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local EquipmentAsset = require('Module:EquipmentAsset')
local Formatting = require('Module:Formatting')

local EquipmentGraphicKai = EquipmentAsset()

function EquipmentGraphicKai:get_source(equip, args)
	return args.fairy and (args.fairy == "only" and equip:fairy() or equip:cg_fairy()) or (args.flying and equip:cg_flying() or equip:cg())

function EquipmentGraphicKai:get(equip, args, link)
	if not args then
		args = equip
		equip = args.equip
		link =
	args[1] = self:get_source(equip, args) = link
	return Formatting:format_image(args)

return EquipmentGraphicKai
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