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  1. End of Christmas Special
    • The limited time voices and Christmas ship girls will revert to normal mode
    • Like last year, the Christmas CGs can be viewed in your album
    • Present boxes will no longer drop
      • Present boxes you already have will not disappear
    • Christmas furniture removed from the shop
  2. New Remodels
    • Ashigara receives her Kai Ni at level 65
  3. New Ship
  4. New Quests
    • A new composition quest: 軽快な「水上反撃部隊」を編成せよ!
      • Form a light, fast surface response fleet!
      • Flagship Kasumi, Ashigara, 1 CL, 3 more DD
    • A new sortie quest: 「水上反撃部隊」突入せよ!
      • Sortie the surface response fleet!
      • Flagship DD, 1 CA, 1CL, 3 more DD, sortie at 2-5 and get Rank S at boss node
    • These quests have unlock requirements.
  5. Furniture
    • New Releases
      • しめ飾り Shrine ropes decoration for the New Year
      • 年越し蕎麦 New Year's Soba (needs furniture fairy)
      • 鎮守府初詣セット Naval Base New Year Shrine Visit Set
    • Back on Sale
      • 布団と枕 Futon and pillows
      • 「長門」模型と桐ダンス "Nagato" model and paulownia chest
    • BGM changers: These pieces of furniture will change the BGM into 「迎春の鎮守府」"New Year at the Naval Base"
      • 年越し蕎麦 New Year's Soba
    • Returning from last year's new year
      • 鎮守府新年飾り Naval Base New Year's Decorations
      • 「謹賀新年」掛け軸 "Happy New Year" Hanging Scroll
  6. Jukebox
    • The New BGM 「迎春の鎮守府」"New Year at the Naval Base" can be requested from the Jukebox
  7. Voice and other Updates
    • Oboro Kai, Sazanami Kai and Wakaba Kai receive new voices for resupply, equipment, marriage, etc.
    • Akebono receives new New Year themed graphics, which will last until the first update next year
    • Some ships get end of year voiced lines
      • Ise, Hyuuga, Kaga, Ooi, Kitakami, Furutaka, Kako, Ooyodo
    • Around 30 ships will receive New Year's voiced lines (not yet implemented)
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