1. Remodels
    • Fubuki Kai Ni at level 70
      • Costs Ammunition270 and Steel230 to remodel
      • No blueprint required
      • New voices
  2. New Quests
    • 2 Composition quests:
      • 「第十一駆逐隊」を編成せよ!
      • 「第二一駆逐隊」を編成せよ!他
    • 3 Sortie quests
      • 「第十一駆逐隊」出撃せよ!
      • 「第十一駆逐隊」対潜哨戒!
      • 「第二一駆逐隊」出撃せよ!
        • Sortie the 21st Destroyer Division
        • Deploy a fleet consisting of Hatsuharu, Nenohi, Wakaba, Hatsushimo and up to two wildcards to 3-1 and get an S-Rank at the boss node
  3. New Equipment
  4. Furniture
    • New Year's furniture removed
    • Returning furniture:
      • 破魔矢の窓 Hamaya Window
      • 提督の麻雀卓 Admiral's Mahjong Table
      • ステンドグラス Stained Glass Window
      • 「夜戦」掛け軸 "Night Battle" Hanging Scroll
    • The 「初詣セット」Naval District's Shrine Visit Set will be available until next update
  5. Voice and other updates
    • Fubuki Kai will get new voices, including hourlies, homeport, sortie, etc.
    • New Year graphics and voices are removed
      • The limited time graphics will appear in the album
    • Yamagumo no longer drops from 1-5, but she still drops on the other worlds
    • Regarding Akashi's Improvement Arsenal:
    • Strengthening of "illegal player tracking feature"
      • Players using unauthorized external tools to play Kantai Collection, such as using bots and macros will be banned
      • The ability to discover these players has been enhanced (Discussion).

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