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  1. Abukuma Kai Ni
  2. Mid-Summer special voice for 40+ Kanmusu.
    • Some early summer voice lines are carried over after this update.
  3. Introduction of mid-summer furniture.
    • Re-appearing:
      • 花火の窓
      • リゾートセット
    • New:
      • 鎮守府浜茶屋
      • 業務用かき氷器
      • 艦隊氷旗
      • 浜茶屋の床
      • 浜茶屋の仮設壁板
      • 浜茶屋の窓
  4. New summer graphic for Kanmusus including Tenryuu, Yuudachi Kai Ni, Shigure Kai Ni, Akashi Kai, Littorio, Italia
  5. Maximum ship slots increased by 10 to max 260 vessels. Max equipment slot also increased by 40 to 1140.
  6. New voice line for Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio at homeport after marriage
  7. Type 32 RADAR and Type 32 RADAR Kai can now be improved.
  8. You can now reach 3-2's boss with CL flagship
  9. New quests
    • 「第一水雷戦隊」北方突入準備!
    • 「第一水雷戦隊」ケ号作戦、突入せよ!
    • 「第一水雷戦隊」北方再突入準備!
    • 「第一水雷戦隊」北方ケ号作戦、再突入!
    • 北方再突入に備え、練度向上に努めよ!
  10. Jukebox Update, include long version of 4 songs from 艦娘想歌
    • 提督との絆
    • 暁の水平線に
    • 華の二水戦
    • 鎮守府の朝
  11. New Homeport BGM
    • 「浜辺の艦娘」
    • 「加賀岬」
      • A new Enka by Kaga. This is a prerelease edition.
  12. Limited time World 4 boss node BGM
    • 「加賀岬」, detail as described above. But this version is different from the jukebox's short version.
    • Can listen up to 2nd chorus
    • Can be heard from 1-4, 2-4 and 3-4 too.
  13. Reduce loading and improve tracking on bot/macro
    • Reduce the amount of data transmission so as to reduce the network load
    • Improve/change the ability to trace macro/bot

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Patch Notes courtesy of Chinjufu Channel - Kantai Collection Intelligence Network

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch Notes


01▼ Implementation of Light Cruiser Abukuma's second remodel
Light Cruiser Abukuma's second remodel will require a high level of training to be possible.

  • A Remodel Blueprint is needed.
  • New voices have been added.



02▼ Implementation of Summer-limited "Peak of Summer" voice lines Around 40 shipgirls have Summer-limited "Peak of Summer" voice lines added to them. Please enjoy your summer with the shipgirls at the beach!

  • While all of the "Start of Summer" voice lines have already been added, they will not be removed yet.

40余隻の艦娘に夏季限定「夏真っ盛りボイス」が実装されます。砂浜に繰り出す艦娘たちも、どうぞよろしくお願い致します! ※何隻かの初夏限定ボイスは実装終了となりますが、初夏~夏の季節限定ボイスは引き続き実装継続です。


03▼ Implementation of Light Cruiser Tenryuu's "Summer-limited Graphics"
"Summer-limited Graphics" have been added to Light Cruiser Tenryuu. Please enjoy your summer with Tenryuu!



04▼ Implementation of Destroyers Shigure Second Remodel and Yuudachi Second Remodel's "Summer-limited Graphics"
"Temporary Summer Time Graphics" have been added to Destroyer Shigure Second Remodel and Yuudachi Second Remodel. New HQ Summer voices have also been added. Please enjoy!



05▼ Implementation of Repair Ship Akashi's "Summer-limited Graphics"
"Summer-limited Graphics" have been added to Akashi Remodel. She has bought a swimsuit... Admirals, thank you very much! No... Admirals, please relax. She will be waiting at the Item shop.

  • She will be wearing her normal outfit in the factory!

「明石改」に【夏季限定艦娘グラ】が実装です。彼女に水着を買ってあげたい…という提督の皆さん、ありがとうございました! いません…という提督方もご安心ください。アイテム屋さんでお待ちしています。※工廠では普段着です!


06▼ Implementation of "Summer-limited Graphics" for Battleship Littorio
"Summer-limited Graphics" have been added to Battleship Littorio and her remodeled form Italia. Please enjoy your summer with your Italian Battleship!



07▼ Implementation of Married HQ Lines for Destroyers Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio
New "Married HQ lines" have been added to Asashio-class Destroyer Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio.

  • They will not have a seasonal line for this summer; sorry about that



08▼ Improvement Factory Menu Update
The Improvement Factory Menu has been updated; now you can improve T32 Surface Radar and T32 Surface Radar Kai.

08▼【改修工廠(明石の工廠)】新改修メニュー追加実装 改修工廠(明石の工廠)において改修可能メニューが拡張されます。


09▼ Increase of the maximum number of ship slots
The maximum number of ship slots has been increased from 250 to 260. Also, the maximum number of equipment has been increased to 1140.



10▼ Furniture Summer Update 1/2
The Furniture shop has been updated to "Peak of Summer"; below are the updated furniture:

  • Anchorage Beach Tea Shop (new!)
  • Window of Fireworks
  • Resort Set
  • Shaved ice machine

10▼【家具屋さん】夏のお品書き更新 1/2
●鎮守府浜茶屋 new!
●業務用かき氷器 new!


11▼ Furniture Summer Update 2/2
Furniture shop has been updated to "Peak of Summer", bellow are the Furniture Updated

  • Fleet Ice flag(?) (new!)
  • Beach Tea Shop Floor (new!)
  • Beach Tea Shop Set Temporary Wall (new!)
  • Beach Tea Shop Window (new!)

11▼【家具屋さん】夏のお品書きの更新 2/2
●艦隊氷旗 new!
●浜茶屋の床 new!
●浜茶屋の仮設壁板 new!
●浜茶屋の窓 new!


12▼ Change in World 3-2: The "Kisu Island" Branching Rules
World 3-2: The "Kisu Island" has been renewed. Other than a Destroyer Fleet, a Torpedo sqadron with only one Light Cruiser as Flagship can reach the boss node.

  • The Enemy Formation will not change.

北方海域【3-2】キス島沖の分岐条件が一部更新されました。駆逐隊に加えて、軽巡洋艦を1隻旗艦として迎えた水雷戦隊で、最終目的ポイントへの到達が可能となります。 ※同海域に遊弋する敵艦隊陣容は変わりません。


13▼ Implementation of New Quests
Below are the new quests implemented.

  • Preparation of "First Torpedo Squadron" for the northern assault!
  • Operation Ke, Assault, "First Torpedo Squadron"
  • Preparation of "First Torpedo Squadron" for the northern assault, Round 2!
  • Operation Ke Round 2; Assault, "First Torpedo Squadron"!
  • Please train a lot before going on the assault!



14▼ Details about the New Quests
The new quests require a certain trigger before it will appear. Also, the new quests will have "Furniture Fairy" as one of their rewards. Please put the furniture fairies to good use!



15▼ Implementation of New HQ BGM
There are some new HQ BGM suitable for the "Peak of Summer" Shipgirls.
"Shipgirls of the Beach"
"Kaga Cape"

  • You can listen to them using Achorage Request Juke box or set them as HQ BGM
  • "Kaga Cape" is Kaga-san's new song, this is a sample before the Official version.



16▼ Anchorage On-demand Jukebox Update
The Anchorage On-demand Jukebox has been updated. Also, long versions of the four songs from "Shipgirl Album"; "Teitoku to no Kizuna", "Akatsuki no Suiheisen ni", "Hana no Nisuisen", "Chinjufu no Asa", will be available.



17▼ Implementation of Summer Season Limited "Kaga Cape" in certain areas
Kaga-san's new song "Kaga Cape", will be implemented in World 4-4. It is a shorter version compared to the jukebox, so you can listen to it at most 2 times on the way.



18▼ Connection load reduction and Improvement of Anti BOT/Macro

  • To reduce connection load during congestion, we have reduced the data content.
  • BOT/Macro detecting mechanism has been improved. Using illegal tools is violating the Agreement.
Please stop doing that.


Twitter Teasers[edit | edit source]

Teaser-2015-07-17-A.png Teaser-2015-07-17-B.png Teaser-2015-07-17-C.png Teaser-2015-07-18-A.png

Pre-Update Tweets[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Pre-Update Notes


This summer, a certain 5500-ton light cruiser which led a torpedo squadron and fought hard on every front is slated to receive kai ni. Look forward to it!



This summer, a certain 5500t light cruiser is planned to receive kai ni. She led a torpedo squadron and ran to the north and south. She succeeded wonderfully in many rescue operations under the guidance of Admiral Kimura. This summer, her hypothetical kai ni is to be implemented. Look forward to it!



Leading the Torpedo Squadron, and was active in both North and South regions, a 5500t-class Light Cruiser will be getting a Second Remodel This summer. The girl who saved a lot of her allies in Miracle Operations, who was also directed by Admiral Kimura... will be getting an "if" second remodel. Enjoy!



This next Kancolle Server Maintenance and Update will be on 7/17 (Friday). Alongside this maintenance, we will be replacing some of the shipgirls' "Start of Summer Voice Lines" (because it was early) to "Height of Summer Voice lines"!



The next Kancolle Serever maintenance and update will be on the coming week, 7/17 Friday. Alongside this maintenance, a member of a torpedo squadron, who saved a lot of her allies in a miracle operation in the Northern Region, who is also a 5500t-class Light Cruiser will be getting a second remodel. Enjoy!



This Friday (7/17) Kancolle Servers will be down for maintenance and update. Around 40 Shipgirls will be getting "Height of the summer Voice Lines" as their limited time voice lines. Also, Anchorage Max Shipgirl Cap will be increased by 10.



Tomorrow, Friday (7/17), from 1100 onwards, Kancolle Servers will be down for Maintenance and update. The estimated time of it ending will be on the same day, at 1700. Alongside this maintenance, the flagship of the First Torpedo Squadron, who is under the command of Admiral Kimura, who also succeeded in a "Miracle Operation", will be getting an "if" Second Remodel .

明日【7/17(金曜日) AM11:00】より「艦これ」全サーバ群共通メンテナンス&アップデートを実施予定です。作業完了予定は同日【17:00】です。同メンテに伴うアップデートでは、木村提督の指揮下で奇跡の作戦を成功させた一水戦旗艦、その改二if改装などを実装予定です

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