Time until maintenance ends[edit | edit source]

  • December 8 2015 11:00:00 +0900 Maintenance start time
  • December 8 2015 17:00:00 +0900 Expected completion time
  • December 8 2015 17:00:00 +0900 Actual completion time

Content[edit | edit source]

End of Fall 2015 Event[edit | edit source]

New! Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Scrolls available all players for free to players as an apology for problems that happened during the Fall 2015 Event.

  • Night Apology Scroll (1) (夜のお詫び掛け軸(壱)?)
    • This scroll features an alternative CG that "lights up" when the searchlight is clicked.
  • Night Apology Scroll (2) (夜のお詫び掛け軸(弐)?)
    • This scroll features animated PT Imp Pack that sways and plays an unique sound effect when clicked.

New! Voices[edit | edit source]

New! Christmas Seasonal Graphics[edit | edit source]

Until the next maintenance is due, the following ships as well as their limited time CGs below will also be available in other areas as follows:

The following ships mentioned below only receives CG - they do not drop in any new areas.

  • NakaNaka as well as RyuujouRyuujou base/stock CGs in addition to their Kai ni CGs makes a reappearance from last year.
  • ShigureShigure Kai ni CG only makes a reappearance from last year.
  • SazanamiSazanami reappears with a "power-up".

New! Winter Furniture[edit | edit source]

Limited time (Seasonal) graphics for Anchorage counter bar

  • (Refer to Notes for more information)
  • Mamiya and HoushouHoushou's turkey will be available
  • Updates to food/drink preferences including new ships

New! Home Port BGM[edit | edit source]

  • "Home Port on Christmas Eve" (聖夜の母港?)
  • Default BGM of certain new furniture
  • Can also be requested at the jukebox

New! Quests[edit | edit source]

  • Mamiya and Furniture Fairies are obtainable from these quests.
  • These quests may require certain trigger quests to be completed first.
ID Requirements Fuel.pngAmmunition.pngSteel.pngBauxite.png Rewards Note
A63 「第十六戦隊(第二次)」を編成せよ!
Organize the 16th Squadron (Second Generation)
Have Natori KaiNatori Kai as flagship, IsuzuIsuzu and KinuKinu in your fleet Fuel.png160Ammunition.png160Steel.png160Bauxite.png0 Development material.pngx2Instant repair 2.pngx2 Unlocks: B55
A64 「新編成航空戦隊」を編成せよ!
Organize the New Carrier Division
Have 2 Aircraft Carriers (CV?), 2 Aviation Battleships or Aviation Cruisers and 2 Destroyers in your fleet Fuel.png0Ammunition.png200Steel.png0Bauxite.png200 Improvement Materials.pngx2Development material.pngx2 Requires: B55
Unlocks: B56
A65 精強な「水上反撃部隊」を再編成せよ!
Strengthen the Surface Counterattack Fleet
Have KasumiKasumi as flagship, AshigaraAshigara, OoyodoOoyodo, AsashimoAsashimo and KiyoshimoKiyoshimo in your fleet Fuel.png300Ammunition.png300Steel.png0Bauxite.png0 Instant repair 2.pngx3 Requires: B56
Unlocks: B57
B55 「第十六戦隊(第二次)」出撃せよ!
Sortie the 16th Squadron (Second Generation)
Sortie NatoriNatori as flagship, IsuzuIsuzu, KinuKinu and up to 3 additional ships to World 2-3 and score a victory at the boss Fuel.png320Ammunition.png0Steel.png320Bauxite.png0 Food supply ship mamiya.pngx1Furniture box large.jpgx1 Requires: A63
Unlocks: A64
B56 新編成航空戦隊、北方へ進出せよ!
Sortie the New Carrier Division to the North
Sortie 2 Aircraft Carriers, 2 Aviation Battleships/Aviation Cruisers and 2 Destroyers to World 3-3 and score a victory at the boss Fuel.png0Ammunition.png400Steel.png0Bauxite.png400 Improvement Materials.pngx2Furniture fairy.pngx1 Requires: A64
Unlocks: A65
B57 「礼号作戦」実施せよ!
Carry out the Operation Rei-gou!
Sortie KasumiKasumi as flagship, AshigaraAshigara, OoyodoOoyodo, AsashimoAsashimo, KiyoshimoKiyoshimo and up to one additional ship to World 2-5 and score an S-rank victory at the boss Fuel.png300Ammunition.png700Steel.png0Bauxite.png0 Improvement Materials.pngx3Present box.pngx1 Requires: A65, Bm5(?)

New! Oboro Kai CG[edit | edit source]

Oboro Kai Card.png150pxDD Oboro Kai 230 Full.pngDD Oboro Kai 230 Full Damaged.png

New! Max level cap increased to 155.[edit | edit source]

  • No items are needed to reach this new cap.
  • Well, she has to be married to even get that far, duh.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

Twitter logo blue.png @KanColle_STAFF Patch notes


01▼ End of the Fall 2015 Event
The Fall 2015 Event "Charge! Maritime Transport Operation!" has come to an end.
Good work, admirals! And stay salty.



02▼ Seasonal artwork for Hatsukaze
The destroyer Hatsukaze now has a seasonal artwork. Now go and take good care of your Christmas mode Hatsukaze! ※Until the next maintenance she'll drop not just in 3-4, but also in World 2 and 3-5.

駆逐艦「初風」に【季節限定艦娘グラフィック】が実装されます。クリスマスmodeの「初風」、どうぞよろしくお願い致します!※次メンテまで期間限定で、南西諸島海域及び北方海域のExtra Operationでも邂逅可能です。


03▼ Seasonal artwork for Tanikaze
The destroyer Tanikaze now has a seasonal artwork. So go and take good care of your Christmas mode Tanikaze and her snowman! ※Until the next maintenance she'll drop in 1-6 in addition to all the other drop locations.



04▼ Seasonal artwork for Kawakaze
The destroyer Kawakaze now has a seasonal artwork. She'll also drop in 1-5 until the next maintenance. And as always, take good care of your destroyers even in Winter!



05▼ Seasonal artwork for Ooyodo
The light cruiser Ooyodo now has seasonal artworks. Also, until the next maintenance she'll drop not just on normal maps, but in 3-5 as well.
Take good care of her, and don't forget your missions!

軽巡「大淀」及び「大淀改」にそれぞれ【季節限定艦娘グラフィック】が実装されます。次のメンテまで期間限定で、通常邂逅に加え、北方海域のExtra Operationでも邂逅可能です。


06▼ Seasonal artwork for Littorio/Italia
The battleship Littorio as well as her remodelled version Italia now have seasonal artworks.
※Until the next maintenance she'll be a drop in 4-5!

※同艦は次メンテまで期間限定で、西方海域のExtra Operationで特別邂逅可能です!


07▼ Other seasonal artworks
Just like last year the light cruisers Naka, Naka Kai-2, the light carriers Ryuujou, Ryuujou Kai-2 and the destroyer Shigure Kai-2 are now in Christmas mode. Furthermore, Sazanami's Christmas outfit and her cake have a received a small power up, courtesy of the 7th DesDiv.



08▼Removal of the Autumn season swimsuit outfits and voice lines
The Autumn season swimsuits and voice lines, as well as the voice lines that were implemented together with the Fall Event, have been removed. The artworks have been added to the library.



09▼ New voice lines for Takao & Atago
The heavy cruisers Takao & Atago now have resupply and idle voice lines. Also, their remodelled versions Takao Kai & Atago Kai also have new waifu voice lines etc.



10▼ New voice lines for the Agano-class
All remodelled Agano-class light cruisers now have new waifu secretary lines. ※The old waifu lines now trigger as idle lines at certain times.



11▼ New voice lines for Musashi & Italia
The remodelled battleships Musashi Kai & Italia now have new waifu secretary lines. ※The old waifu lines now trigger as idle lines at certain times.



12▼ Lots of Christmas voice lines for almost everyone
This year we'll celebrate Christmas big! Last year's Christmas lines return, and this year others ships get some as well, including the Kongou-class, Fusou-class, Shoukaku-class, Takao-class, Agano-class, Mutsuki-class and some of the submarines, for a total of over 80 ships with Christmas lines! Get HYPE!

今年は大規模クリスマス! 昨年実装したクリスマス期間限定ボイスに加え、今年は新規に金剛型、扶桑型、翔鶴型、高雄型、阿賀野型、睦月型、一部伊号潜水艦などを含む80隻以上の大規模【クリスマス期間限定ボイス】が実装されます!


13▼ New Furniture
The furniture shop's inventory has been updated, now with lots of Winter furniture.
・ Turkey Dinner (new!)
・ White Top Quality Marble Floor (new!)
・ Northern Camouflage Paulownia Chest (new!)
・ "Truk Anchorage" Hanging Scroll (new!)

・七面鳥のディナー new!
・白い高級大理石床 new!
・北方迷彩な桐箪笥 new!
・「トラック泊地」掛け軸 new!


14▼ "Sorry" Night Scrolls
We're terribly sorry for how much we fucked up during the Fall Event. Here, takes these two scrolls as an apology. ※Get them from the furniture shop.
・ "Sorry" Night Scroll #1 (new!)
・ "Sorry" Night Scroll #2 (new!)

・夜のお詫び掛け軸(壱) new!
・夜のお詫び掛け軸(弐) new!


15▼ Christmas upgrade for the counter bar
Ah yes, the naval base counter bar, with its unique presence. It's received a Christmas upgrade. Now go and enjoy the turkey and other food Mamiya & Houshou have prepared for this occasion! Also, the eating and drinking habits of some ships, including the new ones, have been changed.



16▼ New quests, more salt
A total of six new quests have been added, including the following ones:
●Form the "16th Squadron (2nd Gen.)"!
●Carry out "Operation Rei-Go!
※Each quest has certain prequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to unlock it.
※The new quests reward you with furniture fairies, Mamiya etc.



17▼ Update of Oboro Kai's artwork
The Special Type destroyer Oboro now has a new artwork when remodelled.



18▼ Level cap increased
The level cap has been raised from 150 to 155.
※No special item is necessary to reach it.
※Your ships still have to be married, duh.



19▼ New Home Port BGM
Here's the BGM "Christmas Eve at the Home Port" to help you and your ship girls relax during the winter season. Also, take good care of them.
※It's triggered by certain furniture items.
※You can also request it with the juke box and set it as home port BGM.


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