Mini-Events refer to an in-game limited time activity that some special items could be found on some map just like ship drops. In these mini-events, player sortie their fleet to find for special items that can be used to obtain special rewards, and occasionally some limited-time quests would be release by developers to reward people who collected a certain amount of those special items.

List of mini-eventsEdit

Mini-eventSpecial items
2014 X'masPresent Box
2015 Doll's FestivalHishimochi
2015 Mackerel Pike FishingMackerel Pike
2015 X'masDecoration Material & Present Box
2016 Mackerel Pike FishingMackerel Pike
2017 Mackerel Pike FishingMackerel Pike
Spring 2018 Food Collection Mini-EventRice, Nori, Umeboshi, Tea
2018 Mackerel Pike FishingMackerel Pike
2019 SetsubunSetsubun Beans
2019 Mackerel Pike & Sardine FishingMackerel Pike
2020 SetsubunSetsubun Beans
2020 HinamatsuriHishimochi
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