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|Introduction = 長月だ。駆逐艦と侮るなよ。役に立つはずだ。
|Introduction/En = Nagatsuki here. Don't take me lightly just because I'm a destroyer. I'm useful.
|Introduction/Note = She speaks informally.
|Library = 睦月型8番艦だ。<br>東南アジア方面の攻略作戦後は、船団護衛を任されていた。<br>コロンバンガラ島への揚陸作戦では敵艦の襲撃を受けながら奮戦したよ。
|Library/En = Eighth ship of the Mutsuki-class.<br>After the occupation of Southeast Asia, I was assigned to escort duties.<br>While unloading at Kolombangara, I had to fend off a surprise attack by the enemy fleet.
|Secretary 1 = 何だ、司令官
|Secretary 1/En = What's up, Commander?
|Secretary 2 = 重要な話か?
|Secretary 2/En = Something important?
|Secretary 3 = へ、変なところ触るんじゃない!
|Secretary 3/En = D-don't be touching anywhere weird!
|Idle/Kai = 司令官、その…なんだ、…長月は、ここに控えているからな。
|Idle/Kai/En = Commander, that's... well... Nagatsuki will be waiting here, alright?
|Secretary Married = こいつはいいな。
|Secretary Married/En = This is nice.
|Secretary Married/Kai = うっうぅ、ちょっ、……近くないかっ!? なんでっそんなに見るんだ……う、ぃ……恥ずかしい……精神攻撃か!? 新しい、訓練かぁ!?
|Secretary Married/Kai/En = Uuu, hey... isn't this too close!? Why are you staring so hard at me... uuu... How embarrassing... is this a psychological attack!? A new type of training!?
|Wedding = あんまり頼りにされても困る…わけないだろ あんたは別だよ、司令官
|Wedding/En = Relying on me so much is troubling... but it's not that simple. You're different, Commander.
|Looking At Scores = 報せが届いている
|Looking At Scores/En = A notice has arrived.
|Joining A Fleet = 作戦を頭に叩き込んだな?さぁ行くぞ!
|Joining A Fleet/En = Have you got the strategy hammered out? Then, off we go!
|Equipment 1 = おお、こいつはいいな
|Equipment 1/En = Ooh, this is nice.
|Equipment 2 = これまで以上に頑張らないとな
|Equipment 2/En = I'll have to work harder from here-on-in.
|Equipment 3 = こいつはいいな
|Equipment 3/En = This is nice.
|Supply = おぉ、こいつはいいな。
|Supply/En = Ooh, this is nice.
|Supply/Kai = 助かる。
|Supply/Kai/En = That helps a lot.
|Docking Minor = 休息など必要ないが。
|Docking Minor/En = I don't really need a rest...
|Docking Major = 命令であれば、休もうか。
|Docking Major/En = If it's an order... I'll take a break.
|Docking Complete = 修復完了だ。
|Docking Complete/En = Repair is completed.
|Construction = 新しい仲間か。楽しみだな
|Construction/En = A new comrade? I'm looking forward to it.
|Returning From Sortie = 作戦完了だ
|Returning From Sortie/En = Operation complete.
|Starting A Sortie = みな、準備はいいな!?
|Starting A Sortie/En = Everyone, are you ready!?
|Battle Start = 長月、突撃する!
|Battle Start/En = Nagatsuki, attacking!
|Attack = 右、砲雷撃戦用意!
|Attack/En = Prepare for surface action to starboard!
|Night Battle = 久々に本気になったよ!我に続け!
|Night Battle/En = I don't get this serious often! Let's keep going!
|Night Attack = 酸素魚雷の力、思い知れ!
|Night Attack/En = Feel the power of the Oxygen Torpedo!
|MVP = どんなに仲間が増えようと、私を凌駕する艦はいないようだな
|MVP/En = No matter how many more comrades there are, none shall surpass me!
|Minor Damage 1 = ああっ!?
|Minor Damage 1/En = Aaau
|Minor Damage 2 = くっそぉ…やるな!
|Minor Damage 2/En = Damn! They got me!
|Major Damage = 被弾した…!?直撃ではないが…!
|Major Damage/En = I got attacked... Not a direct hit, though...
|Sunk = すまないみんな…ここまでのようだ
|Sunk/En = Sorry everyone... looks like this is as far as I'll go.
===Seasonal Quotes===
|SecondAnniversary2015 = 司令官、今日は特別な日だな。
|SecondAnniversary2015_EN = Commander, it looks like today is a special day.
|SecondAnniversary2015_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki-2nd_Anniversary.ogg}}
|SecondAnniversary2015_Note =
|Christmas2015 = クリスマスか。何をはしゃいでいる。これ、受け取ってくれ。じゃ、訓練してくるぞ。
|Christmas2015_EN = Christmas, huh? What are you so merry about? Here, accept this. Well then, it's time for training.
|Christmas2015_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki_Christmas_2015.ogg}}
|Christmas2015_Note =
|NewYear2016 = 司令官、今年も一緒に新年を迎えられたこと、嬉しく思う。今年もよろしく頼む。
|NewYear2016_EN = Commander, I'm happy that we were able to greet the new year together this year as well. I'll rely on you this year too.
|NewYear2016_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki_New_Year_2016.ogg}}
|NewYear2016_Note =
|Setsubun2016 = 節分か。こういう文化は大切にしないとな。…ぃ痛っ、皐月っ!ふざけるのやめろぉ!
|Setsubun2016_EN = It's Setsubun, huh. This event should be treated with care. ...Ow, Satsuki! Stop messing around!
|Setsubun2016_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki_Setsubun_2016.ogg}}
|Setsubun2016_Note =
|Valentine2016 = バレンタインだと?くだらない・・・。う、司令官、そんなにがっかり・・・なんか、すまん
|Valentine2016_EN = Valentine's, is it? What a waste of time... Eh, Commander, you're that disappointed...? Um, I guess I'm sorry.
|Valentine2016_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki_Valentine_2016.ogg}}
|Valentine2016_Note =
|WhiteDay2016 = お、お返しされる理由はないのだが…すまん!来年は必ず用意する。
|WhiteDay2016_EN = T-There's no reason for me to receive these return sweets... I'm sorry! I'll be prepared next year for sure.
|WhiteDay2016_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki_White Day 2016.ogg}}
|WhiteDay2016_Note =
|ThirdAnniversary2016 = 司令官、今日は特別な日だな。
|ThirdAnniversary2016_EN = Commander, it looks like today is a special day.
|ThirdAnniversary2016_Clip = {{Audio|file=Nagatsuki-2nd_Anniversary.ogg}}
|ThirdAnniversary2016_Note = From [[Seasonal/Second_Anniversary]]
*Nagatsuki wears a black serafuku with a white tie, a black dress and black stockings. She has green hair with the Mutsuki-class' distinctive crescent moon-shaped hairpin keeping it in place.
*Speaks informally when compared to most of the other Mutsuki-class destroyers, but knows when to be serious when required.
*Combat loss July 7, 1943 at the [ Battle of Kula Gulf] ([ 08°02′S 157°12′E]).
*Her name is an archaic word for "September".
**It was first carried by the twenty-eighth ship of the first Kamikaze class in 1907.
*Her high luck (highest of the Mutsuki class) is most likely due to her not having been sunk: she was heavily damaged, but managed to beach herself to avoid sinking. However, it proved impossible to repair the damage and she was later destroyed by enemy aircraft.
== Quests ==
* Required by Quests [[Quests#A49|A49]] and [[Quests#B39|B39]].
[[Category:Mutsuki Class]]
[[Category:Mutsuki Class]]

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