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Seasonal Voices
  1. Updated Game CG
  2. Summer-themed Game CG
  3. Summer-themed Furniture
    • NEW Furniture
      • 水風呂 (FCoins.png 7500)
      • 鬼灯の花の窓 (FCoins.png 1880)
    • RETURNING Furniture
      • 「第六駆逐隊」掛け軸
      • 七夕飾りの窓
      • 蚊取り線香の窓
      • 鎮守府風鈴
      • 夏先取りセット
      • ビニールプール
      • 緑の和壁紙
      • 砂浜の床
      • ピンクドット壁紙
      • 龍の壁紙
      • 青カーテンの窓
  4. Early Summer Voice Lines
    • 9 Destroyers, 1 Light Cruiser, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 2 Battleships, 1 Light Carrier, 3 Standard Carriers, 1 Submarine, 1 Auxiliary
  5. New Map
    • World 6-3: Guano Atoll Sea
      • Seaplane Tenders using Flying Boats or Seaplanes, and an elite protection fleet, a torpedo squadron is important.
      • You can start the operation even without Large-sized Flying Boat.
      • It's not a reconnaissance operation at the Hawaii area.
      • Include new kind of node, aviation reconnaissance node.
  6. Updates to Akashi's Improvement Arsenal
  7. Others
    • Removal of Rainy Season themed special content.
    • Fixed a bug that caused anti-air guns/stat/formation not to work correctly
    • Improvement for Iwakawa and Kanoya server's capability to withstand high load

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For the upcoming Maintenance and update, the furniture shop will be changing it's furniture theme to Start of Summer themed Furniture. Also, the deepest part of the sea, new area 6-3: Mid way Area "Operation K" will be implemented. For this Operation, Seaplane Tender who uses Flying Boat or Seaplanes, and an elite protection fleet, a torpedo squadron is important.



The upcoming server maintenance will be on this Friday, 6/26. Alongside this maintenance, the deepest part of the sea, New area 6-3: Middle of the sea, Operation K, will be implemented.

  • You can start the operation even without Large-sized Flying Boat.
  • It's not a reconnaissance operation at the Hawaii area.

次回「艦これ」全サーバ群共通メンテナンスは、今週【6/26(金曜日)】に実施予定です。同メンテに伴うアップデートでは、最深部海域となる【新海域】6-3:中部海域「K作戦」を追加実装する予定です。 ※大型飛行艇がなくても作戦実施可能です。 ※布哇方面の偵察ではありません。


0930. Admirals, good morning! Today is Tuesday! We're currently preparing for the upcoming server maintenance and update. The end of Kancolle's Rainy Season is approaching... Please do your best for today too!




The following "Kancolle" server maintenance is planned on 6/26 this week. The update is included in the maintence, and the furniture in furniture shop will be updated from "Rainy season" to "Early summer". In addiction, the new area #6-3 is scheduled to be implemented this update. Have fun!


TL by: Kololz


The next Kancolle Server Maintenance will be on the next week, 6/26 (Friday). Alongside this maintenance, the Furniture shop will be changing it's Rainy Season Themed Furniture to The Beginning of Summer Themed Furniture. If you're interested, please do check it!



Currently, select "Fleet Girls" have "Rainy Season Limited Time Voice Lines" and "Rainy Season Limited Time CG". It is planned to keep them implemented until the latter third of this month with a maintenance...please continue to support "KanColle" and the "Fleet Girls" for the rainy season.


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