授与されます。 ・期間は三週間の予定です。 ・あまりにも乱獲すると獲りにくくなります。ご留意ください。


Maintenance End Time Update: Ending at 1740. Kancolle server maintenance and update is going smoothly. So it will end a bit earlier at 1740. At around 1700, we will be releasing info about today's update.

メンテナンス完了時間のお知らせ:【17:40】完了見込みです。 「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデートの進捗は順調です。少しだけ予定を繰り上げて【17:40】完了見込みです。17:00前後より、本日のメンテナンスに伴うアップデート情報をお知らせしていきます。

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


01▼ "Strengthening of the UI" Fleet organization
Switching shipgirls in the same fleet can now be done using drag and drop. Dropping the shipgirl outside the fleet will exclude her from the fleet.



02▼ "Strengthening of the UI" Resupplying
Resupplying related UI (User Interface) has been updated. You can now resupply the whole fleet using a "Resupply all" Button. Also, you can now see the morale/sparkle stats in the resupply screen.



03▼ "Strengthening of the UI" Factory
Factory Development and Construction screen will now retain and automatically set your last used recipe. It will be the same for Large Ship Construction.



04▼ "Strengthening of the UI" Equipment Gallery and others
With the addition of new types of Equipment, we have expanded the Equipment Gallery. Also, we are getting ready to strengthen the UI of "Fleet setup". And, we have updated the background on the left side of the menu.



05▼ Kancolle Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival Implementation
Kancolle's Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike festival will start with the implementations below.
・It is possible to secure the safety of Fish farms with Support!
・Implementation of Season of Pacific saury/mackerel pike themed Furniture
・Implementation of CG for Season of Pacific saury/mackerel pike mode Shipgirls
・Limited Time drop of Destroyer Isokaze
・Cooking of Pacific saury/mackerel pike



06▼ Autumn Pacific saury/mackerel pike fishing support, start!
During this period, cruising and eliminating Abyssals in certain points of certain areas, ensuring the safety of Fish farms, using fishing support, Admirals will be able to obtain Seasonal "Pacific saury/mackerel pike". Admirals who completes all related quests will be able to obtain "Fleet's Big Fishing Flag".



07▼ Seasonal Pacific saury/mackerel pike Themed Furniture Implementation
The Furniture shop has been updated, below are the new furniture and returning furniture.
Anchorage's Pacific saury/mackerel pike Festival ※New!
Green curtained window, Anti Air Window, Stained Glass, "Night Battle" hanging scoll.
Pacific saury/mackerel pike, Anchorage Autumn Festival Stalls, Anchorage Counter Bar
has been updated!



08▼ Pacific saury/mackerel pike Themed CG implementation for Destroyer Isokaze
A CG showing Destroyer Isokaze trying her best to grill the fish has been implemented. Also, Pacific saury/mackerel pike voice line? It's also a limited time implementation.
※Isokaze will be droppable during this festival.



09▼ Pacific saury/mackerel pike Themed CG implementation for Destroyer Murasame
A CG showing Destroyer Murasame having fun preparing for F operation has been implemented. Also, a Limited Time Autumn Themed Voice line has been implemented for Murasame. Please continue to enjoy your time with Autumn Murasame and the 2ndDesDiv!



10▼ Pacific saury/mackerel pike Themed CG implementation for Destroyers Ushio, Akebono
CGs showing Destroyers Ushio and Akebono during Seasonal Taste and F Operation has been implemented. Also, an Autumn Voice Line has been implemented for Ushio. Please enjoy your time with the pleasure of Autumn Taste with the 7thDesDiv!



11▼ Destroyer Isokaze limited time drop
During this festival, you will be able to meet Destroyer Isokaze in certain areas.
※In certain areas of World 2, 5, 6, you will be able to meet her during this period.
※Admirals without Isokaze will be able to have a chance meeting with her in 1-5 and 1-6.



12▼ Implementation of Cooking Pacific saury/mackerel pike
Pacific saury/mackerel pike that has been caught will be shown in the items menu, in the same menu, you will be able to choose the cooking style, Admirals will be rewarded from quests and obtain certain materials.
Sashimi - 3 required
Salt Grilled - 5 required
Kabayaki - 7 required
※Kabayaki can be stored as an item with the collaboration of Mamiya and Akashi.



Admirals, today's Kancolle Maintenance and Update has officially ended. Sorry for the wait! ※Today's maintenance also marks the end of the Full version of "Kaga Misaki"! We will be implementing it again. We hope that you had fun!

提督の皆さん、本日実施の「艦これ」メンテナンス&アップデート、稼働全サーバ群ともに【作業完了】致しました。大変お待たせ致しました! ※本メンテナンスで加賀岬フェアは一旦終了しました!また実施予定です。こちらも少しだけお楽しみに!

Post maintenance tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post maintenance tweets


Mackerel pikes can now be obtained. For that purpose, you can use effective supporting equipment (to find/collect/to discover Mackerel pikes), sortieing to fish farms with your fleet with only fishing equipment is possible. Equipping various equipment will also trigger certain synergy effect.



Kancolle's Mackerel pike festival will last for three week. It is possible to keep a maximum of 99 Mackerel pike. The limited time Autumn CG, Yukata mode CG and also Oktoberfest CG will also end with the festival. ※The CGs will be saved in the shipgirls gallery.


Twitter Avatars[edit | edit source]

Teaser-2015-10-09-A.png Teaser-2015-10-09-B.png
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