1. New Voices
    • Kitakami and Ooi now have new voices. The CL version of those two ladies now have new idle voice, new supply voice and a new line after wedding in CL form. Also, they fixed some voices when they are in CL form. There's new voices for the CL(t) version of them, too.
    • Both of them now have hourly notifications.
  2. New Remodel
  3. New mechanics for AP shells
    • After this update,when you have AP shells and Large-Caliber cannons (i.e. 41cm, 46cm etc,) on the same ship, there will be a buff applied to both Hit and Firepower when attacking [Heavily armored enemy ships] and [Bosses](such as Anchorage Demon and Airfield Princess etc.) also there will be balance to all the equipment you have on your ship. (The balance is not disclosed)
    • Also, the buff ONLY applies during the Shelling rounds(1st and 2nd).
    • The buff ONLY applies when you have a Large-Caliber cannon
    • There's buff applied to other equipment too.
  4. New Quests
    • One time quest - 【主力戦艦部隊「第二戦隊」を編成せよ!】(Literally as to form a main BB fleet called 'Second Fleet') (4BBs from Nagato Class and Fusou Class)
    • One time quest -【「第二戦隊」抜錨!】(A sortie quest, need 2 S victories from 4-2 Boss)
    • Monthly quest - 【「水上打撃部隊」南方へ!】 (Info unknown, maybe something to do w/ 6-1)
  5. New Equipments
    • Type 1 AP Shell (This can be obtained from the new quest,「第二戦隊」抜錨! )
    • Large-Caliber cannon 46cm Twin Gun Mount Prototype
    • Seaplane Shiun (Both Shiun and 46cm Twin Gun Mount Prototype are the ranking rewards. However, there will be quests in the future that provide a chance to get them.)
  6. New mechanics for equipment lock
    • Now you can lock equipment
    • The equipment can't be scrapped when locked
    • Ships that have locked equipment can't be scrapped either.
    • The 機種転換 quest can't be finished when the equipment is locked.
    • The locked equipment will disappear when the ship is destroyed. (Just....don't. Please.)
  7. Misc
    • Now you can have up to 210 ships and 940 equipment.
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