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  1. New Christmas / Winter Season voice lines for the following girls:
  2. A Present Box for everyone!
    • Reload the game to get it if you haven't done so already.
  3. Mini-Event "A helping hand for Mamiya"
    • Gather materials to help Mamiya make a "Fleet Safety Decoration"
    • Decoration materials drop in 1-4, 1-6, 2-4, 2-5, 3-5, 4-3, 5-3, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 among other places.
    • They have a higher drop rate than mochis or mackerels.
    • You can increase the drop rate even further by using certain equipment like Searchlights or Skilled Lookouts (ASW equipment doesn't work this time.
    • Materials can be exchanged for a little bit of fuel.
  4. Present boxes are once again available as drops. You know where to look... Hoppou-emoticon.jpg
  5. "Kure Naval Base" & "Sasebo Naval Base" wall scrolls
  6. Christmas artwork for Kashima

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KanColle currently is in Xmas Mode. Xmas artworks & voice lines for several ship girls, Christmas season furniture, yada yada yada. Also, a small update this night (i.e. early morning of Christmas Eve) with no server downtime!



There'll be a small update tomorrow morning (i.e. today around midnight), with no server downtime, from ca. 00:15 until ca. 01:30 JST.



01▼ Additional Christmas Season / Winter Season voice lines
Training Cruiser Kashima, the Agano-class sisters Agano, Noshiro, Yahagi and Sakawa, the heavy cruiser Maya, the light cruiser Yura, and the destroyers Yuudachi and Asashimo receive Christmas and/or winter season voice lines.



02▼ Merry Christmas!
It's finally Christmas tomorrow. This year has almost come to an end. So here's a little present box for all the admirals out there.
※You'll get it if you log into the game by the next update.
※You can get several present boxes as will bementioned in later tweets.



03▼ Implementation of "A helping hand for Mamiya"
There are only a few days left of this year. Worried about the fleet's well-being in the next year, Mamiya took matters into her own hands and is making a "Fleet Safety Decoration" in preparation for New Year's Eve. Helping her out would be much appreciated. It's possible to collect the "decoration materials" she's looking for in certain levels.



04▼ About "A helping hand for Mamiya"
Helping Mamiya out by gathering "decoration materials" will reward you with Mamiya ice cream. And if you work even harder and get all the necessary materials you can use said materials to make your own "Fleet Safety Decoration". ※It doesn't have a special feature in case you were wondering.



05▼ About "A helping hand for Mamiya", the sequel
The "decoration materials are relatively easy to get. If you think a certain level drops them, go for it. Also, once again you can increase the drop chance by using certain equipment like Searchlights or Skilled Lookouts.



06▼ The "decoration materials"...
If you have some leftovers you can exchange them for fuel. Whether it's because you're done helping Mamiya or you just don't have the time to finish the job. Whatever the case, you can exchange your leftover "decoration materials" for fuel. It's not much though.

06▼「お飾り材料」は…… 半端に余ってしまった「お飾り材料」からは、僅かですが「燃料」が抽出できます。間宮さんのお手伝いが完了した!または手伝う時間がなくなってしまった!場合は、余った「お飾り材料」はぜひ燃料の足しに…・!少しの量ではありますが!


07▼ "Present boxes" once again drop in levels!
As mentioned before all admirals each get one present box. If you want more, there's a rare chance they'll drop in certain levels. ※They'll drop until the next update.



08▼ Implementation of "Kure Naval Base" "Sasebo Naval Base" wall scrolls
Here's a little something for all you "Kure" & "Sasebo" admirals who, together with their ship girls, have experienced many ups and downs on relatively stable servers. After all those years we present you your very own naval base scroll. ※Wall scrolls made by ship girls, like other servers have, will follow next year.



09▼ Training Cruiser Kashima Christmas Mode
Training Cruiser Kashima gets her own Christmas Mode artwork. Said artwork is going to stay until the next update. Take good care of your girls.



10▼ "A helping hand for Mamiya" level info
"Decoration materials" drop even in 1-4 and 1-6, but other places like 2-4, 2-5, 3-5, 4-3, 5-3, 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 etc. have a better drop chance.

「お飾り材料」は、鎮守府近海では、「南西諸島防衛線」や 「鎮守府近海航路」でも回収可能です。より難易度の高い海域 の「沖ノ島」周辺や「北方AL海域」周辺、また、西方リランカ島周辺や南方海域サブ島沖、中部海域などで高確率回収可能です。


The next update has been postponed by one day to the 29th December. The Christmas content (e.g. artworks, voice lines, special ship drop locations) and the Mamiya mini-event will be removed in said update. It'll also be the last update of this year.



"Decoration materials" have a much higher drop rate than stuff like mochis or mackerels. Furthermore, you can increase their drop rate even further my using equipment like Searchlights or Skilled Lookouts
(Unlike during the Mackerel event ASW equipment doesn't increase drop rates this time.)


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