Time until maintenance ends[edit | edit source]

  • October 30 2015 11:00:00 +0900 Maintenance start time
  • October 30 2015 17:00:00 +0900 Expected completion time

Content[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

CV Zuikaku Kai Ni 462 Full.png CVB Zuikaku Kai Ni A 467 Full.png Libeccio Halloween Full.png Roma Halloween Full.png

UI Enhancements[edit | edit source]

  1. "Fleet Setup Presets"
    • You'll be able to save multiple fleet setups as "bookmarks" that you can load at the press of a button.
    • Basically you don't have to change your fleets manually anymore. Just save your own personal fleet profiles for PvP, Orel Cruising, Extra Operations etc. and load them as you need them.
    • You have by default three slots to save fleet setups in
      • You can get two additional slots by using a Dock Key
    • The "Save Fleet" & "Load Fleet" tabs are located at the bottom-right of the Fleet Composition screen
  2. Improved Equipment Screen
    • You can now swap/remove equipment via drag & drop. Note that you need to hold the equipment for one second to drag the equipment.

Zuikaku Kai-2[edit | edit source]

  1. According to Comptiq Volume June 2015 it is going to be a remodelling that is based on a what-if scenario in which both Shoukaku & Zuikaku survived the Mariana campaign and the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
  2. Prototype Flight Deck Catapult is an item that was obtainable in the Summer 2015 Event and still is via F21 and F23, with a description that says it's required for the Second Remodel of the certain class of standard aircraft carriers. It is required for the second remodel of the Shoukaku-class nameship Shoukaku, and Zuikaku won't be any different.
  3. Hypothetical Remodel, requires blueprint. Convertible Remodel like Shoukaku Kai Ni ←→ Kai Ni A, Kai Ni A have different outfit.

New Equipment[edit | edit source]

Obtainable via new quests

  1. Zero Fighter Model 21 (w/ Iwamoto Flight)
  2. Type 0 Fighter Model 52 (Skilled)
  3. Zero Fighter Model 52C (w/ Iwai Flight)
  4. Zero Fighter Model 52A (w/ Iwamoto Flight)
  5. Zero Fighter Model 62 (Fighter-bomber / Iwai Squadron)
  6. Type 0 Fighter Model 53 (Iwamoto Squadron)

15 New Quests[edit | edit source]

  1. Prototype Flight Deck Catapult quest chain
  2. New monthly quests
  3. Iwai Flight quest chain
  4. Iwamoto Flight quest chain

Halloween Special[edit | edit source]

  1. Libeccio & Roma received Halloween-themed CGs
  2. Libeccio received new time-limited voiced line
  3. Libeccio is going to be a drop in 4-5 until the end of the upcoming Fall Event next month
    • You can get another one even if you've already got her
    • Her drop rate is roughly tripled if you don't have her yet

Other Stuff[edit | edit source]

  1. Removal of some time-limited Autumn CGs, including yukata outfits, Z1's Oktoberfest Dirndl and some Mackerel Pike Festival outfits
    • They are added to the library
  2. End of the Mackerel Pike Festival mini-event
    • Any fish you haven't used up until then will be removed
    • Isokaze drop finished
  3. Homeport expansion
    • 270 ship slots (previously 260)
    • 1180 equipment slots (previously 1140)
  4. Shiden Kai 2 has been buffed: +3 Evasion

Pre-Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

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Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre Update


The "Autumn Pacific Saury Festival" is currently underway until the server maintenance next week (30th October, 11:00 AM JST). Please continue to take care of KanColle and your ship girls!

現在「艦これ」では、【「艦これ」秋の秋刀魚祭り】を開催中です。秋刀魚祭りの開催期間は、来週【10/30(金) AM11:00】より実施予定の稼働全サーバ群メンテナンス&アップデート突入時まで。秋の「艦これ」と「艦娘」たちも、引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for Friday next week (30th October). The Pacific Saury Festival event as well as the limited-time autumn outfits like "Yukata Mode" and "Oktoberfest Mode" will be removed in said update.



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for Friday next week (30th October). During the maintenance we are going to implement further enhancements of the user interface. It's only part of the UI, but look forward to it anyway!



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for Friday next week (30th October). Maintenance start is planned for 11:00, and we are going to finish it by 17:00. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

「艦これ」次回の稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンス&アップデートは、来週【10/30(金)】に実施予定です。開始時間は【AM 11:00】、完了は同日【17:00】を予定しています。お手数お掛けして恐縮です、ご協力どうぞよろしくお願い致します。


1000. Good morning, admirals.
It's Saturday. On this very day, about 70 years ago, "Musashi", the last battleship built by Japan and therefore the most cutting-edge, was sunk by several American air raids in the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea, which was part of the "Battle of Leyte Gulf" that marked the total annihilation of the Combined Fleet.



Today, about 70 years ago, in order to support the Kurita Fleet that was heading towards Leyte and consisted of main forces like Yamato and Nagato, the Nishimura Fleet attempted to break through the Surigao Strait, while Japan's last naval task force, led by the flagship "Zuikaku" under the command of admiral Ozawa, engaged the enemy's carrier task force to lure it northward.



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for Friday next week (30th October). Maintenance start is slated for 11:00, and we are going to finish it by 17:00 of the same day. During said maintenace we are going to update the user interface.

「艦これ」次回の稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンスは、来週【10/30(金)】に実施予定です。開始時間は【AM 11:00】、完了は同日【17:00】を予定しています。同メンテナンスに伴うアップデートでは、さらなるUI(ユーザーインターフェース)の強化を予定しています。


1030. Good morning, admirals. It's Sunday. Today, around 70 years ago, the Combined Fleet was annihilated in the "Battle of Leyte Gulf". At Surigao Strait in the early morning, at Samar Island as well as at Cape Engaño where the naval task force perished, countless ships and veterans fought hard and were killed in action.

ヒトマルサンマル。提督の皆さん、おはようございます。 今日は日曜日。約70年前の今日は、「レイテ沖海戦」で連合艦隊が事実上壊滅した日です。未明のスリガオ海峡、サマール沖、機動部隊が壊滅したエンガノ岬沖で、多くの歴戦の艦と人々が奮戦し、そして戦没していきました。


In order to support the Kurita Fleet as it was attempting to reach Leyte, the Japan's last naval task force, led by the veteran ship "Zuikaku", acted as decoy and faced complete annihilation. The Ozawa Fleet, with Zuikaku and three other aircraft carriers as its core, succeeded in diverting the powerful U.S. task force northward, where all its carriers sank after a heated battle.



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for the 30th October. During the maintenance we are going to implement UI enhancements as well as the second remodelling of the famous ship that led Japan's naval task force until the very end, i.e. the second ship of the Shoukaku-class. Look forward to it!



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for this Friday (30th October). During the maintenance we are going to implement the second remodelling of the second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers that fought until the very last moments of Japan's naval task force. Said remodelling is based on a what-if scenario.



During the upcoming server maintenance that'll introduce the second remodelling of the second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers, we're also going to implement a new quest chain that'll ultimately reward you with a strong fighter plane squadron. Look forward to it.
※The squadron utilises currently used plane models. (i.e. all carriers can use them)



1015. Good morning, admirals!
It's Tuesday! It's the day when the MSDF's training fleet is going to return from a practice voyage in the ocean. The training fleet will arrive in Harumi, Tokyo. Good work! We're planning to implement a new training cruiser ship girl for the Fall Event that's going to start next month. Look forward to it!



During the server maintenance on the 30th October the second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers who kept fighting right until the last moments of Japan's naval task force is going to receive her second remodelling. It'll consist of both a what-if version and a converted version. ※You'll be able to freely switch between both riggings and coatings.



0930. Good morning, admirals.
It's Wednesday! The middle of the week. Yes, we're still going to do a server update this Friday. The Mackerel Pike Autumn Festival will end with the start of the maintenance! Stay healthy and do your best!



Since the Pacific Saury you're currently able to fish in the northern oceans is raw food it'll expire on the 30th October when the maintenance begins. Therefore it's probably for the best to cook and/or can all your fish by then.
※Admirals who are aiming for the fleet's big-catch flag should prepare their fish after getting it!



During the KanColle server maintenance on the 30th October the second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers is going to receive her second remodelling, there'll be several new quests that'll reward you with the Prototype Flight Deck Catapult that's needed for her remodelling and a new fighter plane squadron among other things, further UI enhancements and much more!



The next KanColle server maintenance is slated for the 30th October from 11:00 until 17:00. During the update the second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers is going to receive her second remodelling, and new quests as well as a [Fleet preset] function will be added among other things.

「艦これ」次回の稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンス&アップデートは、明後日【10/30(金) 11:00~17:00】に実施予定です。同メンテに伴うアップデートでは、翔鶴型航空母艦二番艦の改二改装、新任務群の実装、UI強化【艦隊編成記録機能の実装】などを予定しています。


0930. Good morning, admirals!
It's Wednesday. Today marks the last day of the Mackerel Pike Autumn Festival. Tomorrow, on Friday, there's going to be another KanColle server maintenance. Let's stay healthy and do our best!



Tomorrow (30th October) we're going to do maintenance work on the KanColle servers from 11:00 until 17:00. During this update we're going to implement a "fleet setup save & load" function among other things.

明日【10/30(金)】に次回「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンス&アップデートを実施させて頂きます。開始時間は【AM 11:00】、完了は同日【17:00】予定です。同メンテに伴うアップデートでは、UI強化【艦隊編成記録&再展開】機能の実装などを予定しています。


During tomorrow's KanColle server maintenance we're going to implement the second remodelling of the that famous veteran aircraft carrier. Furthermore, we're also going to add at least 10 new quests that'll allow you to obtain a new item called "Skilled Crew Members". And finally you'll be even able to assemble a strong fighter plane squadron!



Since the pacific saury you've gathered so far is raw food it'll perish at the start of the KanColle maintenance in about 11 hours (30th October, 11:00). So make sure to prepare your caught fish by then.

あと約11時間後の【10/30(金) AM11:00】の「艦これ」稼働全サーバ群共通メンテナンス突入を以て、収穫した「秋刀魚」は生ものなので消えてしまいます。水揚げした「秋刀魚」は、明朝のメンテナンス突入までに、調理して頂けますと幸いです。


We're currently preparing the upcoming KanColle server maintenance. During the update we're going to implement Zuikaku Kai-2, UI enhancements, a new fighter squadron and increase the upper limit of ship slot expansions.



0820. Good morning, admirals!
It's Friday! Today we're going to perform yet another KanColle server maintenance. The second ship of the Shoukaku-class aircraft carriers, a famous carrier that fought until the last moments of Japan's naval task force, is going to receive her second remodelling. Let's do our best!



Today's KanColle server maintenance will start at 11:00. The estimated time of completion is 17:00. Closing the game by 5 minutes before maintenance start would be very much appreciated.



With the start of today's maintenance the Mackerel Pike Autumn Festival will come to an end. Your saury fishing efforts are very much appreciated, admirals! Since the Pacific saury is raw it'll perish during the maintenance. Make sure to cook it all by 11:00.



Today's update will include Zuikaku Kai-2, a Fleet Setup Preset function, new quests, an increased limit for ship slot expansions and much more.



Good work, admirals! The KanColle server maintenance is going to begin in about 10 minutes. Cook any remaining fish, close your browser and take a break from KanColle for once. The maintenance will be finished today at 17:00.


Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

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Maintenance status: maintenance & work on update has started.
Thank you very much for your saury fishing efforts! Maintenance of the KanColle servers and work on the update has just started. Estimated time of completion is 17:00. We'll try to keep you updated on the progress.



Maintenance status: interim report.
We're performing server maintenance. The current estimated time of completion is 17:00. Today's update includes the implementation of Fleet Setup Presets. It's not much, but look forward to it!



Maintenance status: interim report.
Currently maintenance and updates are carried out on the game servers. Forecasting the end of to be 17:00 hrs. Tomorrow is halloween! We have been chasing for [Mackerel] till now but we will try a bit of halloween too!

メンテナンス状況:中間報告です。 現在「艦これ」稼働全ゲームサーバ群は、メンテナンス&アップデート作業を実施中です。現時点の見込みでは、作業は【17:00】に完了できそうです。明日はハロウィン!「秋刀魚」を追い続けた「艦これ」ですが、少しだけハロウィンもしてみます!


Maintenance completion update: Update to complete at [17:00]. The update of all KanColle servers is proceeding well. If no large complications arise, we should finish at [17:00] as planned. It's okay, it's just before the Autumn Event, so we won't be collecting pumpkins or candy!


Patch notes[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


01▼ Implementation of the second remodel of the second Shoukaku-class carrier 'Zuikaku'
Further remodelling of the famous immortal warship, aircraft carrier 'Zuikaku' is possible at a extremely high experience level. * Remodelling requires 'Remodelling Blueprints' and 'Prototype Deck Catapult'. * The second remodel includes newly recorded voice lines for combat and such.



02▼ Implementation of the armoured deck remodel for the aircraft carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni'
By adding an armoured/heat resistant deck, bulge and such to the aircraft carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni', it is possible to convert her to the armoured carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni A'.
* This remodel requires an even higher experience level and additional resources.
* It is also possible to convert her back to 'Zuikaku Kai Ni'.



03▼ Supplementary information on conversion
* It is possible to convert the aircraft carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni' to armoured carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni A'
* Remodelling armoured carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni A' further will convert her back to aircraft carrier 'Zuikaku Kai Ni.
* The outfits and paint jobs on Zuikaku Kai Ni and Zuikaku Kai Ni A are different.



04▼ Increased ship slot expansion limit
The home port expansion limit has been expanded by 10, so now you'll be able to have a maximum of 270 ship slots. Expanding the home port also increases the equipment slot limit by 40.

04▼【母港拡張枠】の拡大 艦隊母港の「艦娘」運用拡張枠を【+10隻】拡大され、最大【270隻】まで運用可能となりました。母港拡張を行うと、「装備」保有数枠も自動的に【+40装備分】拡張されます。


05▼ 'UI enhancement' Fleet composition "save & load"
In the "Composition" menu you'll now be able to save and load fleet setups. In order to do this use the "Save Setup" and "Load Setup" tabs at the bottom-right of the Fleet Composition screen.



06▼ further explanation of "Save Setup"
The Fleet Preset tab has by default three slots.
Set the fleet up you want, then click on "記録" in order to save it.
※Fleets on expeditions can't be saved or loaded.
※If you want to have more save slots you can get two additional ones with a dock key.

06▼「編成記録」の補足事項 艦隊編成の記録枠は、デフォルトで三編成分用意されています。


07▼ further explanation of "Load Fleet"
Select the preset fleet setup in the "Load Fleet" tab and load it with a single click.
Ships will have their current equipment (i.e. equipment setups are not saved).
You can delete fleet setups.



08▼ 'UI enhancement' Equipment Swapping
You can now swap a ship's equipment around via drag & drop. Dragging a piece of equipment outside the menu screen unequips it. Hooray for quick equipment management!



09▼ Implementation of a new 'Carrier-based Fighter Plane Units'
* Zero Fighter Model 21 (w/ Iwamoto Squad)
* Type 0 Fighter Model 52 (Skilled)
* Zero Fighter Model 52C (w/ Iwai Squad)
* Zero Fighter Model 52A (w/ Iwamoto Squad)
More fighter units that use other zero fighters will be added as well.
Please take good care of those zero fighters that supported Japan's naval task force!



10▼ New Quests
Starting with the quests listed below we've added more than 10 new quests.
* Organise the "3rd Aviation Squadron!"
* Organise the "Ozawa Fleet"!
* Sortie the "3rd Aviation Squadron" to the Nansei Islands defence lines!
* Reorganise the elite fighter unit
※Each quest has certain prerequisites you need to fulfil in order to unlock it.



11▼ End of the 'Mackerel Pike Autumn Festival'
This year's Mackerel Pike Autumn Festival has come to an end. Admiral, good work fishing all those sauries! Isokaze's Saury Mode has ended and her CG has been added to the library.
※No more Isokaze drops.



12▼ End of "Yukata Mode" & "Oktoberfest Mode"
The limited-time Yukata & Oktoberfest outfits have been moved to library.
※ Seasonal voice lines of the affected ship girls have been removed as well.
※ "A taste of Autumn" mode and other CGs are still there though.

12▼艦娘「浴衣mode」「オクトーバーフェストmode」の終了 季節限定艦娘グラ「浴衣mode」「オクトーバーフェストmode」を終了し、艦娘図鑑に格納します。 ※該当艦娘の季節限定ボイスも終了します。 ※秋の味覚mode他は続投です。


13▼ Implementation of "Halloween Mode" for Libeccio & Roma
Italian destroyer Libeccio and Italian battleship Roma receive a limited-time "Hallowee Mode". We didn't give her a "Garuru~" line even though she looks like she might say it, but nevertheless Libeccio also receives new limited-time voice lines!



14▼ Implementation of time-limited drop locations for Libeccio
Halloween will already be over tomorrow, but removing the abovementioned "Halloween Mode" so soon would be a waste, so it's going to stay until the end of the Fall Event that's going to start next month. Until then you can get her in 4-5!



15▼ Other Stuff
* The Libeccio drop rate will be tripled for admirals who don't have her yet.
* You can get Libeccio even if you've already got her.
* Shiden Kai 2 has been buffed (+3 Evasion).
* Implementation of the new item "Skilled Crew Members".


Post maintenance tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Post maintenance tweets


The wait is now over, admiral!
Server maintenance & updating of the KanColle servers has now concluded!



We're done with today's update! The connection to the servers might be a bit unstable shortly after the maintenance, so consider waiting for a bit and maybe clear your cache.

本日実施の「艦これ」メンテナンス&アップデート、稼働全サーバ群ともに作業完了しています!メンテナンス明け直後はアクセスが集中します。接続が不安定な提督は、少しだけお待ち頂き、お使いのブラウザのキャッシュを削除して再接続をお願いします。 大変お待たせ致しました!


The next update will mark the start of the Fall 2015 Event. We originally planned to start it in early November, but unfortunately we have to postpone it for 3~4 days, so now it's going to start in mid-November. We're terribly sorry. (TL Note: But I am very grateful Pacman.png)

次回のアップデートは、「艦これ」秋イベントを予定しています。11月上旬実施予定でしたが、申し訳ありません、同実装準備の関係上3~4日ほど遅く11月中旬開始とさせて頂けると助かります。本件、予めお詫びとご連絡です。 秋の「艦これ」も引き続きどうぞよろしくお願い致します!


"Regarding the Fleet Preset thumbnails"
When you save a fleet setup it'll display the ship names and silhouettes of the fleet's ship types. Certain silhouettes (CV & CAV) seem to be glitching out. Whoops, sorry about that. We'll fix this in about 30 minutes.



"Fixed the Fleet Preset thumbnails display"
Remember the glitch we mentioned before? Yeah, we've fixed that. If it's still looking weird for you, try deleting your cache and reloading.



Today's KanColle server maintenance & update has concluded. Admirals who still haven connection problems should try deleting their cache and reloading. The next update will finally start the Fall 2015 Event. It's slated for mid-November!


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