This update marks the end of Spring 2015 Event. The event maps WILL BE removed. For api users who can still access the event map after this update PLEASE RENEW YOUR API or face the hammer.

New CGs
Takanami rain.jpg Northern Princess Rainy Season Full.png
  1. End of Spring 2015 Event
    • Event-specific content removed
  2. Limited-time Rainy-Season Content
    • Voice lines for 55 ships:
      • 25 Destroyers, 10 Light Cruisers, 5 Heavy Cruisers, 8 Battleships, 1 Light Carrier, 4 Standard Carriers, 2 Auxiliaries
        • Shigure, who is celebrating her 80th Anniversary
        • Kongou, who is celebrating her 103rd Anniversary
    • CG for:
  3. New Expeditions
    • Expedition 24 - 「北方航路海上護衛」"Northern Route Surface Escort"
    • Expedition 40 - 「水上機前線輸送」"Seaplane Front-line Transportation"
  4. Homeport expansion
    • 250 Ship slots (previously 240)
    • 1100 Equipment slots (previously 1060)
  5. Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  6. Furniture
    • New
      • 梅雨の緑カーテン窓 "Green Curtained Window in the Rainy-Season"
        • BGM Changer into「第三十駆逐隊、抜錨準備!」"30DesDiv, prepare to sortie!"
      • レインコート&傘掛け "Raincoat and Umbrella Hanger"
      • 梅雨の壁紙 "Rainy-Season Wallpaper"
      • 紫陽花鉢の提督机 "Admiral's Desk with Hydrangea Bowl"
      • 【「三百万の感謝」掛け軸】 "Thanks for 3 million" Hanging Scroll
        • Free and Available to all users on login
    • Returning Furniture
      • てるてる坊主の窓 "Teru Teru Bozu Window"
      • 紫陽花の窓 "Hydrangea Window"
      • 戦艦タイルの床 "Battleship Tile Flooring"
      • 小花柄カーペット "Pedicel Carpet"
      • 新緑のフローリング "Verdure Flooring"
      • 新緑の壁紙 "Verdure Wallpaper"
      • 戦艦映画ポスター "Battleship Film Poster"
      • しょうぶの和家具 "Japanese-style Furniture with Irises"
    • Anchorage Counter Bar update
      • Added Italian Wine and Battle Food status
  7. Mechanics
    • Light Cruiser Main Gun Fit adjustments added
  8. Others
    • New voice for Mogami and Mogami Kai
    • Resupply line and hourly line for Mogami and Mogami Kai, Hourly line for Mogami Kai
    • Minor fix to Kiso Kai Ni CG
    • Improved Bot/Macro tracking ability
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