1. New remodels
  2. New equipment
  3. Voice addition
  4. UI addition
    • The equipment log book was extended to 150 slots.
  5. Bismarck Zwei related fixes
    • Firepower, Anti-air and Luck maximum stat cap increased.
    • Evasion and LOS minimum and maximum stat cap increased.
  6. 53cm Submarine Bow Torpedo Mount (8 tubes) related fixes
    • This equipment is now restricted to Submarine and Submarine Aircraft Carriers.
    • This equipment can now be used to trigger a cut-in attack.
  7. Bug fixes
    • "Select all" button in the Supply tab is easier to click now.
    • Fixed a bug that made Married ships more difficult to "lock/unlock".
    • Fixed a bug that enabled ships equipped with 2x12.7cm Twin High-Angle Mount (Late Model) to Double Attack subs.
    • Fixed various bugs in the Furniture shop.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a page switch in the Remodelling tab.
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